Write for Living-Not  Just Who Writes In Their Spare Time

Write for Living-Not  Just Who Writes In Their Spare Time

By harmen batubara

If you are a writer or can write a simple article. Would you like to find a fun money making idea? Learn to make money writing articles. In fact there are several folk who actually make their living from it and we not talking about professional writers, we talking about normal everyday folk just writing and earning from home. Let that little creative streak out, it’s really quite easy. Writing articles for money has become an excellent way to make a home business whether for just a bit of extra cash or a lifestyle.

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Article writing in the wider sense can be thought of as articles for blogs and websites, articles to be compiled into topical reports and ebooks to be sold on the net, and of course article writing can also for someone who wants a writer to create content for cash. Take a look at eLance.com to see the variety of demand for article writers. If you intend making your living by it best to get some practice first! While there is lots of opportunity and your articles don’t have to be masterpieces, you do need a little practice to get into a rhythm of producing good articles.

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One best way to practice is to go to JVZoo.com or Clickbank.com and look through the various products there. Sign up for an affiliate account and then pick a product to write about. Pick something you know is in demand and that maybe you have some little bit of knowledge on. Now, ask yourself what keywords are folk likely to be using when they are searching for such a product? Pick a phrase they might use and write an article based around that phrase. Once your article is ready, post it on an ARTICLE DIRECTORY or two or at Hubpages.com and include a link or two to your affiliate product. When you have had a few sales this way you’ll know you are starting to get things right! You’ll soon find yourself picking all sorts of niche areas to write about and profit from! Even niches you never thought about before will start to look attractive enough to make you do a little research and article writing. Belive me it is not as hard as you think.

Online Business has Change the Game

Back in pre-internet times writing was a profession that saw authors producing novels, journalists reporting for magazines and newspapers, and public relations professionals turning out press releases. But not any more[1]. Of course amateurs could submit their short stories to magazines, and record their thoughts in diaries, and get creative in local publications. The opportunities for amateurs to actually earn a living from their writing were few, if at all. But the internet has changed that by creating an unprecedented need for material, referred to as ‘content’ to keep websites fresh and interesting. There are websites on every topic imaginable, and in order for them to rank with the search engines, they need to provide unique and novel content.

Most people with websites have them to make money. This could be from advertisements on the site, or they could be promoting their own product or range of products. They are marketers, not writers. Sometimes they know absolutely nothing about what they are trying to sell, but they have identified a good market, and they want to share in its profit. So they outsource their writing needs. They neither want, nor are prepared to pay for, university qualified writers. Ordinary, everyday people are providing these internet marketers with exactly the type of material they need – written in everyday language for everyday people.

Most people have expertise in some area. It could be baking the best fruit cake, making rocking chairs, writing letters, traveling, raising children, speaking another language or even shopping. There are websites on all of these topics, and if you can write about them, you can earn money.There are even websites whose whole reason for being is to bring amateur writers and website owners together (for a small commission). They can open lots of doors for people who would like to earn money from their own homes – moms, retired people, students. Your age or situation doesn’t matter in any way.

Figure Out What Kind Of Writer You Are

Being a successful and wealthy writer sounds great but how and where should you begin? If you don’t know what kind of writer you want to be then you can start by trying out all the different kinds of writing. You can try writing short stories, poetry, comedy, scripts, articles, books, novels, copy writing, ghost writing and more. And you can send your work out to many different magazines, web sites, publishers and other markets. You’ll probably receive back a huge avalanche of rejections, but in amongst them all you’ll have a few successes. From these successes you’ll be able to see what pays the best and what you enjoy writing.

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From this you can figure out your hourly rate[2]. For instance, say you were paid a fee of $100 for writing a 1,000-word article. Now that $100 may seem like a lot, but if it took you 4 hours to research and write the article, then your hourly rate is only $25. Now you could improve that rate by rewriting the article from anther angle and submitting it to other markets. So if you get paid another $100 and it only took you 1 hour to rewrite it, that means that altogether you’ve been paid $200 for 5 hours work which brings your rate up to $40 an hour.

But on the other hand, you may love writing fiction and find that you can write a 1,000-word short story in only an hour. So if your story is published and you’re paid $100, your hourly rate has now more than doubled to $100 an hour. But it’s not always as simple as adding up the figures. What you can write and get paid for also depends on the needs of the market. Or you may want to write novels but you need to write articles as well to keep the money coming in while you finish your first book.

You may also decide to write for less money to get your foot in the door of a prestigious magazine or because you have developed a good relationship with an editor and you don’t want to jeopardize it. Or you write for less money because you’re trying to notch up an impressive credit for your port folio. So while money isn’t always everything, it’s important to keep your eye on the bottom line. That way you’ll always be aware of the most lucrative path for your writing career. Because without the money, you won’t have a writing career. You’ll just be a person who writes in their spare time.

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