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Trust Jacker, Copy Paste & Share Your Way to Profits

By harmen batubara 

So, when you sign up to Trust Jacker, what you get is, in a nutshell, a tool that gives you the opportunity to select content from a source you trust, and embed it into a frame.  What then happens is that the tool places an advertisement behind the text (that the customer is still reading on the original website).  When they close or move from that page, your offer than appears.

When you sign up to Trust Jacker, and when you go inside the Trust Jacker member’s area. They’re showing you how to select CPA and Click bank offers to promote. In a nutshell, a tool that gives you the opportunity to select content from a source you trust, and embed it into a frame.  What then happens is that the tool places an advertisement behind the text (the customer is still reading on the original website).  When they close or move from that page, your offer than appears.
Next up, you do a quick search for related Facebook groups and you join about 4 of them. Next, you search for related articles on Google that you can share with the Facebook groups. You’ve found a really good article on Jakarta Post about something that interested by your group, so you plug in the URL of this article into Trust Jacker, and then Trust Jacker gives you a unique URL that you can use to share this article.

Using this unique URL, you start sharing it with the Facebook group members. Within hours, people start clicking on the URL to read the article you’ve shared. Every time someone clicks on the article, it takes them to the Jakarta post site, and then shows an ‘pop-over ad’ promoting your affiliate offer. Can you imagine that’s?

So now, as people are reading the Jakarta Post article, they are also shown your Clickbank offer as a pop-over (and exit popup). Naturally, they are ‘pre-sold’ on the Clickbank offer and trust it more because it seems to be associated with Jakarta Post. Within 24 hours, you notice your 1st sale on the offer you’re promoting, earning you $10 in commission…and over the next week you earn $100 in pure commission!

The main reason why TrustJacker works so well is because it allows you to naturally recommend helpful content to people that keeps them engaged and feeling good about your recommendations. They empathy with yours Tip or expertise.

So here’s a quick summary of the best features of this TrustJacker Plug-in and their main benefits:

  • Easy and fast to setup (you can start promoting offers at the same day as investing in the plug-in); Easy to Use: even though the technology behind the plug-in is pretty complex, using the plug-in is very easy. Its literally as simple as copying & pasting your affiliate URL and checking a few boxes; allows both a timed Pop-over and Exit Pop-over (this way, you can display your Ad while people are reading the content, which is when they’re in the best mood to take action).
  • The training provided with Trust Jacker is easy to follow, and describes everything you need to know in a simple, step by step process. This shows you exactly how to create the advertising behind any content that you choose, and how to either create a marketing banner or for the customer to see the actual offer page. This means that you can be up and running within a few hours of making your purchase.
  • You can start earning money very quickly, without deep learning curves and without spending anything on advertising. It’s one of the simplest and easiest ways to make money online.
  • Monetize everything that you do online to make commissions and sales:  Yes, even your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Digg efforts can be ‘Trust Jackered’ to gain you viral traffic.
  • The Trust Jacker Software gives you the choice of your potential customer either seeing a marketing banner, or sending them to an offer page.  This is simple to do, and is done by literally cutting, pasting and clicking the content you want to advertise behind.
  • The content is viewed at its primary source:  In other words, your customer views the content on its original page (be it Facebook, viral video, celebrity gossip or whatever), meaning that this gives far greater credibility to your offer, because they haven’t clicked on a link to get there.
  • Can be Used to Build a List – you can also display a squeeze page and build a list, which works great when people are ‘exiting’ or leaving a site.
  • Comes with Social Sharing Buttons Integrated (so you can share content on the social networks completely naturally without appearing to sell). It allows you to leverage Authority & Trust to boost your conversions. By ‘associating’ your offers with other people’s content & branding, it helps you make more commissions
  • Cloaks your affiliate URLs to prevent commission theft and keeps your links looking more natural.
  • Real time tracking:  of each and every click and view you get for every campaign you’re running…

The owners of the product are so convinced that there product works that it comes with a 60 day, 100%, no-quibble money back guarantee.  In effect, this means that you can try out the Trust Jacker software for a full two months to decide if it works for your business.  And if at the end of that time you decide no, you can get every red cent of your money back – no questions asked.

Who is Trust Jacker for? 

Well, you might think that Trust Jacker is a great tool for the Internet Marketer – which indeed it is.  However, as every business owner knows, it’s all about getting people to your offer.  And this means that this is the ideal tool for ANY business that has a product or service to sell, and a website.

What I Don’t Like Trust Jacker

Even though it’s touted as a ‘complete’ money-making solution, the truth is that it’s just a piece of software, but it’s not a business-IN-A-BOX. You’ll still have to pick good offers, find good content, and find an audience to share that content with. You’ll still have to do your part and put in the effort.

The other thing is that it won’t work with sites that have ‘frame busters’, such as YouTube and NYTimes. So when you choose articles and content that you want to share, you need to make sure the site doesn’t have a frame buster installed (bear in mind most sites DON’T have frame busters, so TrustJacker will work with most sites).

The Trust Jacker training focuses on using your own social profiles to spread your links and make money. It does cover finding bigger audiences, but it keeps it at a very basic level. There are actually much bigger and more lucrative traffic generation methods than what the TrustJacker training shows you. It doesn’t make sense to use this software with lesser traffic methods that won’t make as much money.

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