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Interview Your Way to eBook Success

By Shawn Joseph
So you’ve done your research and found a hot niche for your next eBook. The problem is you’re not an expert in the particular field you would like to market your eBook to. The solution is simple. Find an expert and conduct an interview, and ta-daa… you now have the material you need for your next best seller.
Sounds simple enough? The problem is that not every expert in their field is just going stop everything their doing and allow you to pick their brain for information you want to sell. Remember these folks are experts and usually have very busy schedules. And like you and me expect to be compensated for their time and efforts. Most of them did not spend their time and energy to become an expert just for the glory of it all.

Here a few tips to help you land that killer interview.

1. Make a List of 5 -10… Make a list of 5 -10 people you believe to have the expert knowledge you are looking for. That way if your first choice does not have the time, or declines your interview you can move on to the next person on your list
Quick Tip… Never tell the next person on your list that they were your second choice. Always make them feel like they are the one you really want advice from.
2. Be Prepared… This one should be obvious. If you’ve done your research correctly then you should have all of your questions in order. These should be questions that you future customers want answered. Look for forums or online groups such as Yahoo groups and see what people are asking about in your niche. These should be the basis for the questions you want answered from your expert.
3. What’s in it for Them (The Expert)… OK this is where you salesmanship needs to come into play. Like I said before, these people are usually very busy individuals. And like any other business person out there time is money. You have to be willing to bring something to the table in exchange for their time and knowledge. Unless you are really good friends with this person, chances are they are not going to give you this information for free.

Offer to give them a percentage of the sales of your eBook. This could range anywhere form 20- 50%. I have even seen some author’s offer 100% of the sales in order to gain credibility in a particular niche.

Quick Tip… Offer to give them a percentage of the sales of your eBook. This could range anywhere form 20- 50%. I have even seen some author’s offer 100% of the sales in order to gain credibility in a particular niche. Remember you are building trust with you customers and future sales for more products.
Quick Tip… Remind your expert that this will also benefit their business as well. Not only will your eBook benefit you in building a customer base but it will also benefit your expert as well. They are also getting more exposure that lends to their credibility and therefore builds their business reputation as well.
4. Strut Your Stuff… Be prepared to show off your previous works. You are going to want to show your expert that you are an expert in your field as well. Be ready to explain how your business works and show them some of your previous eBooks as well. Show them your professionally designed e-covers. Your sales pages and don’t be afraid to show them some numbers as well. Especially if your expert has never seen or heard of and eBook before. You want them to feel confident that their name is not going to be thrown around the internet on some poorly designed e-trash. Remember their name is on the line.
If you treat your expert with respect and like the professional they are, you will create win- win situation for both of you. And who knows you might find your self a new long term business partner as well.

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