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Boxshots And Ecover Graphic Software, Creates High Resolution Product Graphics in Minutes

By harmen batubara

Creates High Resolution Product Graphics In Minutes. Works for Mac and Pc. No Extra Software Required. No Graphics Or Techie Skills Needed. Great For Leadgen/squeeze Pages, Sales Pages, Order Forms, And More. Perfect For Internet Marketer and Webmasters.

Whether you are a professional or not, a cover will be the first thing that a person will notice when it comes to your product. For instance, in a book store, the first thing you will see is the cover and you will certainly buy something that interests you even if you do not know the author just by the cover, right? Before, covers are made by professional graphic artists. You cannot simply make your cover designs on your own.  We’ve all heard of Adobe’s Photoshop the supposed “gold standard” of graphics software. But have you ever sat down and tried to actually learn how to use it? It isn’t easy.

I just want to introduced, the leader in this cutting-edge approach. It’s called Boxshot King. To use this graphics software you need merely login to their internet site. Once there, all of the templates and tools you need are immediately at your disposal. And what I particularly liked was that everything you produce with the software is saved to the cloud. In other words, if your computer dies, all your graphics work is saved in the Boxshot King servers. To recover whatever you’re looking for, you need merely login again. That’s pretty cool.

Believe me once you started playing around with this software you would discovered the coolest thing of all, it’s really easy to use. And I mean really easy. Starting with watched a 7 minute training video – and 5 minutes later you would had produced you first graphic image. And it was truly professional looking in every way. You can use it to create an eBook cover, but it works for every conceivable platform.

So the bottom line is that not only is the cloud a very cool development for computer and internet technology, but it is changing the way things get done in the graphics world too, and for the better. Boxshot King may be the first graphics software to be in the cloud.

The first thing you need to do is set the side and front images. Then you will have to adjust the size and create the desired effects, shadow and reflection, on the box shots. Finally, you can save the final product as an image file and upload it on your website. The tool comes with a variety of templates in a wide range of shapes and sizes. This feature makes it easier for you to start making your box shots especially if you are still new at this game. Some of the basic templates that you can make use of are the standard retail box, over slip box, standard and slim CDs, as well as standard and slim DVD cases. With this tool, you can even play around with a standard screenshot and turn it into a 3D image as well.

Most Wanted Product

Here Boxshots and Ecover Graphic Software is one of the most hunted products. This product quality is also excellent. Many Reviews has proven this product has good quality, so most of the buyers are satisfied. You can read it from customer review who has given positive responses.

Why should you buy a 3D boxshot? The reason as to why it is advisable for you to buy this tool if you are doing online business is quite simple. It helps you present your products in a more professional manner, thus attracting more customers and advertisers to your site. An impressive boxshot will create a good first impression of your website and encourage potential customers to take a closer look at what you have to offer.

The 3D boxshot is indeed a very effective way of using your box image as the perfect sales tool. This tool is so versatile that it helps you create both large images and tiny thumbnails. Because of this, you can make your image much more interesting by downloading it as a clickable thumbnail that links to a larger image. Simply put, you can boost your sales with top quality box shots.

Creating Your First Boxshots (Tutorial )

Boxshots And Ecover Graphic Software (view mobile)

Creates High Resolution Product Graphics In Minutes. Works For Mac And Pc. No Extra Software Required. No Graphics Or Techie Skills Needed. Great For Leadgen/squeeze Pages, Sales Pages, Order Forms, And More. Perfect For Internet Marketer And Webmasters.

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Take note that the box shot tool has no pretensions of being a design tool. You must already have the design for your product on hand because the box shot is only a tool that you should use to package your design rather than create it. The perfect time to get hold of the 3D boxshot is after making your product design, not before.

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