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Automatic Blog With Wordpress Article Automation Plugin

By Bob Coleman

Automatic Blog WordPress Plugin is the topic of this article. Now that I’ve used it for about a week, I’d like to share my experience here as it may be helpful to other Internet Marketers who use WordPress Blogs and bloggers in general who are looking for ways to automate their blog posting. I own several domain hosted WordPress blogs. My biggest challenge is keeping up with scheduled postings to my various. Since these blogs are in different niches, I typically research the current trends in that particular niche, took notes, wrote a brief article about a slant on the niche and posted to the blog. Obviously this can time consuming and tedious. Especially if you have to do it for 4 or 5 different blogs.

Then I experimented with RSS feeds. They worked well, except that they only provided 6-7 sentences of information. For my visitors to read the entire post, they had to click on the hyperlink. That defeated the entire purpose of trying to make my blogs “sticky” by providing varied and quality content.
Besides, the fact that good RSS software tended to be cost prohibitive. Then I got a Tweet from a friend Nikola about a new product he’d developed. He called it Automatic Blog. He went on to explain that the advantage of Automatic Blog was that it pulls full articles (300+ words) from Articlesbase article directory straight into any domain hosted WordPress blog, and that once set up, it did this automatically each and every day.

Furthermore I could select from over 300 categories in the article directory and literally “cherry-pick” the kinds of articles I wanted to import. I’ll just share the results from using Automatic Blog on one of my blogs.
First, I was able to immediately plug the areas that were lacking on my blog. You know those topical areas that you know you should post to, but you just never get around to it. Let me be more specific. Topic of my blog is Internet Marketing. I had originally planned to develop page on Free Traffic, Sales, SEO, PPC, Site Design, etc. Prior to using Automatic Blog, I’d only posted content into one category because I just didn’t have time to write 20 articles.
In a couple of days, using Automatic Blog I posted 10 highly relevant, targeted content articles to my blog.Now I’m able to meet the needs of my blog visitors and subscribers, by providing a variety of articles on varying topics related to my niche that in the past would have taken me several days to write from scratch.

PLUGIN FEATURES: This revolutionary WordPress Article Automation or WA Plugin offers custom randomization of importing a MASS amount of Articles to your site at the instant click of the button! This Cutting Edge Way To Post Articles To Your Site With Randomization Will take Your Blogging to a Whole New Level. Your WordPress Blog will Grow And Grow With Content That Will Make Even Google Stand up and Take Notice. If You Are Looking For A Way To Get to the Top Of Google and other Search Engines and Be On Vacation While You Do IT,

Here are some of the cool benefits you get with this WA Mass Article Poster Plugin:

    Use this WA Plugin to train Google to visit your site every day

Post hundreds of Articles to your site instantly and save countless hours!

Set the date you want the articles to post

Set the time sequence you want the articles to post

Set the amount of articles to post per day

Set how often you want articles to post per week

Select a custom author for each set of articles

Add the title in the beginning and end of each article (SEO Tactic)

Add default tags to each article

Make it a Post or a Page

Create a site filled with eBooks

Post your articles as: Published, Pending Review, Draft or Private

Select categories from YOUR list

Upload articles in One (1) zip folder

Add your Adsense Code to the bottom of the article automatically

Add banner ads to the bottom of your article automatically

Automatic Blog literally saves me hours of research, writing and posting. I know there are similar tools on the market, but none of them pulls full articles like Automatic Blog. Automatic Blog also comes with a complete 13-part video tutorial series to walk through of blogging, from novice to advanced blogging techniques. To learn which features of Automatic Blog are best suited for you, see my full review of this powerful WordPress plugin at Automatic Blog Review.
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