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Do You Have the Best Affiliate Marketing Tools?

By Cesar A Soto

What really are the best affiliate marketing tools?

The answer depends entirely upon how you want to build your business, and more importantly – how do you want to design your life? Your business model must operate around your lifestyle, so let’s say for example that you want your business automated to the point that you only want to work for about four hours a week.

Okay, not too shabby to want that at all, after all let’s say that you really just want to spend more time with your loved ones, and really just exploring ancient islands, and maybe trying out a new sport every three months – the freedom is necessary.

Basic And Essential Tools

Well your tools are going to have to HELP you automate various tasks and even time sucking activities, and depending on the strategy you choose you’ll either have to outsource the majority of your activities or you’ll have to buy tools in order to create efficient processes. However, for the sake of simplicity let’s cover the most BASIC and ESSENTIAL tools that any affiliate marketer must have to have more automation inside of their business.

The first tool that is required is an auto-responder. Why an auto-responder? Well, when you’re building your mailing list you’ll have to have a medium in order to connect with your target audience – it’s the essence of communication and well it will also allow you to communicate with prospective buyers when you so choose.

But! In order to have an auto-responder to build your mailing list you’ll also need a way to capture leads. Some auto-responders to have lead capture pages that you can personally create, or your affiliate marketing program can also provide you with capture pages that convert well…

Now, those are the BASIC tools you must have in order to drive traffic, but you also must choose for a way to drive traffic into your offer… This is where it gets interesting, and you also have two routes that you can take with this option: A ‘free’ route, or a paid route…

Allow me to clarify something important first: The free route is NEVER free – it requires an investment of time, so if you have more time available than money then the ‘free’ route is your best option. However if you have more money than time, then it’s best to go through a paid route.

It’s Possible To Completely Automate Your Affiliate

Now, this is where your automation will also come in – In the beginning if you have more time than money then your first goal is to build an ad budget so you can outsource the content writing and syndication processes… Now, if you can find a reliable ad expert to work for you then you will be able to PAY someone to do your ads for you and to work on the conversion metrics…

Do you see how it’s possible to completely automate your affiliate marketing business? It does require work, but it IS possible to work a few hours a week perhaps just sending an email to your prospective list, or to check and see how your content is being shared and if your writers are being ethical, or to see if your advertising department is doing what they’re supposed to be doing…

This is how you OWN the business versus running the business, and the tools I mentioned above, plus the outsourcing tactics will AID you in living the lifestyle that you so choose.

Lastly, let’s remember that you also need a website, or in most cases a blog to drive traffic as well. Here’s why you need this: Your blog will be a resource to drive long term traffic for life, when you decide to build it right. This will additionally give resources for your paid advertising when people have questions you can simply refer them to blog posts, so again you can automate your time more effectively.

The point here is that you want to have more free time as soon as you possibly can, so the tools and the methods will aid you in that process… Sound cool? To subscribe to my newsletter, and get access to my marketing platform for results online visit: For my blog resource center be sure to visit: affiliate marketing toolsArticle Source:



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