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Article Marketing Robot Review, Your Partner In Marketing

By harmen batubara

What is the Article Marketing Robot?

Remember AMR? Yes it is ? AMR stand for Article Marketing Robot is an article spinner software program that works by getting the true meaning of the words from the original article. The software is completely automated, meaning you can leave it running and it will do all the article spinning and submission automatically. The software is created by Vince Severson. Talk about article marketing means talk abou spinner article and Article Marketing Robot (AMR) will give you the best of spinner that can be such as; Article Marketing Robot has the best spinner built right into it that money can buy. Simply put, there is no other software that does what AMR spinner does. Can you imagine sorting through hundreds of words that don’t have anything to do with the current word you are spinning?

Article marketing has long been known to consistently provide solid, quality, long-term backlinks, and a means for obtaining them for free.

You know what? Article marketing is a powerful online business tool. If you have an affiliate marketing business, or any other type internet business, and you want to promote that business, one way to go about such a task online is through article marketing. If you’ve been in IM then you understand the importance of backlinks. There are many, manydifferent techniques for obtaining backlinks, everything from blog commenting, social bookmarking, RSS blasting and even purchasing backlinking services and packages – just you name it! Article marketing has long been known to consistently provide solid, quality, long-term backlinks, and a means for obtaining them for free.

When you buy Article Marketing Robot, however, the power is back in your own hands. You now have the power to choose how many articles to submit up to over 2,000 Article Directories, which directories to submit them to, how often to submit and whether or not you want to spin them. As a tool for article marketing — and especially for building backlinks — AMR is simply indispensible.

This is what Article Marketing Robot does for you.

There’s no catch, no hassle, no filling out CAPTCHAs or resource boxes or manually interacting with the submissions in any way. You simply:
Allow the software 15 – 25 minutes to automatically register AND confirm user accounts on all the article directories, this is only done once.
Copy and paste your article, including title, summary, body, resource box, and keywords, all of which are fully spinnable into the interface.
Select any number of the 1500 article directories to submit to, which can be conveniently grouped by over a dozen different filters.
Press the “Submit” button, configure the scheduler, for drip feeding or choose to blast your article to all directories at once, and sit back while AMR does the rest.

Benefits of using Article Marketing Robot?

When you combine the inherent power of article marketing with the automation afforded by Article Marketing Robot, you suddenly have access to a HUGE audience and potentially thousands of valuable backlinks at a VASTLY reduced “effort-to-results” ratio!
Before I mention of the benefits of this software, I can tell you that AMR basically, there is only one downside, a program like Article Marketing Robot only does article spinning and posting, it does not do anything else for SEO, so you may have to have two different programs to get all you need.
Article Marketing Robot produces articles in a matter of minutes and is fully automated, meaning it will produce the articles and do submissions for you.
This software submits to hundreds of article directories and registers your details in them.
The process of article writing and submission is very involving and the software therefore gives you unparalleled convenience.
The fact that you do not need to hire an SEO company or an in-house IT team for the submissions means you end up saving a lot of money.
You should invest in Article Marketing Robot because article marketing is one of the most effective SEO tools in that you are allowed to include back-links pointing to your website in resource boxes (and sometimes in the context) when you submit to article submission directories like Ezinearticles and ArticleBase. Link building is the most effective SEO technique in Google and the other major search engines. SEO means higher ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) and consequently more hits. Article marketing is also advantageous in that the content brings you out as an expert in your niche. Article marketing brings in targeted Web traffic since only those who are interested in what you have written will click on links to your website.


This means greater ROI (return on investment). You can get an Article Marketing Robot discount and even a 5 day trial if you know where to shop.
So from my point of view this software also still need the other software such as Crazy Click Bank Cash that give you choice to find a very popular article and have a good SEO from some directories; get the article, rewrite it, and spin it. After you spin it from software Crazy Click Bank Cash, it best to spin it again trough AMR. By combine the two software, you get a very wanted article in all directories, and sanded to more than to 2000 directories and get the back link from; can you imagine that?

Conclusion on Article Marketing Robot

Many of the people who have taken advantage of the free five day trial are already seeing a surge in the amount of traffic coming to their websites. They are seeing their articles getting indexed quickly and the number of backlinks to their websites grow. Article marketing has long been known to consistently provide solid, quality, long-term backlinks, and a means for obtaining them for free.
I can definitely say that by using AMR you will get some great ranking changes. AMR is definitely a must buy especially considering it is a one time payment software. So far, it’s been updated and maintained a lot, something which most non monthly software’s fail at over time. But for the past several months it has been updated a lot and AMR has been out for two year now so I think that gives you a good idea of how much the creator is supporting it! Once the live links are working again I might consider extracting them and doing backlinks to these articles to make them stronger but currently AMR is already working really well!

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