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SEO Content Writing – How to Write Articles That Love By Readers and Search Engines

By Sean Mize

When you writing web articles, it’s important that you always keep the search engines and your readers in mind. It’s crucial that you know how to strike balance between using keywords and putting together good content as this is the key to make your articles really, really successful. He also mention that effective SEO article writing should always start with keyword research and then, keyword analysis. It’s crucial that you know the keywords that you’re going to target ahead of time as this can help you figure out the best topics to explore. Using keyword suggestion tools, get the list of popular terms that are usually searched for by your target audience. Then, list down those long tail keywords that are non competitive. These are the most profitable keywords to target.

Make your content both search engine and reader-friendly

According to Sean Mize, “Writing useful content is the most effective way to get search engines to notice your website and the best way to attract your prospective buyers”. Here’s how you can make your content/articles both search engine and reader-friendly:

Choose your topics. Start by figuring out the topics that you can discuss. Ensure that they are relatively new and worth your readers’ while. Expert content writers will surely agree with me when I say that the best topics are always the things that your readers find interesting. I suggest that you talk about their problems and their goals. Ensure that they are related to what you sell or to your target niche so you can easily pitch in your offerings in the end.

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Identify the best keywords to use. Next step is to determine the most popular keywords in your niche. Always use reliable keyword suggestion tool when doing this. You will need to insert these terms/phrases in your content to optimize them. You will also need to identify the terms that are closely related to the keywords that you’re targeting. Using them will help you make your content more search engine-friendly.

Choose amazing titles. Be very creative and take all the time that you need when writing the titles for your articles. Remember, these are what your target audience will see first. If they’re not intrigued or if they don’t get excited with your titles, there is no way that they’ll open and read your articles or web content. Think of what these people will consider important and communicate that in your titles. Use powerful words and use your persuasion skills so you can improve your open rate.

Break a leg on your first paragraph. You don’t want to lose the interest of your readers too soon. You would want these people to read your content or your articles until the end. This will happen if you get started on the right foot. Make sure that your first paragraph is compelling or promising. Give your readers an idea about the kind of information that they can expect to get and make sure that you’ll be able to get them on the edge of their seats.

Offer useful information. You cannot settle with mediocre content. If you want your audience to keep on coming back to your website, you will need to give them ample reasons to do so. Earn their trust by giving them useful information and by showing off your expertise in your niche. These people will surely like you and they’ll share your articles to everyone they know if you tell them the quickest way to solve their problems and if you help them reach their life-long goals. Offer tips, techniques, and trade secrets. When applicable, share with them your stories and experiences that they can make use of when they’re making huge decisions in their lives. These people will surely appreciate you more for doing so.

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Before you start tapping on your keyboard, decide right away what kind of information you’ll be sharing to your readers. What angles of your chosen topics would you like to focus on? For example, if you want to target “women’s running shoes” would you want to create a list of best running shoes or would you want to offer tips that can help your readers figure out the best shoes that will meet their needs and budget? Knowing the information to share and the specific angle of your topics right away can save you a lot of time and it can help you ensure that your articles will come out very organized.

Think of the best titles. Your titles play a crucial role in the success of your article marketing campaign. You see, if they’re not effective, your articles will most likely to be ignored by your prospective buyers. When that happens, there’s no way that you can get these people to visit your website through your resource box. Thus, it’s crucial that you make them extremely catchy. Here are some tips to consider; whenever possible make them intriguing. Ask your readers compelling questions that will get them on the edge of their seats or make use of earth-shaking statements that will pique their curiosity. If that’s not applicable, go ahead and make your titles benefit-driven and very descriptive.

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Write your articles. Keep your readers in mind when writing your articles. Each time you’re about to discuss new information, ask yourself; “do my readers need this?” or “will my readers appreciate this?” Remember, your main goal here is to make these people happy by giving them exactly what they want. Make your articles informative, pleasurable to read, and ensure that they stand out from the crowd.

Optimize your articles. Assign a primary keyword and at least 2 secondary keywords for each article that you write. Your primary keywords should always appear on your title, article summary, and resource box. They must also appear, along with your secondary keywords, all throughout your article body. It’s best if you can insert them once for every 100 words.

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