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Real Writing Jobs, Well Equipped You to Battle All Writing Assignments

By harmen batubara

Real writing jobs is a third party that links editors, freelance writers, proof readers and even beginners with companies and organizations who are willing to pay these individuals to work from home writing articles, blog posts or stories from a large range of topics updated every day. Members make the choice of which freelance writing jobs they are interested, after that they commence with it and get the task done. When it’s done they can submit it and get paid for writing it. That’s how it basically works.

In most cases these are real writing jobs and are usually put out by website and blog owners who want cheap labor to fill their sites full of content. Other examples may involve writing product reviews that again are used by webmasters.

You can join?

Basically, anyone who is interested in real writing jobs from any country can join, even if you have no experience at all. Apart from providing online writing jobs to writers and proof readers, it provides training tutorials to teach whomever interested to become a better writer. Actually many writer liked this feature of that system, because they have good training tutorials that would helped you greatly to get started with real writing jobs. If you are a good writer or had some experience writing online then you have an advantage over the many who don’t, so you can start right away with no problems.

One thing you need to be careful of is overhyped promises of riches. You may have been told that you can get paid up to $100 for writing an article but that is by far the exception and definitely not the rule when it comes to working with averages sites. Remember, the really high paying jobs require the ability to not only write well but to be able to write on highly technical issues like chemise, medicine or electronics. So, if these jobs do get publicly posted they are reserved for highly experienced writers that can provide web references for their work.

Bottom line is, don’t get too excited about massive payouts. Realistically you’ll be looking at a range of $3 – $15 per article or blog post. The sad fact is that real writing jobs, along with other coveted online work, gets outsourced overseas, making it difficult for US based freelancers to compete and making them work for much lower pay.

What kinds of writing jobs are?

Some of the freelance writing jobs offered to you at real writing jobs include:

  • Data entry jobs
  • Email reading and responding
  • Article online writing jobs
  • Editing and proofreading jobs
  • Blog writing online
  • Story online writing jobs
  • Inappropriate content review jobs
  • Books and movie scripts reviewing
  • Technical writing jobs online
  • Travel writing jobs online
  • Magazine jobs online
  • Creative writing jobs online

Real writing jobs offers a wide range of topics available and updated every single day, so you will be able to choose the topics that interest you. Believe me; this feature had given you lots of benefits. Sometimes you had found topics that don’t interest you, but you can manage to find others that you would prefer. So, with real writing jobs you can always expect to find tasks that interest you. That the real writing job is.

How much does it cost?

Real writing jobs offers a 7-day trial membership that costs about $5, and the full membership costs a one-time fee of $77. After joining you will be able reinvest the money you paid for membership without too much hassle. It is good idea for you to take the 7-day trial membership to try it out. If you are a really writer you would actually liked the whole system especially the jobs and topics they offered. Try doing some tasks and after that you can decided to take the full membership or not. Many members Sais they are really glad they did that.

If you can afford the full membership of real writing jobs then don’t waste any more time, trust me, its well worth it. There is a 60-day money back in case RealWritingJobs was not the service for you, so you have nothing to lose, I recommend anyone reading this to sign up and try it by them.

How much does it pay for members?

Real writing jobs beginners usually start off with lower level jobs that pay less (usually from $3 – $10 per task), but as you get more experienced higher leveled jobs will be available that pay much more money for online writing jobs or proofreading jobs.

Here is a brief picture of the potential earning amounts (note that you need to be very experienced to earn the highest amount for each of these tasks):

  • Up To $125 per review
  • Up to $25 per Blog Post
  • Up to $300 for reviewing a Movie Script
  • Up to $100 per article
  • Up to $20 an hour for Reviewing Websites for Inappropriate Content
  • Up to $20 an hour for Proofreading Content for Mistakes

So, as you can see real writing jobs has very good payouts, but you need to work hard and gain more experience to get the highest payouts.

The Last Point

Real Writing Jobs is a paid membership website where members will get information on how to apply for writing jobs positions. Members will also receive training and tutorials on how to become a good writer, receive access to hundreds of jobs that are ready to be filled, and receive free writing books and software. There is unlimited help and support included in the membership to make sure that each member can get the best writing job positions.

It will provide you timely Upgrades. It is not such product that would give you the magic ability of getting what you want with no effort and no time! You must follow each step and learn every instruction earnestly and closely!  You have got to be able to produce quality content however. As soon as you get access to the RealWritingJobs backend member area, you’ll receive access to plenty of tools and training that will help to become a better writer. A number of the tools that you will get entry to include:

  • Automatic Article Writer– This tool comes with templates that can be used to help you to write your articles faster.
  • Automatic Novel Writer– If you wish to write a novel or merely want to write one, it will help you to outline the novel.
  • Automatic Idea Generator– Should you get writers block and can’t create a good idea for your articles, this tool can help.
  • MaxType Lite Typing Trainer– It will help you to increase your typing speed. This may allow you to take on more jobs so that you can make more money.
  • Exclusive Interview with Nick Daws– Nick Daws could be the author of “How to post ANY Book in 28 Days”. Within this interview, he reveals his greatest writing tips.
  • The Writer’s Best Friend– It researches words for you so that you can correctly rely on them in your content.

By making use of these tools, and taking advantage of additional writing training you are provided with, I agree with my friend you will be well equipped to battle any of the writing assignments that you may possibly qualify for and all of these jobs may be from the comfort of your own property and allow you to complete them yourself schedule. It is fair to say, you will have the ability to earn a few dollars per day or even a thousand dollars a day. It just all depends on how much work you might be willing to do.

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