Writing Content That Makes  Selling for Affiliate Marketers

Writing Content That Makes Selling for Affiliate Marketers

It’s true that all affiliate marketers are in the business to make money, unfortunately the facts do not support this belief. The majority of affiliate marketers do not make any money at all and of the remaining marketers there are only a few who can actually claim to be making a decent income from it. There are of course a few super- stars who make an absolute fortune from affiliate marketing, how do they do it you may ask? Well there are many ways to become successful but no matter which approach you adopt you will still need to get the basics right. There is no substitute for putting in the time and learning how to do it correctly.

Think of affiliate marketing as a business and allocate the time and resources necessary. If you think it’s just a matter of putting up a few websites or blogs and then sitting back to wait for the money to roll in then you are greatly mistaken; it just isn’t going to happen, no matter what you are told by the gurus online. Much has been written on affiliate marketing, the amount of information available would fill a library by itself. By sticking to the basic principles of marketing, you will be well positioned to become one of the elite group that is actually able to make a decent living from affiliate marketing.

12 Minute Affiliate System

The following are just three of the basics that you will do well to adhere to in order to get your business on the right track.

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The first  is to ensure that you use unique web pages for your individual products. Do not place all your affiliate products into a generic website. I know this would be more efficient but punters immediately click away from such pages because they see it as a form of spam. That is they see you as someone who is just in it for the numbers to make money and not someone who is genuinely interested in the subject or product and by association in them, big turn off.

It’s essential if you want to succeed with affiliate marketing, that you engage with your prospects on a personal level only. By having your very own product web pages you can include product reviews and articles extolling the benefits and features of the product, punters really like this as it builds trust. This will also benefit you as the promoter of the product as you can build your own list, acquire testimonials and further enhance your status as the go-to person for that particular product. This will not happen overnight as affiliate marketing does require a certain amount of time to build momentum.

Give your prospects free items. This usually will take the form of a report or access to the first section of an eBook or a free trial period of the product, assuming it is a digital product. This is not exclusive to digital products, for years the offline market utilized the benefits of giving something for free as an inducement to buy. It is still relevant today, when was the last time you went to the supermarket and took up the offer of a free sample? It has worked for decades and still works today.

Why does it work so well, you may ask?

Truth is it is basic psychology, when a person gives you something or provides a service for you gratis, then you warm to that person because you do not feel threatened in any way, quite the reverse, you perceive that person as having your personal interests at heart. This makes you feel obligated to the giver and inclined to reciprocate in some way. In the world of marketing this usually means the prospect will purchase what you have to offer.

How To Get Your Potential Clients

There was a mismatch between what we were selling, and what our potential clients were expecting and willing to pay for. No fun. We got the wrong people talking to us. What We wanted to sell was not what they set out to buy! We had to do a lot of convincing. Even when We got them as clients, We had to speed through the parts We know to be most valuable and most enjoy doing in order to get to the bit they “paid money for.”

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If you want to have clients coming to you asking for the “vague, out-there, woo-woo” stuff those business coaching programs tell you to tip-toe around, then you need to make it RELEVANT to your potential clients. I like doing it through educational content as part of a biggest marketing strategy because good content builds good will over time, increases the “like know and trust” factor, paving the way to an easy “sell.”

Content that Makes Them Buy What YOU Want to Sell:

Consider your ideal clients, and write down a list of their problems and challenges in relation to the area of your expertise. Identify the “symptoms” you can help them solve with “the thing you want to be known for.”

Come up with a catchy title that speaks to that urgent symptom your peeps want solution for – this will get them to click through and read your stuff. Doesn’t hurt SEO either.

Map out how to transition from relating to your readers’ circumstances, building rapport and talking about their symptoms, to educating them why “the thing you want to be known for” is THE solution to their burning issues. Bam! You have your article outline!

Write your article, spread the word!

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