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Starkit Email Archiving, Plug’n‘Play Solution From Cyber Attacks

Starkit Email Archiving, Plug’n‘Play Solution From Lawsuits, Fraud, Cyber Attacks, Spying And Catastrophes.

What is Starkit? Starkit is the only email archiving system that works amazingly fast on autopilot for any type of email account you have (POP or IMAP). No matter how many email accounts you have, and no matter if is 500GB or 1000GB or 10TB of data, performance and search speed is the same. You can install Starkit in less than one hour even if you have no technical skills and without having to make any changes to your existing systems.

5 ways to protect your business from lawsuits, fraud, cyber attacks, spying and catastrophes in less than 1 hour with Starkit Email Archiving

  • Find any email even if it was deleted years ago and use it to resolve client disputes and win court cases
  • Prevent disgruntled employees from deleting important email data, taking your company’s confidential information, business leads, clients and other core business assets with them
  • Rescue your business from going bust in the case of a catastrophic failure or lost access with your current email system or service
  • Take the control of your emails and documents from your service provider instead of the other way around
  • Built-in webmail with secure mail server to communicate privately and securely with your clients without worrying that service providers or governments are watching you.


We have seen many Fortune 100 organizations struggle with protecting their own networks and systems from cyber criminals. This should come as pretty grim news especially for smaller businesses that generally do not have the resources, time or expertise to sufficiently secure their systems. There are however easy to adopt security best strategies that will help make your systems and data more resilient to cyber attacks. These are: Defense in Depth; Least Privileges ; and Attack Surface Reduction. The first security strategy that organizations should be adopting today is called Defense in Depth. The Defense in Depth strategy starts with the notion that every system at some point will fail.The Defense in Depth strategy accepts this notion and layers two or more controls to mitigate risks. If one control fails, then there is one other control right behind it to mitigate the overall risk. The same multi-layer defensive strategy can be used for effectively addressing the risk created by cyber criminals.

Think about the customer data that you have been entrusted to protect. If a cyber criminal tried to gain unauthorized access to that data, what defensive measures are in place to stop them? A firewall? If that firewall failed, what’s the next implemented defensive measure to stop them and so on? Document each of these layers and add or remove defensive layers as necessary. It is entirely up to you and your organization to decide how many and the types layers of defense to use. In this case I will not go any futher, one that I want to introduce to you- How to PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS FROM LAWSUITS, FRAUD, CYBER ATTACKS, SPYING AND CATASTROPHES in a simple way or less than 1 hour with STARKIT EMAIL ARCHIVING. FOR YOUR PRIVACY, ONLY STARKIT MAKES IT EASY. Starkit is the ONLY Self-booting software package that installs on any computer within minutes and includes every component you need to get back your privacy. It is a high performance software appliance with a secure built-in Mail Server and Cloud storage software. Starkit is the only email archiving system that works amazingly fast on autopilot for any type of email account you have (POP or IMAP). No matter how many email accounts you have, and no matter if is 500GB or 1000GB or 10TB of data, performance and search speed is the same. You can install Starkit in less than one hour even if you have no technical skills and without having to make any changes to your existing systems.

Starkit is a highly specialized company that focuses in the development of email management technologies for small to medium companies. Starkit make better email management systems for business owners like us, who worry about the availability and security of their critical business data. For your privacy. Starkit helps you to take control of your cloud data (email and documents) from cloud services providers instead of the other way around. Starkit is a self booting software that installs and configures all settings automatically during installation. It is packaged in more generally applicable image format (.iso, Live CD) that supports installations to physical machines and multiple types of virtual machines. That means anyone can install Starkit without the need of technical skills. Starkit automatically converts any computer or VM to your private email and cloud storage service. Using Starkit you eliminate the need of any email provider (like Gmail, Outlook or Office365) or any cloud storage provider (like Dropbox). Your email and cloud service provider for your home or business is your Starkit appliance which you own and control.

