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Article Marketing For Newbies, Article Writing for Affiliate Marketer

By harmen batubara

Have you, as a newbie affiliate marketer, ever surfed the internet encountering well written articles by what appears to be well seasoned expert authors? Do you ever wonder how they always have unique ideas and great content to share? Did you ever notice that at the end of the article appears a call to action with a link to the author’s webpage or blog? Ever click on one of those links? I’m sure that most of us have. What is their secret? How did they captivate us in a way that compels us to click on their link? Hopefully the following paragraphs will shed a little light on the some of the secrets to this type of successful article writing (

a well written article flows so smoothly that everyone who reads it is driven to read one line after the other until he reaches that last sentence. This is what we should aim for in order to promote your products using article marketing. Writing unique, informative and compelling articles is easier than you might think. Common daily work and leisure activities contain a wealth of ideas that you can write about.
For many writer especially a newbie it’s not easy to write compelling articles. Have you try to read some or over the hundreds of articles you would found only a few of them were really convincing. Some of them were really boring, some too “salesly”, and even redundant. In other words, they were not compelling enough to convince you in clicking the link to the author’s website.
Here I’m going to show you how each professional writer learns to write well for article marketing. If you get good at this, you will be one step ahead of your competition.

Choose Your Niche, think of what you’re going to write.

There are many ways on how to do this. You can ask yourself a question regarding the niche and subject you’re writing for, or you can research about common issues in your niche. The important thing to do is, write about something you’re interested in and make sure that others will also benefit from what you’re writing

Doing Research and Organize Your Materials. This is the basic step in preparing yourself for what you’re about to write. You should take 20-60 minutes of your time to research the niche and subject you’re writing for. There are many places to look for information online but the best place to start is your favorite “ google” and article directory. Remember once you have started writing, it is very counter-productive and annoying to go back and research items you might need to write. Going back to a book or website to do some research in the middle of writing stops your momentum. So do the best when you done research.

Get Honest Opinion and Feedback about Your Writing.

As soon as you’re done writing, quickly run through it to remove any spelling and grammar issues. After that, have somebody or get a mentor, preferably an experienced writer, give you critic about your article. This person should be candid enough to give you an honest review to improve your writing.

You should consider and take this person’s advice and use it to improve your writing skills. Having someone mentor you is important in article marketing; it will save your learning time’s and saves you the trouble of learning everything by yourself. Besides, you need someone to tell you if your articles are interesting enough to read!

Lots of professional writers and aspiring internet marketers dread the time they need to sit down and write. All you need to do is think of your goals and focus on what you need to achieve. Get over your fear and start writing continuously until it becomes a natural habit for you. It only takes a little patience and you’ll be writing persuasive articles in no time.

Write and write and write.

Practice writing is a must and make it every day. The more you write, the better you will get. Nake sure that 2-3 hours of your time is dedicating for writing. This will help you write faster and get your creative juices flowing. It builds your vocabulary too. Start with a simple topic you are interesting in that can be expounded into other articles.

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