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Secret Millions Hits, How to Get and Using Traffic in Your Business

By harmen batubara

Say what? Secret Millions Hits?

Yes, Say what? Secret Millions Hits (SMH) or Kaleb Nation? SMH actually covers this aspect in great details in the training about how you can either build a personality, or an entity online.  For example Kaleb never had aspiration to become a YouTube celebrity, but hedoes want to build brand. For example as he is a personality, TechCrunch is entity. Both of them have internet and social presence, but in a different way.So it doesn’t matter which one you want to be (or both) million hits secret will get you there.

Who Benefits From Millions Hits Secret

  •    Affiliate Marketers
  •    Product Creators
  •    Authors
  •    Business Owners
  •    People that want to be come online personalities

The bottom line is that anyone that wants to make money online will benefit from Kaleb Nation Million Hits Secret.In million hits secret Kaleb goes explains it in more details and has a whole module on how to do it with Clickbank and Amazon associates. You can use the strategies for any type of affiliate marketing but those two are the easiest and most profitable.

All you have to do is pick a product, grab you affiliate link and post it. No need for creating products yourself, websites, content or anything else like that. Clickbank is for mostly digital goods and amazon for physical.But believe me after learning from Kaleb you can started to spread your’s business through social media and allowing others to do the same the blog started to pick up some real traffic. After that you canmonetize it with Clickbank and Amazon like in the million hits secret and stuff and the blog became a small sensation.

On top of that, because of social signals and onces yours sites getting hits you would started to rank better in Google. Giving you another wave of visitors interested in your business and other stuff.  Best part?

The Best of Secret Millions Hits?

Here a these are the things which you found something pertinent, unusual or unique about the SMH site:

  • The use of brief but concise advertisement instead of writing a road length about a certain product. This is the idea what you have to know about selling, the more you talk about the product, the less likely you can get a sale.
  • The most important thing is actually highlight the most impacting thing about your product, explain it in simple, short but concise words or phrases is far better that to enumerate all the benefits of your product. Embark on the best points and you will certainly get a sale.
  • Everyday presence instead of a onetime big time presence.  This actually is something unique. Just like the twitter which only include short phrases but is uploaded every now and then.
  • Traffic is difficult but when done correctly, it will become very very easy – this is actually a tag line of the site. You have to do it the right way so you can increase traffic in your site. Once you hit the traffic, money will follow.
  • Understand the platform, learn how it works, when you are ready, plunge into it, join the community and who knows, you might be one among those who are having unlimited income even when they are asleep.

Million Hits Secret is well laid out and covers a lot of topics regarding traffic generation. There are many videos on every subject with a well thought plan for every user to follow. Fast support times and updated almost every week with fresh content makes it a good product already.  This program is pack with lots of content and videos so it will take time for you watch all the videos and read all the content. Even though you can just cherry pick the area you want to focus on and skip the topics you already know.

Check Live Demo Secret Millions Hits Here

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