All data on your Starkit appliance is encrypted at rest and in transit and makes it ideal for you or your business if you don’t want service providers (i.e. dropbox, google, microsoft) or governments to keep their nose out of your data.

Starkit software appliance does all of the following:

Email Archiver. Searching your entire company email archive using Starkit is just as quick and easy as searching a folder in you email. All emails, including their attachments, can be searched for, found and viewed in their original format without leaving your inbox. Restore any email or user, no matter how long ago was deleted. Starkit can also collect, encrypt and archive any external POP or IMAP email account.

Secure Mail Server. You can create and manage email accounts at your domain for you and your employees. There is no need for other mail servers or any external email provider. Starkit is your private and secure mail server and is automatically setup during installation. You have access to your email and files from any computer or mobile phone connected to the internet.

Encrypted Cloud Storage. Dropbox-like cloud storage system based on ownCloud open source software. It’s robust enough that it can replaced Dropbox or any other online cloud storage service. Suitable for you and your team with built in sharing and collaboration features. No storage limits and you own and control your data saved encrypted on your Starkit appliance.

Calendaring and collaboration. Create and share multiple calendars. You can share and see each other’s calendars within your organization, check available times, and go ahead and schedule appointments. Starkit calendar can also fix your no show problem, by sending email and SMS reminders to your clients.

Mail Collector. Apart from viewing and replying to email accounts created using Starkit, if you use several email accounts with different providers, we offer you a way to manage them all in one place: Starkit’s Mail Collector. It allows you to retrieve and send email from all your accounts from Gmail, or Yahoo or any other POP3 or IMAP email account. This allows you to have the privacy and security benefits of the Starkit email system, but still hold onto your well established and known email address.

Spam Filtering and AV. because when it comes to killing spam, there is nothing as deadly as Starkit. Starkit spam filter implements auto-whitelists, self learning Bayesian, Greylisting, DNSBL, DNSWL, URIBL, SPF, SRS, Backscatter, Virus scanning, attachment blocking, Senderbase and multiple other filter methods.

Data Encryption. What’s the biggest threat to your data? Is it snooping, or device theft, or hacking, or simple carelessness? How about all of the above? Your Starkit software appliance locks down your data, files, emails, documents, photos, and encrypts all data at rest and in transit.

Ultra fast webmail. Unlike other email services, like Gmail, which adapted a consumer email offering for business and continues to drive more than 95% of their revenue from advertising, Starkit webmail is designed from ground up to maximize user productivity i.e. preview pane, tabbed browsing, folders and subfolders and ultra fast search.

Contacts Management. Create, share and organize in groups unlimited number of contacts. Save multiple notes and attachments for each contact. Starkit will automatically organize email conversations, and all files and photos exchanged with each contact, in order for you to know everything in relation to the contact with a single click.

SMS Campaigns. Compose and send SMS campaigns directly from your inbox. Sending an SMS campaign is as easy as sending an email. Compose your message, select recipients from your existing contact groups and hit send, that is it.

Password Manager. Access Starkit password manager that helps you store and organize passwords for different websites and services. All passwords are encrypted with your own key. Access Starkit password manager directly within your Starkit webmail.

Built-in encrypted backup. Starkit automatically backs up your entire data (emails, files, photos) and performs daily snapshots of your files to a location other than your internal disk, such as an external hard disk or a disk on your network. If anything ever happens to your internal disk of your machine, you can restore your entire system to another Starkit appliance and get all your information back in no time. Backup data is also encrypted.

It is a true Plug’n‘Play solution. No technical skills required to set it up. It is bundled with Web Based interface for anywhere access and can be utilized for encrypted private email communication and secure storage. Starkit requires zero maintenance after installation. You own and control your email and other data on your fully encrypted Starkit Appliance because you don’t depend on any provider like Gmail or Dropbox. The provider is YOU. No one can read your data even if your Starkit is seized.


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