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How to Make Money Blogging In a Simple Way

By harmen batubara

When people arrive at a blog from a search engine, they want to know they’ll be rewarded with information about the topic they’re searching for. Yet, if your blog contains a jumble of varied topics, niches, posts about completely unrelated things, they’re likely to leave.

Choose your niche and keep your posts focused on providing helpful, useful, informative information. Ideally, your posts should offer information about a topic people are passionate about, or solutions to a particular problem they might be facing.

Your blog Must be Interesting to you

Perhaps the most essential aspect of how interesting writing can help you make money blogging is the idea that what you write about should be fascinating to you. The best writers write about what they love. And the best writing is born from love and excitement about something.

So when you choose to create a blog, pick a general topic that is something about which you’re passionate. If you are interested in writing about politics, and politics is something you find fascinating, you are much more likely to convey that excitement to your reader and get them excited about it too.

Original Contents

This is a short but important essential for your goal to make money blogging. DO NOT copy others’ work. Don’t spin articles, don’t cut corners. Original content carries so much more weight because it comes from the heart, the head and conveys your true effort and desire to please the readers.

The trick to make money blogging is to put forth a real effort. Interesting writing comes from a real solid effort. When you do the work, you’ll see the results. It can’t be so very easy to make money blogging or everyone would do it, as we mentioned above. When you take the time to pick a topic that is interesting to you, write blog entries that are compelling and meant to stimulate the reader and write them from scratch, you’ll not only get more traffic and more readers, you’ll create a solid foundation on which a thriving income can be created.

“Do You Know What The Biggest Mistake I Was Making ?”

The first and biggest mistakes I was making was not attracting the right audience to my blog. I was unaware that in order to make money, I had go out and target a specific group of people, people that were willing to buy and not just browse around my site and leave.

I thought traffic was just traffic, the more I was able to get, the more money I should be making RIGHT ? Well what I learned was that not all traffic was good traffic and what I needed to do was spend my time focusing on a specific buying traffic relevant to my topic.

So, by using some really simple, online market research strategies (which I will show you), I was able to determine who my target, buying audience was, point them to my products and FINALLY see some incredible sales. That feeling of joy and elation was indescribable, to have finally cracked the secret that eluded me for so long, tears came rolling down my face.

Turns a Broke Blog Into a Profitable

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Debt Problems

When he didn’t pay those bills, he’s  wife started receiving threatening phone calls from bill collectors. The tears on her face said it all – We were nearing financial bankruptcy. It was then He decided to change things around … even if it killed him. So he ventured online, learning everything he could about blogging, Internet marketing, SEO, Social media (at that time is was still in its infancy) and Video marketing.

Since he was new, and didn’t really know what he was doing, he took a lot of bad advice from a lot of questionable programs that taught things like ‘Black Hat’ SEO, and purchased programs that promised instant riches and he spent a ton of money playing with CPC and CPM that generated ‘ZERO’ Results …

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