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How To Write SEO and Compelling Articles

By harmen batubara

A well written article flows so smoothly that everyone who reads it is driven to read one line after the other until he reaches that last sentence. This is what we should aim for in order to promote your products using article marketing. Here you can see how each professional writer learns to write well for article marketing. If you get good at this, you will be one step ahead of your competition.

Do you find the process of writing with SEO articles too complicated and very confusing? Then, these ways should help you make it a lot easier:
Think of what you’re going to write. There are many ways on how to do this. You can ask yourself a question regarding the subject you’re writing for, or you can research about common issues in your niche. The important thing to do is, write about something you’re interested in and make sure that others will also benefit from what you’re writing.

Always start with keyword research. Avoid writing your articles even before you pick the keywords that you’re going to use. Start by knowing the most searched terms and phrases in your niche and use them as guides when choosing the topics for your articles.
Make sure doing a research and organize your materials before you start writing. This is a fundamental step in preparing yourself for what you’re about to write. Once you have started writing, it is very counter-productive and annoying to go back and research items you might need to write. Going back to a book or website to do some research in the middle of writing stops your momentum. There are many places to look for information online but the best place to start is your favorite article directory.

Through this, you’ll find it much easier to insert the keywords that you want to target. Since you’re just starting out, it’s best if you focus your attention on those keywords that are not really competitive and those that contain no less than 3 words. Choose topics that are related to your business. Avoid discussing issues that are not related to your article or to the topics that you sell as these will not help you attract the attention of your potential clients. I suggest that you talk about the areas of interest or problems of your prospects that can be remedied by using what you sell.

Write and write and write. Practice writing every day. The more you write, the better you will get. Allot 2-3 hours of your time for writing. This will help you write faster and get your creative juices flowing. It builds your vocabulary too. Start with a simple topic that can be expounded into other articles. Always start your titles with your primary keywords. Remember, you only have a couple of seconds to tell your target readers the gist of your content so you better tell them ASAP using your first 3-4 words.

Insert the keywords. Don’t just sprinkle the terms and phrases that you’re targeting throughout your content. Your primary keyword should appear on your titles. It should also be included in your article summary, on each of your paragraphs or bullet list, on the first and last 90 characters of your articles, and on your resource box. Your secondary keywords on the other hand, must be placed at least once on each paragraph.

Proofread. Don’t be one of those irresponsible writers who don’t care about giving their audience great reading experience. Make the time to check your articles before you get them published in the online arena. Remember, it’s your reputation that you’re putting on the line here so you better make sure that all your articles have what it takes to impress your readers.

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