Easy Azon, Build Your Sales Machine and Make Money From Amazon


By harmen batubara

What is Easy Azon 3.0?

Easy Azon 3.0 is a simple WordPress plugin that can save Amazon affiliate marketers a plenty of time. Easy Azon 3.0 is an awesome WordPress plugin that will help easily create Amazon affiliate text, image and high conversion product information blocks using EasyAzon. Easy Azon was created to reduce the amount of time it takes to put Amazon affiliate links onto WordPress websites. And that is exactly what it does.

Easy Azon allows you to quickly create text links, product image links, and product info blocks (which includes a photo, price, an order button, and a link to Amazon reviews). You can create these links directly from the WordPress dashboard, meaning you do not have to actually visit Amazon.com.

Easy Azon 3.0 Features:

azonEasy Azon 3.0 is a WordPress plugin that takes ANY Amazon affiliate site and morph it into a MEGA SALES MACHINE! You can now sell MORE and Earn more income just by implementing this plugin. Easily customize the planning of the store via the dashboard: Take full control of the design of your respective store and never have to learn to edit website files while using the visual editor. Via the dashboard you can certainly upload a logo, customize the key colors, add manufacturer logos plus much more.

Easy installation and setup,  their simple guided setup shows that even beginners could get a money earning store positioned in minutes. Automatic integration with Amazon, providing current prices and products: Your stores are completely and automatically related to Amazon and therefore your service, content, prices, images etc. are magically updated when you sleep.

Feature packed personal dashboard for every store: Each of your stores fully featured dashboard enabling you to view earning reports, add new items, upload manufacturer logos, add new content pages and everything in between. Provides the look & feel of Amazon that produces your clients feel safe about purchasing MORE of your stuff.

Fully Search engine-optimized out of the box: This plugin is built through the ground-up to perform well in the search engines and many types of major yahoo and google. You don’t need to panic about learning the most recent SEO tricks for high serps, things are all handled for you.

Build a better customer experience with their extended filter methods of viewing products. It indicates you might have less potential for being filtered to be a thin affiliate.

Why Should You Use Easy Azon 3.0?

This plugin will create top ranking, highly profitable Amazon affiliate stores in just minutes and make your business grow. Anyone can promote MORE and MAKE MORE Money simply by applying this plugin. That you don’t need MORE traffic to create cash. Your stores are fully Search engine-optimized as is also meaning better rankings in Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. You will earn up to 15% of any order placed direct to your money from the worlds largest online shop.

Maximize traffic profitability with their new feature that redirects customers depending on their country. It’s easy to stop losing valuable traffic and bringin more cash from the same traffic.

Make a Fortune From Amazon

Maybe in a short time, you can achieve great results that you dreamed, thanks to the help of Easy Azon 3.0 that you will get what you want.My overall all thoughts about the Easy Azon 3.0 is it is totally worth of money. You can get the software for $27. You can’t get one plugin for this price. It’s your turn, make the decision and get success. The most important thing of all, this product has 100% money back guarantees in case you are not satisfied with this software.

Earlier, before having this plug-in, they used to add online hyperlinks personally. Thus, spending all their time in developing online hyperlinks and then including them into websites. But after purchased this plug-in, everything seems to be computerized, and they can spend their time in composing more material, and eventually making more money.

EasyAzon is one of the best available WordPress plug-ins that allows you to profit your material with online hyperlinks from Amazon online.This plug-in contributes online hyperlinks into your websites that are relevant to the material, and whenever any one buys the product from that online hyperlinks, you get a percentage from Amazon.


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