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By harmen batubara

I like Write Like Freddy Course. So I try to review that course and the ebooks, courses and tools for writers, so you can make good decisions about how to invest in your writing career. Write Like Freddy course was create by Danny Iny is the leader of Firepole Marketing and its popular blog. Danny Iny is also known as the “Freddy Krueger of Blogging”. He started Firepole Marketing and has always had a love for blogs. One day he posted on Copyblogger and it generated over 200 comments, over 900 tweets, and a large amount of traffic back to his website. He posted to another site called Postblogger which lead to even more notoriety and traffic back to his website.
Write Like Freddy is for people who aren’t necessarily great writers or experts in new media, but want to use blogging and guest blogging to promote their business. If you’re not sure how to go about guest blogging, or you’ve tried it in the past without success, this course is designed for you. It Will Help You to : It’ll teach you how to research your audience to come up with effective ideas for guest posts and posts on your own blog. The most impressive thing this course will help you do is to write your blog post fast up up in just one hour.
The Write Like Freddy Will Give You Training course comes with 4 teaching modules designed to show you the way to easily and quickly create excellent blog posts that folks will want to read and also share. The training course will take you detail by detail via each phase of the process, starting from picking a targeted weblog, to discovering a good idea, to composing an excellent article, from starting to ending. All classes are supplied through top quality, pre-recorded video tutorials and also MP3 format audios, PDF photo slides and also transcripts, together with worksheets and also other assisting components.

Write Like Freddy is inclusive training course that will handles all the bases you will need and educate you the best way to write excellent blogposts, have them released anyplace you would like, to get the targeted traffic, popularity, and also product sales — without needing to be a good blogger! Writing is a foundation of selling for the majority of businesses nowadays.This is also true if writing a blog is usually a part of your own marketing strategies, as well as the simple fact is that you simply can not raise a weblog with no composing.You already know that if you desire blogging to become a part of your own online marketing strategy, then you are going to need to create excellent blogposts, and a lot of them – in your weblog.

What’s Included in That Course : You’ll get four weeks of training with videos (mp3 audio and text transcripts are available too), downloadable worksheets and links to other resources. Write Like Freddy students and alumni also get access to a private group on Facebook where you can make friends, share your guest posts, and get support and promotional help from your peers.

The Best Part of This Course

In the second week of training, Danny gives you a ton of tips on how to refine your guest post pitches and get them accepted by big blogs, even if you don’t have an existing relationship with them. This part alone is worth the cost of the whole course! There are so many little things that are easy to forget or get wrong; Danny makes it simple with a downloadable template email you can customize and send to potential host blogs
As a freelance blogger, of course I would’ve liked to see information included about negotiating payment for your guest posts! Just one or two paid guest posts could easily recoup a Write Like Freddy student’s tuition fee. But getting paid directly for your writing isn’t the priority here, so Danny keeps things focused on marketing your business.

Write like Freddy promises to teach anyone the art of writing great posts. Advises how to get the posts published anywhere your heart desires and help get anyone the reputation, traffic, and sales that come along with it. Danny started out over a year ago and had no reputation in the blogosphere and no traffic. Since his first break, he has had over 80 posts that have all done extremely well. He was not sure how he teach blogging or writing to anyone because his business was specifically geared towards marketing.
The Write like Freddy training system includes four training segments that will teach you how to create blogs that kick-ass and get you the attention you want. This will cause people to like and share your posts and increase your productivity. The classes are delivered via pre-recorded videos, worksheets, MP3 audio files, PDF slides, transcripts and other materials.

The curriculum will give you the ability to effectively change the way you blog. Some of the lessons include:
What the three major factors are before you post on a blog; Show how to write guest proposals that will get accepted on any blog; How to come up with a creative angle for your post; Helpful tips on how to never run out of ideas or inspiration; Picking the headline that will draw attention; Where to publish your posts ; And so much more!

The Recommendation: If you have any interest at all in blogging as a marketing tactic, you’ll find this course useful. It’s short enough to get through in a month, yet detailed enough to give you an excellent probability of success when you put your training into practice. Write Like Freddy is for people who aren’t necessarily great writers or experts in new media, but want to use blogging and guest blogging to promote their business. If you’re not sure how to go about guest blogging, or you’ve tried it in the past without success, this course is designed for you.

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