WaveNet Vocalizer : Generate Voice-Overs More Fun

WaveNet Vocalizer : Generate Voice-Overs More Fun

 By Harmen Batubara

With WaveNetVocalizer app you can directly tap into the raw power of Wave Net’s deep neural network, and into Google processing power to generate high impact voice-overs for your sales videos, explainer videos, affiliate review videos, and any other videos by simply pasting your text. And yes, you will be able to use those voice-overs in any video creation app of your choice. You can generate voice-overs in 84 lifelike voices, and in 27 languages and dialects, for maximum impact and to reach audience in major countries.

WaveNet Vocalizer is another text-to-speech app from Andrew Darius, the creator of Explaindio Video Creator. Few short months ago he released Script Vocalizer which was essentially the same concept, but powered by Amazon Polly rather than WaveNet. WaveNet is considered more advanced technology than Amazon Polly, and has been adopted by Google to use in their “Home” devices. But both apps do the same thing, which is to let you quickly and easily convert text into different languages in a variety of different voices.  WaveNetVocalizer is a cloud-based, open export voice-over platform, which allows you to export your voice-overs into any video app and works on both Windows and Mac. Older voice-over apps don’t always sync correctly with every OS.

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WaveNetVocalizer offers you 76 voices in 24 languages to choose from. Automatically store your created voice-overs into your Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon S3 clouds. WaveNetVocalizer also allows you to download a voice-over directly to your computer, which is a feature not available with many other voice over apps.

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WaveNet Vocalizer is a new, first of its kind, groundbreaking app, which allows you to generate full featured voice-overs from any text by using direct access to Wave Net technology which is used to generate Google Assistant voices. With WaveNet Vocalizer you will be able to generate Google Assistant quality voices, without spending thousands of dollars, by simply pasting your text into WaveNet Vocalizer app. It’s that easy and it allows even complete beginners to generate professional sounding voice-overs in just seconds.

You will be able to use those voice-overs in any video creation app of your choice. You can generate voice-overs in 57 lifelike voices, and in 21 languages and dialects for maximum impact and to reach audience in major countries. Wave Net is able to generate realistic sounding human-like voices by directly modelling voice after recordings of human voice over actor.  Moreover, i instead of synthesizing sounds, it is emulating a real person.

Features of Wave Net

  • 100% Cloud Based Software
  • It is available on both PC and Mac
  • Point and click- No Technical Skills Required
  • Create Unlimited Number of Voice-Overs
  • Includes FREE Updates
  • Commercial License Included

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How Does It Work

It works in 3 steps…

  • 1: Select a language and voice you want to use Choose one of 57 lifelike voices and 21 languages & dialects.
  • 2: Paste your text Choose a text that you want to use that can be anything from small phrases to documents and even books.
  • 3: Click the create button Click the create button and choose on which platform you would like to store your audio. Or see the video below.

More Info About WaveNet Vocalizer Here

Export Your Voice-Overs To Use In Any Videos App.

WaveNetVocalizer is an open export voice-over platform, which allows you to export your voice-overs to use in any videos app. It can automatically store your created voice-over into your dropbox, google drive, and amazon S3, plus you can also download a voice-over directly to your computer.

WaveNetVocalizer provides dozens of languages and a wide selection of natural-sounding male and female voices. WaveNetVocalizer’s natural pronunciation of texts enables you to deliver high-quality voice output, perfect for sales letters, explainer videos, video ads, affiliate video reviews and any other videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Do I have to install WaveNet Vocalizer on my computer?
  • A: No, WaveNet Vocalizer is cloud software so you do not need to install anything on your computer.
  • Q: How much do updates cost?
  • A: All WaveNet 1.x updates are FREE for the duration of the license. 🙂
  • Q: Is ordering completely risk free?
  • A: Of course. At any point in the next 14 days, you decide WaveNet is not right for you, simply send us your receipt and we’ll promptly send you a refund. You will however, lose access to your WaveNet Vocalizer account.
  • Q: How many voice-over can I create with WaveNet Vocalizer?
  • A:With WaveNet you can unlimited number of voice overs.
  • Q: Do you include step by step instructions?
  • A: Yes, we provide detailed step by step tutorial.
  • Q: What Languages & Dialects Are Supported
  • A: English (US), English (UK), English (Australia), English (Indian), French (Canada), French (France), Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Arabic, German, Spanish (non wavenet), Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Filipino, Hungarian, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.

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