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Affiliate Marketing, the Game was Change Try Thinking Outside the Box

By harmen batubara

Some people say yes, and agree that affiliate marketing is harder than ever. For most affiliates it’s a soul-destroying cycle of putting out promos and seeing zero dollars in your earnings account. By now I’m sure you’ve witnessed these disturbing trends they call; horsemen. Frankly, you’re being ignored.And it hurts. In fact – Kipling D. Williams, a professor of psychological sciences, ran a study that showed being ignored hurts even more than a physical injury but it gets worse because…
Being Ignored in the Marketplace. Hurts Your Ego AND Your Wallet. 0-sales As you know by now – it’s hard to get noticed out there. But it’s not for lack of trying. From posting blogs and Facebook updates to sending emails and recording YouTube reviews – the end result is often the same. WASTED TIME and NO COMMISSIONS. Heck. Nobody wants that. So the big question here is…What Makes An Affiliate Successful?

Change The Way You Advertise

The internet has truly changed the game when it comes to advertising online and also change the way you adsvertise your affiliate . Internet marketing is an important part of any business’s overall marketing strategy. Furthermore, affiliate marketing is important in both the opportunity that it provides to businesses and to those looking to work themselves into the marketing profession. Internet marketing essentially functions as a way for companies or businesses to pay affiliates for their advertising efforts to bring customers to the original company. Think of it in a sense as a finders fee or a commission for every customer, or potential customer, that an affiliate can bring to a company.
In the context of internet marketing and internet sales, affiliate marketing programs are important because they rely on the power of the internet as a network to attract customers and collaborate on marketing strategies.For example, if company A sells golf shoes than that company could use an affiliate marketing program to pay writers and bloggers who write about PGA tour or some aspect of golf tournament to put ads up on their website. The logic follows that readers of a golf website would be interested in playing the sport, so they might also be interested in buying golf shoes. Every time a reader of that blog clicks to the golf shoe company, the blog, or affiliate, is paid a fee.
You may recognize this scheme as essentially a pay per click advertising strategy. It’s very effective for many businesses and is favorable because it not only creates potential customers and sales leads, but also attracts people to a website, increasing awareness and helping grow a companies brand or image. Affiliate marketing programs are also important for you because they can be a reliable way of generating income and taking advantage of other people’s internet marketing strategies.
If you have a website or some sort of web content service, then it may be worth it for you to consider offering your services as a marketing affiliate. This can be a good path to choose as a revenue stream because it will also encourage you to increase and develop the quality of your site’s content. If you get paid for how many people jump from your page to another, then it would make sense that you would want as many people to visit your website as possible. This will force you to up the quality of your content and encourage you to do whatever it takes to bring in new visitors and readers.
Another important aspect of affiliate marketing programs is that there are few limits on the ways that you choose to build your client base and expand your opportunities. As long as you can attract a large number of readers or viewers to your site, you can leverage those numbers into affiliate marketing agreements with potentially countless retailers and businesses. Affiliate marketing is important because it allows you to cash in on your ability to attract viewers and users to your content. It also allows businesses to expand and build networks that you play an important role in. This only spells good things for you and allows your business to grow at pace and speeds that you never thought possible.

Thinking Outside the Box

Thinking outside the box when you want to make money with affiliate marketing can be very useful, as the easiest way to get bogged down and never achieve anything is by trying to copy the exact example of what you were shown. Remember that whatever product you are promoting with affiliate marketing that the level of finance put into the actual development of the program itself will be pretty high.
If you are writing your own content and using simple designs for websites you can’t be expected to get the same results as someone who is using a professional team of outsourcers to design everything! Instead, your best bet is to try and start thinking outside the box. For example, how are you going to promote these services?
For example, many people start trying to copy their mentor, or the affiliate program they are using, when trying to make money online. However this usually follows basing a lot of your style off of a competitor – this isn’t going to win you any sales if you are just a less effective version of someone who is already there on the web.Instead, what you should consider doing is start looking into what people are doing in other niches. You might not be going totally outside of the box, but you might see some awesome ideas for promotion that you simply don’t see being used in your competition.
This can be a good way to start innovating – don’t stay rigid to the one way of doing things. Start looking at what your potential clients are asking for on social media. Start browsing forums and seeing what people are really missing when they look for the type of products or services you offer – can you fill that gap?
If you stand out from your competition, then you get noticed. What makes you different (not necessarily better, just different) from your competition? The other point is that your ads or your website should be of use to your visitor. The one thing that all people online have in common is that when they browse they are looking for information. So give your visitors what they want in the form of education. If your potential customers become educated about your offer and take away something useful from your website, they will remember you over your competition. Try think out of the box, it is not as hard as you think.

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