ABC3K Word Press Plug-in Review

As you know, Link building is boring and needs energy in internet marketing. Some people will prefer to choose buying software or plug-in to help they automate the link building process automatically or semi automatically. The question is? Do you have suggestion? One of the primary reasons with most back linking strategies is getting those back links indexed by the major search engines, such as Google.  If those back links are not indexed by the search engines, they simply do not count and your effort has been wasted.

Actually it is not hard to do. You just try to indexes every post on your website or blog and continually submits those posts to major pinging services and RSS feed directories.  Each of these activities invites the Google bots to come and crawl the content, so that it is indexed in their search results.  Just it? Yes just it, it is easy. But can you do it? I think that the all people say it is a very boring one.

So here the part of your problem’s solution?  The ABC3K Word Press plug-in!!  ABC3K Word Press plug-in is a Word Press plug-in for that purpose, helps your back link building process. With 30,000 private blog websites from different IP and server. You don’t need to write article and your link will be placed at sidebar position on ABC3K plugin’s blog networks. Can you imagine that?

When you install ABC3K

The ABC3K plug-in is very easy to install and shows up as a side bar menu function in your WP Blog.  You will also need to “activate” the Automatic Back link Creator widget in your site’s back office.  From there you just need to click on the ABC3K menu and it opens the programs interface.

The process is very simple.  You enter up to 3-keywords you are trying to rank for.  You enter the web URL of your content you are looking to build back links to.  You enter a brief description of that content and input the number of copies or links you want that piece of content to have.  Then select a category for that content, just it and viola….all has done!  It’s that simple.  The more “copies” you enter, the more exposure your link URL will have in the entire different Automatic Back link Creator blogs out there!

Updated ping list

Once the Activation Key is accepted you will are presented with a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ choice. “Do you want to replace your Word Press Ping List with the ABC3000 Word Press Ping List?”  If you click ‘Yes’ the ABC 3K plug-in will ADD a list of additional pinging sites to the one that comes as default with Word Press.

Bulk uploads Links via CSV file

You can upload bulk URL’s and keywords via use of a CSV file. This way you can organize and add bulk URL’s and keywords into the network at once, rather than having to add all of your sites individually, which can be time consuming.

ABC3K Tools Tab

Within the ABC3K plug-in there are additional tools for you to use with your back linking. These tools are all organized and contained within a Tools tab. The additional tools are handy to handle, and if used correctly that would be a great help indeed.

What tools are there?

  •  Indexer runs daily on autopilot

It will grab a set number of posts from your site every day and index them to a set number of indexing sites. The next day it will grab more. It will continue and then loop around.  Add URLs to the indexer to be indexed daily- these will be URLs off your site – such as to your articles on article directories.

  • Ping list

This will ADD dozens of sites to you’re built in ping list. Every time you make a post it will ping that many more sites creating back links for you on autopilot.

  •  RSS Submit

This feature takes the RSS feeds Word Press already creates and submits them to different RSS submission sites. This creates dozens of back links with each post on your site. Just apply 2 choices and the plug-in does the rest on autopilot.

  • BL Index

You have a set number of URLs per month you can submit. These URLs then go to private NETWORK of over 30,000 sites to be indexed. Each URL you submit will get you 14-18 back links guaranteed. This is where you submit and rotate your links here monthly. 

The ABC3K plug-in network 

Remember ABC3K plug-in is also the back link network.  This network consists of over 30,000 blogs, located all over the world.   Each user of Automatic Back link Creator installs a widget on their website. This widget displays back links to the content of other users.  Each time the page is refreshed, the list of back links changes.  This is done, because the search engine bots are constantly crawling the web, indexing content and links. 

Just Imagine How Many Back links you could automatically Get To Your Website!

Step 1: Submit your anchor text with your URL you want to build back links to.

Step 2: Install a widget to display ABC Links on your site

Step 3: Set up the RSS feature and indexer

Step 5: Sit back, relax and watch the back links build, naturally and automatically!

Here Is What the ABC3K Will Do for You 

  • Indexes Every Page And Post On The Site It Is Installed On Daily
  • Indexes Whatever Urls You Enter Into The Plug-in Daily
  • Creates And Submits RSS Feeds For Every Post On Your Site On A Regular Basis
  • Creates Back links To A Set Of Urls You Input With A Guaranteed Number Monthly
  • Creates Anchor Text Back links Within The ABC 3K Network And Gets Those Links Indexed
  • Creates Another Free Opportunity To Make Money By Giving You A Free Build My List Account.

How Much Does the ABC3K plug-in Cost?

The pricing plans are based on how many back links one wishes to build each month.  Here is a breakdown:

  • Silver Plan – 2000 links in the network for distribution. Approximately 36,000 back links every month from our private network. ($47 per mo)
  • Gold Plan – 5000 links in the network for distribution. Approximately 90,000 back links every month from our private network. ($97 per mo)
  • Platinum Plan – 10000 links in the network for distribution. Approximately 180,000 back links every month from our private network. ($147 per mo)

Now it is time you take action!  The developer has a discount offer over on the Warrior Forum WSO section. There you can read more about ABC3K and get this plug-in at the discounted rates. In fact if you buy at the WSO prices you get to lock the prices at the discounted rates Silver $27; Gold $47 and Platinum for #67. This is my friend Brad and Matt Callen’s Link Click here to check out the offer.

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