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Write Articles For Money, How to Write For Profit

By Aidan James

Want a fun money making idea? Learn to make money writing articles. In fact there are several folk who actually make their living from it and I’m not talking about professional writers, I’m talking about normal everyday folk just writing and earning from home. Let that little creative streak out, it’s really quite easy. Writing articles for money has become an excellent way to make a home business whether for just a bit of extra cash or a lifestyle. It is sometimes referred to as ‘bum marketing’ though I would say there are some distinctions to be drawn on that point. Bum marketing is really a form of article writing targeted to specific niches, usually by affiliates of various marketing programs. It involves targeting not only a specific product but a specific keyword or phrase that the writer feels offers some opportunity for search engine listings. More on that in a moment.

Article writing in the wider sense can be thought of as articles for blogs and websites, articles to be compiled into topical reports and ebooks to be sold on the net, and of course article writing can also for someone who wants a writer to create content for cash. Take a look at to see the variety of demand for article writers. If you intend making your living by it best to get some practice first! While there is lots of opportunity and your articles don’t have to be masterpieces, you do need a little practice to get into a rhythm of producing good articles.

One rewarding way to practice is to go to or and look through the various products there. Sign up for an affiliate account and then pick a product to write about. Pick something you know is in demand and that maybe you have some little bit of knowledge on. Now, ask yourself what keywords are folk likely to be using when they are searching for such a product? Pick a phrase they might use and write an article based around that phrase. Once your article is ready, post it on an article directory or two or at and include a link or two to your affiliate product. When you have had a few sales this way you’ll know you are starting to get things right! You’ll soon find yourself picking all sorts of niche areas to write about and profit from! Even niches you never thought about before will start to look attractive enough to make you do a little research and article writing. Warning – earning commissions like that is highly addictive!

Think you can’t write well enough to make a grocery shopping list/ So did I once but this little article here took me about 20 minutes just now and articles I have just like it are making a little money every month. Check out the links below if you would like to know more. Get your free downloads and learn to make money at home with crafts, writing and other true home based methods – Work At Home Files, a free site helping you get started in home business. Learn other ways to make money at home, Click for Work from Home Ideas at, a free site helping you get started in home business.
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