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How To Get Traffic to Your Squeeze Page

By David A. Delray

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A squeeze page, also known as an opt in page, is a website page that’s purpose is to get customers to subscribe to an email list. In order to get others to opt-in, you need to increase your squeeze page traffic. There are some ways that this can be done that are fairly simple!
Here are a few ideas to get you started. The first way that you can increase your squeeze page traffic is with paid advertising. There are some large internet sites that offer ad accounts like Google, Bing and Facebook.

These are typically the ads you see on the side of the page when you type something into the search bar or are using social media.
It does cost to do this, but is a great traffic source. These ad sites will take you through the step by step process of what to write and how to list the ad for your squeeze page to make it more appealing to the readers. Even if you decide not to use this option as much, it never hurts to have the account open and ready for use in the times that you need it.

Another way to increase your squeeze page traffic, is to write articles about it! People like to read and be informed of a product or service before they make the decision to buy. Whether it is a product or a service you are selling, it is helpful to have these articles available for others to read. This helps them to make an informed decision, and they are more likely to join your email list to keep informed of new items or sales that you may be offering.

Make sure that these articles have keywords in them that will draw your article to the top when it is searched for. If you are unsure of how to write these articles, there are lots of sites online that you can hire someone to write them for you. Just make sure to give them the information you are trying to get across. These writers usually work for a very small fee as well.

You need to make sure that you have one important key of information included in whatever option you choose, and that is to make sure the link to your squeeze page is included in all of these. Without being able to have one click to go straight to your site, people are more likely to move on to a simpler approach. Try these and watch how that traffic comes flowing in, and makes your business a success! There are many strategies to making money online. The “Internet Money Book” is David’s newest book and it’s free for a limited time. It explains the #1 best business to start for a full time online income. Download your free copy here. David quit his job using the exact same step-by-step method. David posts regularly on his blog. (Article Source:

Get Targeted Traffic To Your Website Using Facebook

When driving traffic online, there are so many ways to do it it’s really enough to make your head explode considering the possibilities from pay-per-click to article marketing. But today we’re going to focus exclusively on the social media marketing behemoth — Facebook. Facebook is a safe haven to socialize with people who live several miles away — 62 million people to be exact. And if you consider yourself a people person, Facebook can be a virtual goldmine for you and your business.

Seriously. Think about it. 62 “million” people? It’s every online entrepreneurs dream to have instant access to so many people, and FREE! When you sign up for Facebook you will be asked to create a profile of yourself. Basic information like age, your name, your likes and dislikes are the norm. Next, you’ll be asked to invite or connect with people you already know. This is a neat tool because you will have access to your “friend’s friends”, because people are more comfortable getting to know people who know someone they know.
Next, start talking to people.

Ask conversational questions, but nothing like “Do you want to buy xxx product yes or no?”. Ask questions like “So, how do you know so-and-so?” or “What do you do for entertainment?”. And “LISTEN” to their answers. Don’t respond like some robot with an agenda. Be real. Be human. Facebook marketing isn’t about hoping to get a sale on first contact, or even the second (unless you already have an established reputation, i.e. Tony Robbins). So find a group sharing similar interests in the products/services you offer and join.
Offer to help by answering questions and giving valuable content to the group. Be the leader of the group. Be the expert. And people will follow your advice, even when you recommend products you produced yourself or affiliated with. People will buy without a second thought because they know you have their best interest at heart.

Before I wrap up, I want to share one last reason why Facebook is such a powerful tool..One of the cool things about Facebook is that you don’t need to invest a single dollar. If you have more time on your hands than funds, Facebook is a solid way to kick off your social media marketing campaigns. The trade off is that it will take time for people to build trust in you before they follow you to your website, but it’s a good way to slowly build thousands of followers and repeat traffic (and repeat business) after the initial effort. Keep in the back of your mind the potential Facebook offers marketers like you and I and don’t take it for granted. Take advantage of this potential and turn it into results for your online business.
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