The Truth About Making Money Online

I have created this E-Book to show you the idea to work from the right frame of mind. Really all it takes is a little shift in the way you think and you’ll start to see opportunities where you never saw them before and show you everything that you could ever need to know about starting your first money making online business. Maybe at this stage you are really only interested in knowing whether it is possible to earn money on the net, and you have not fully made your mind up yet whether it is for you, or not.
That is fine, and only to be expected. Like moving to a new town or changing your job, you can only ever really know whether trying to make money online is for you or not once you try it out. But, before we go any further, here is the first lesson that you must learn about starting an online business. Maybe this is not the first guide to starting an online business that you have read? Perhaps you have already been doing research elsewhere?
If so, than I must tell you that all of those guides that tell you that you can make a million dollars from just ten minutes work a day are total and utter nonsense! Please, get it out of your mind right at the beginning. If there was, then everyone who has ever tried to make money online would be a millionaire already, and that is obviously and most certainly not the case. The fact is that over 95% of folks who try to make money online will fail, and you need to know that right from the start. You must also understand that the difference between success and failure can sometimes be very, very small indeed.

Do not expect to start earning a fortune the day after you decide to begin and understand that the hardest dollar to earn is always the first. In conclusion, making money online is definitely achievable with hard work, commitment and determination. If you don’t have those attributes, then, sadly, your chances of being in the 5% that actually do make it are always going to be slim! You do not need to be a genius or some kind of superstar to succeed either. Al you need to do is to be committed to being a success, and willing to put in the time and effort that is necessary to make things happen for you.

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I work from a different perspective than most people do. You’ll get a clear sense of that as you read the rest of this report. Making money does not have to be complicated. You just have to work from the right frame of mind. Really all it takes is a little shift in the way you think and you’ll start to see opportunities where you never saw them before. With this report it is my intention to give you a new frame of mind to work from and hopefully it will give you a renewed sense of purpose because you’ll know without a doubt that money is just a few hours worth of work/planning away.

Don’t try to convince people they need what you’re selling.

Before I get into the heart of this manual I want to make sure you completely understand the direction I’m taking. I have nothing against giving you specific techniques and strategies because they are important but they are never more important than the thought process that went into creating them. People can change a lot of things about themselves but their nature isn’t usually one of them. People can go against their nature (for short periods of time) but rarely can they change it. In the future you should make a conscious effort to try and understand why something is done instead of just copying what you see someone else successfully doing. There’s always something more beneath the surface that you can study and learn from.
The concepts I’m going to reveal help you to tap into the minds of the people you want money from.
People will almost never give you their money for your reasons. What you have to do is show people that you want their money for the exact same reasons they want to give their money to somebody/anybody and believe it or not, that’s a lot easier to do than it sounds. Once you understand how to see what motivates another person, you can put yourself in position to show them how what you have to offer will help them do whatever it is they’re trying to do. That’s really the only way to get someone’s attention.

Show them how what you’re selling will help them do something they’re already trying to do. That makes your product a natural fit for what they care about. People care about themselves first, what they’re trying to do, anyone else who seems to care about them and anything that appears to be able to help them do more of what they already want to do. What I just said will become much clearer as you read the rest of this manual. You will completely understand exactly what to say to people and how to structure your product offers in a way that’s most attractive to the people you want money from.

