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Landing Page Monkey Build Fantastic-Looking Webpages with Point’n’Click Simplicity

By harmen batubara

Can Landing Page Monkey REALLY Help You Make a Targeted List of Purchasers and Improve your Authority? Is Landing Page Monkey Truly a Quickly Landing Page Creation Tool that Help maeketer? Can Landing Page Monkey REALLY Help You by Letting You Rapidly Build Fantastic-Looking Marketing Webpages with Point’n’Click Simplicity? “The Easiest And Fastest Way Ever To Build High Converting & AWESOME Looking Landing Pages!..”

Faster: Awesome results FAST!  Our attention grabbing, video background landing pages out convert regular pages by up to 40 percents.  That means more leads with same traffic but in less time!

Easier: Use any hosted video from services like YouTube, Amazon S3, Vimeo or your own server. No technical skills required & no inflexible templates to edit – It is just point and click easy!

Free: Landing Page Monkey is an all-in-one web-based solution – Modify pages on the fly inside your dashboard, no other software or tools needed.  We will even host your pages 100% FREE!

Integrations: Works with all Auto Responder services… Integration with your AR system is a breeze! Whatever service you easily use & Landing Page Monkey works with Everything!

Point’n’Click Simplicity

Landing Page Monkey is a great tool for quickly building effective landing pages using cutting-edge templates and tactics that are working well right now. If you have tried using WordPress to make your landing pages, or any other software, you probably understand how time consuming and difficult it may be. The other problem is, most ‘templates’ out there’re made by Designers who do not have any real online marketing experience.  So the web templates are not created in a marketing way, it is hard to believe to assist you to build your list or increase your sales. Landing Page Monkey is trying to fix this problem by enabling you to simply create ‘high converting’ promoting and advertising pages.

Landing Page Monkey-It’s all very simple, easy to set up, and quick to get going. If you’re in need of a basic landing page quickly, Landing Page Monkey is a great option. The software is incredibly easy to use. It’s module-based with drag-and-drop code modules that allow you to position elements and include forms to your satisfaction.

So lets take a quick tour of the main features to see how it works and if it can actually deliver on it is promises…

Step 1: Log in. You’ll be given a dashboard for their service, which has some bonus offers and tutorials. Explore as much as you like. When you’re ready to proceed, click Create Page at the top.

Step 2: Choose advanced. The difference between a simple or an advanced page is minor, and the advanced page isn’t all that advanced. There’s no reason not to get the few extra options.

Step 3: Start filling out information. You’ll want to start specifying information, it’s all really simple and self-explanatory. Your LPM name is the title of your page. The box position is where your opt-in box appears. You can choose the colors for the box, the background, the button text and color, and so forth.

This is also where you submit an image or video to play in the background. This, coupled with the opt-in box animation styles, gives you the variety of landing page that makes Landing Page Monkey so strong.

Your Advanced Options  Advanced options include basics like the transparency for the opt-in box, border options, box sizes, and so forth. You can also set a specific timestamp for your video to begin playing, if you want.

Step 4: Set SEO options. There’s not much, just title and description, but these are super important.

Step 5: Set copy. Once you’ve set all the previous information, another box opens up with all of the copy you want to include. This is, of course, all up to your design goals.

Step 6: Set any additional options. This is where you can integrate Landing Page Monkey with email autoresponders or other scripts. The program doesn’t do a sales funnel, it’s just a landing page, so you need to use these scripts if you’re adding a more robust sales funnel.

Once you have everything set up, save and upload the page. You can export it to WordPress or host it on the Landing Page Monkey site, in addition to the standard self-hosted options.

Landing Page Monkey also includes built-in split testing scripts. There’s a simple feature called a clone, which copies an existing page of yours. Clone a page, change an element, and push the page to your server. It gives you a new link, which you add to your script field, and the system does the rest.

WordPress integration is a breeze. They have a video tutorial for it that’s quite easy to follow     MORE INFO FIND HERE

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