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How Marketing Automation Helping Your Business Grows Up


According to the experts at Wikipedia: Marketing automation is software technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and automate repetitive tasks.

Marketing automation is actually more than just having an answering machine. This is because automation allows the consideration of the prospect’s response so that the software can in fact offer reconsideration when a buyer declines. Part of automation could also be the ability to show rich content such as visuals for special offers which could help persuade prospects to buy the product. Thus, one should not see the machine for marketing automation as a status symbol that one has “arrived” in the internet business world or as a hindrance to creating more jobs. Instead, it should be seen as a truly helpful tool towards a more efficient and effective business. It is thus best to start mapping out the process of marketing automation for your business. It could do wonders for your productivity as you align yourself with the benefits of technology.


Marketing automation provides a solution to the intricate needs of an increasingly competitive online-based business environment. It makes work both more efficient and effective. For instance, through automation one can have a program that would relay the right outbound message to respond to a lead’s online and inbound responses. Automation  here does not actually mean that all the marketing activities would simply be handled by the programs of the computer. In fact an automated system should go hand in hand with the creative insights of the marketing personnel. To increase one’s rank in the search lists, the ideas to promote the site coming from the marketer are still needed to ensure online success.

On the other hand online buyers over the years have become more discerning in their buying habits. They go through many websites and utilize social media as well to look for the right products for them. What a marketer could do is to insert marketing automation into the process. For instance if the prospective buyer calls up to inquire about the product, automated answers on frequently asked questions can be prepared. The process may not seem too personalized, but still it has a touch of being professional in the approach as the answers are screened and put together for a professional sounding output.

How Marketing Automation Can Helping You

Marketing automation can help you with. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what real marketing automation can do for you and your organization :

Automate the follow up process – stop your loss of potential clients. How do you stay connected with more people and how do you move the right people forward in the marketing process?

Even you have a good memory,  believe me you cannot remember everything and if you miss something with a prospect, it could be the one thing that costs you a client worth thousands of dollars. Marketing automation helps you to set up campaigns that are followed automatically once you make a personal or online connection. It can do the majority of the work for you; notifying you only when you need to physically get involved. When you have to make that call or stop by and visit.

 Saving you Money on adding staff.  We all know the cost and headache of first finding the right players and then paying them what they are worth. For most of you, your highest cost is employees. However, when you look at automation, do you look at where it can save you hiring that person? For pennies on the dollar of the cost of a person, marketing automation can perform so many of the routine follow up and connection pieces that make your sales and marketing process much more effective; that generates business.

Reduce “misses” to almost zero. Yes, computers do still make mistakes, but they are usually caused by the person behind the keyboard. Once you set up and test a process, the computer does it every time, all the time, just as you ask it to. This is one of the great powers of marketing automation. Define the follow up process, by whatever categories and groupings you want, and the system will automatically do it every single time for you. Again, only informing you when you need to get involved.

Do Not Left It Behind

There are a number of reasons why marketing automation is growing so popular among the marketing and sales teams of companies. Here are a few of the obvious reasons:

It saves time – You can schedule multiple campaigns well ahead of time and have them released as per your preset settings. This saves time by building once and letting it run. Not to mention that all you have to do for a new campaign is duplicate an old one and change the content.

It’s more efficient – Why get tangled up in traditional, manual processes when you can automate day to day tasks? You can reduce the time and effort required to get your marketing efforts running at optimal levels.

It can be integrated into CRM – This can help you keep all your leads on the radar, without having to worry about them disappearing due to a few unsuccessful contact attempts. It also finally gets sales and marketing teams together as all of the data is shared and in the system.

It provides valuable insight – Using marketing automation allows you to collect valuable insight to optimize your marketing campaigns and communication, and make necessary adjustments along the way.

It offers multi-channel management – It’s not easy to manage relationships with customers across numerous channels manually. Thanks to marketing automation, you can nurture leads and existing customers as if they were on a 1:1 relationship seamlessly and automatically.

It saves money, lots of money – Most of these systems are so easy to use, that once the marketing department understands it, generating new campaigns become very easy. Also, due to the efficiency of the systems, you can cut a bad campaign off quickly, make adjustments, and get it rolling profitably faster than ever. In this situation, time really is money.

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