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Paid Social Media Jobs, Be a Real Social Media Manager

Byharmen batubara

Is Paid Social Media Jobs a Scam?

Social media has become an important part for the company in terms of marketing and need people to manage and work for the benefit of the company. So, what happens if the company will outsource small jobs, to hire people who work from home and get paid to each such assignment as social media manager? So, it looks like smart ideas to launch a website that brings employers who need social account management and search people who need extra income and work from home or their spare time. And voila, that’s where this site was born.

The idea is simple, Paid Social Media Jobs gives you training on how to utilize social media nets for marketing purposes, such as Tweeter and Face book etc. Your job is to market or build the image of the big companies. Once you have the ability, then they guide you to find the job.

It is true that you can make a lot of money being a social media manager but the problem is, people pay for results and if you have no clue how to get results then you are going to set yourself up for failure.Paid Social Media Jobs would have you believe form the sales page that they will give you a social media job right off the bat however you will found that the sales page was quite not so simple like that.

Actually they are not offering you a job! Instead they are selling you a membership site which includes a training course about social media and a database of places where you can apply for freelance work. When you come  through the videos and you will found that there was some good basic information about how social media works and why a client would want to employ a social media manager. The bad one  there was not any step by step instructions about creating a social media strategy or how to plan out a campaign for a client.

So iin my opinion it isn’t a scam because you are paying for a course and for them to find appropriate job opportunities for you. However my main concern is that I don’t know if their database is kept up to date or the information is correct. Honestly I believe you can find the jobs yourself without too much difficulty, it just depends on whether you want to do it or let someone else do it for you. You just go to Uncle Google ask for it. I believe you can find it.

How Does This Work? 

The system is simple. Simply fill in your details, email address, age, and country of residence and how many hours you can work per day. Then you must have a reliable internet connection and have good knowledge of using Facebook or Tweeter or both. Yes that’s it.After filling out the questionnaire on the next page you will be taken to another page which will explain what you will be, becomes a “Social Media Manager “. The issue is not at work as what? But more important is the type of work that they offer. Because I think that’s the actual business.

After the trial period was over and then they would charge you. Once you pay the fee, then you are taken to the training page. Here the tutorial and material exercises have been provided. The timing of exercise lasting three days or more. Depending upon your ability to absorb the lessons. Depending on the capabilities of your own. You will find some solid training in how to run a social media marketing campaign from start to finish, how to set up a client, what to post, how to get results and how to create a social media strategy. These are all the tasks that you need to be able to do if you want to call yourself a professional social media manager. And these are the skills that you need if you want to charge more for your services.

Then after this, you will be taken to the VIP page where you will find a job, but you have to apply for. Remember, a job that you can get by apply.  So this is not automatically getting a job. The paid social media jobs marketplace is something that they have created which is a clone of Fiverr where you can post what task you will do and for how much. At first glance this looks good – they are connecting you to real customers, or are they? But if you try to looked through some of the listings you will found that all most none of them had ratings, and none had queued jobs.

You previously think that after paying a sum of money and receive training, and then you will immediately be able to work as you want. Yet the truth is you have to apply for a job. The company is also testing your ability and only then will they decide. So it’s not like they’re advertising. It sounds so promising.

It is Not for Newbie 

Now, take a look at Paid Social Media Jobs, it kind of looked promising and not like a scam. But then after a while you soon realized that it basically it is not for newbie, because a lot of the jobs posted were not real and the job descriptions were just unrealistic for the average person such as requiring you to get thousands of hits to a video in a short amount of time. In other words, a lot of these jobs were impossible to do if you didn’t have some knowhow and a kind of tools for auto mass distribution software.

Therefore I can understand that many people thought Paid Social Media Jobs is a scam, useless and crap. At first they thought that after completion of the course they will immediately be able to work. Actually happens is, you can follow the exercise trial for three days, and after completion of the exercise test you have to pay $ 77.

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Business Freelancing is actually really works. Many people hire freelance to work on their website. You can imagine if the big company they would hire someone to manage their social media accounts. It is a real job, and it becomes more important because of advances in technology and the needs of companies utilize the Internet for their advertising.

Therefore Paid Social Media Jobs does not lie about the fact that they offer to work as the process takes time. It may take a while to get your first job, and a few moments before you make a consistent income or both. They also say that it would be a challenge to learn new things.

As I mentioned above, they learning materials such as videos, for example, the quality is quite good, but not the best I’ve seen, but certainly not the worst.Actually Paid Social Media Job can give you a valuable opportunity, but not for the newbie, this must be more suitable for those who are familiar with Tweeter and Facebook. So that they can take advantage of the opportunities presented by Paid Social Media Job. The problem is, if they are proficient with Tweeter or Facebook actually they already know where they can use it, they already know how to find the money from their abilities. So it is up to you and you decide whether Paid Social Media Job suits you or not.

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