The Basic Truth About Success

I’m about to address one of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of you making money right now. Being successful at anything you choose to do requires hard work and consistency. I know that in the Internet marketing field, use of those words is a big no-no, but it’s the undeniable truth. Without an understanding that you may have to work for your success you might think there’s some secret formula out there that’s going to magically put money in your pockets simply because you know it.
Knowing this, I titled this report “The Truth About Making Money Online” because it implies that everything else is you’ve been doing is hard and that I’ve found some simple “secret” you aren’t aware of. It was the most direct way to get your attention and I’m not the only marketer who understands that. All you have to do is look at how many products you’ve bought with the expectation that if you bought it, you would be able to turn your business around with the “new secrets” you thought you were going to learn to see I’m telling the truth.
I know you’ve seen some people who have hit the net full speed with their first product and had all kinds of crazy success. Many times it’s a fluke and it’s not something that person can ever reproduce because since their first product launch did so well, they get trapped into thinking that what they did was easy, forgetting all they time and effort they put into everything that got them there. It’s easy to get trapped into thinking that success is easy if you just have the right “knowledge” on your side. That’s the big myth pushed on you by slick marketers who only want to sell you stuff. But the truth of the matter is success doesn’t always come easy even if you know the best “secrets” out there.
Anytime I need money, there are always a few basic concepts I can rely on that will always produce profits in a short amount of time without me having to spend any money on advertising. The only reason I know about these concepts is because I read pretty much everything I could get my hands on until one day things just started to make sense, but it wasn’t easy to get to this point. When I started out I had no money, no business or marketing background, no support from my family or friends, no computer knowledge and well, no computer. That’s not the easiest way to start but I didn’t care. I wanted to be my own boss and be in control of my own life as much as possible.
Now, making money online isn’t a dream for me anymore simply because I refused to let anything stand in the way of what I wanted. It did take me two solid years to start making money however. The most important thing I’ve learned about what it takes to be successful is that you can’t give up. Ever. Success has a way of waiting until 99.9% of the people who were looking for it give up in frustration before it decides to show up at your feet.If you want to have a better business, or you want to make more money, or you want better things for yourself and for your family, “What Are You Doing About It?”

The Myth of Effortless Success

How many moneymaking, supposedly life-altering packages have you bought in the last few months or years? Do you now have the success you bought those packages to achieve? Maybe you do or maybe you don’t. I’ll let you in on a little secret. Almost anyone can make money using any of the moneymaking packages you’ll find on the net. People do it every single day.
The reason is because they understand that nothing magical will happen just because they bought the latest and greatest do all/be all, either gets it or your life will be ruined product of the century. These people understand that consistent effort is what will set them apart from the thousands who get nothing from the very same products they use to make more in a month than most people make in a year. You would be surprised to know the kind of money some people are making with simple products that others say are worthless.
It’s your mentality that counts. How you think about the world around you determines your reality in it. Not everyone walking around on this planet operates from the same reality you do. People with failing businesses “know” it’s hard to get to the top and people at the top “know” it’s easy for anyone to get to the top if they’re willing to work hard on the right things to get there. Many of the obstacles holding you back were placed there by you and what you believe to be true. A lot of times, you may be the one who is creating the very “rut” you complain about being in.
Now right about now you’re probably saying, “Where do you get off telling me I’m standing in my own way of success” but really I’m saying a lot more than that. It’s not really your fault because you’re probably blind to the truth. Working hard is only part of the equation. You can try twisting a screw into a board with your fingers as hard as you can all day long but I think you’d probably be better of using a screwdriver. In other words working hard in the wrong way won’t get anything done even though there’s the appearance of action.

This is the meat of the E-Book

Table Of Contents
Chapter #1: Keep An Open Mind And Look For Easy Opportunities.
Chapter #2: The Basic Truth About Success
A lot Of People Get This Wrong.
Chapter #3: The Easy Way To Find Money
If You Find Anything Easier, It’s Called Stealing.
Chapter #4: The Simple Truth That Will Always Make You Money
Chapter #5: The Best Kept Success Secret
It’s Not Always What You Know But Who You Know.
Chapter #6: The Truth About Making Money Online
Chapter #7: Marketing what are Your interests
Chapter #8: Get Traffic to Your Website
Chapter #9: How do you turn the internet into a powerful cash generating platform for you?
Chapter #10: Commit to Your Mission
Closing Remarks

Closing Remark : Don’t Bury This Report on Your Hard Drive

I made that mistake for so many years. Accumulating things can get to be a habit that gets in the way of you learning from what you have and taking action on it. How much stuff do you already have buried on your hard drive collecting cyber dust never again to see the light of day? You probably can’t even begin to tell me because collecting and forgetting is an easy and extremely unprofitable thing to do.

I can promise you with 100% certainty that if you don’t do anything with the information in this report then it won’t help you one little bit. However, if you’re the kind of person I think you are, you realize what you now have in front of you.You have an opportunity to clear your head and regain your focus, but only if you’re willing to put consistent effort towards the right things.

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