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VidFuse App  Good Software For Vloggers

VidFuse  Good Software For Vloggers

VidFuse app we can said to be a totally new application which is available on two of the platforms that are Web and mobile. It helps you edit, publish and create contents for your vlogs in the easiest way you can ever think of. It will just need one click for you to edit, capture and finally publish the videos that you want on all the big video hosting websites without any issue. It can be stated as the best application with all the necessary features to help vloggers get the best of the control over their work. More about the tool has been mentioned below. You can catch the best of the Vidfuse review without any worry.

Note: This tool works on mobile but you can access it from desktop as well. Videos have been one of the most popular and effective tools for marketers to communicate with audiences. That means if you want to catch the attention of viewers, videos are definitely your best choice. However, not all marketers know how to create videos properly. It requires a lot of skills which can only be obtained over time.

Luckily, Walt Bayliss[1] have come up with a product called Vidfuse. It lets you create videos faster and better. If you are looking for tools to use, keep reading the intro to Vidfuse and find out how amazing it can be!

What Is VidFuse?

To begin with, Vidfuse is a new app which can work on both web and mobile. The main function of Vidfuse is to help users create, edit and publish content much more easily than how you do on your own. Vidfuse provides a platform so you can capture every moment and create a perfect video out of it. This product is  a conventional web platform, and in fact, it is a versatile tool that you can use to create high-quality videos.

Vidfuse Feature Details

  • In this Vidfuse, here some simple  list of features that you should not miss out on:
  • Work on both desktop and mobile
  • Vidfuse is a flexible tool. It can work on any device to provide the best results.
  • One-click for all
  • Vidfuse allows you to publish all new videos via the platform within just one click. Also, you can share your videos on all social networks such as YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo and Facebook with just one click as well
  • Schedule posts  Users can schedule their video posting times. This allows you to set a schedule months before its actual day. Please note that Schedule posts will only be available for users of Pro versions.
  • Simple editing tool  Editing videos requires a lot of skills you have to be really great at. As your videos are what you will communicate with viewers, you have to be very clear on what you put in it. But for Vidfuse it is very simple, all you have to do right now is to get access to Vidfuse and start dropping and dragging. You can add text, sound, and pictures to make it more interesting.

Before going to make a video with Vidfuse, here a simple introductory some features as below:

  • Compile all of videos and photos from your mobile or desktop to make your own video
  • Add Intro, outro to your video
  • Add text overlay, voice overlay
  • Add lower thirds to your video
  • Record your voice and use your own camera to make the video

All these works above can be done from your mobile. Vidfuse is a web-based tool and it mainly is suitable for mobile, which means it is much less complicated than conventional tools you use. One of the plus points about Vidfuse is that it is designed for all types of marketers. No matter you are a newbie or an experienced marketer, it should not take you too much time to work with. Beside, you will see it takes a really short time to make your video from your images.

Who Should Use It?

As I mentioned before, there is no technical limit when using Vidfuse. Vidfuse is for those who need to create high-quality videos and share them on social networks. I highly recommend this tool for busy marketers who do not have much time to do everything on their own.

For $47, you can get access to the front-end version of Vidfuse. Other versions may be a little bit more expensive, though. But as far as I am concerned, Vidfuse is one of the most affordable video-creating tools you can have.

Beside, Vidfuse has 1 Front-End and 1 OTO:

Front-End (Vidfuse – $37-$47 Montly) (See Details)

OTO (Special Ops Asset Pack – $97) (See Details)

[1] Walt Bayliss is an expert in advertising and programming. The launch of Vidfuse has been planned for months ago with an aim to become a top-notch tool for video marketers. . He is an online business person for a long time and has had some great achievements in his career. Until now, people know him from his straightforwardness and competency.

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