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Writing For Money Wich One Best ; Freelance or Article Marketing Writer ?

By harmen batubara
Ever thought you could learn to make money writing? You can. The possibilities are endless. Give this some serious thought. If you think you have absolutely no talent, you can still make money writing. Then you can learn to write for money. If you have been looking for a great way to make money online then you should start writing articles. Article writing for money is a very simple process that can bring in over $75 a day if done right. It is a very simple answer. Lets investigate the answers below. The question ara? Are you writing for money with just selling your article as a prduct, say as a freelance writer? Or to be as a writer for marketing or affiliate marketing?
To start a freelance writing business, you have to really want it. You have to be willing to promote yourself so that potential clients know you exist. If you can write a paragraph, you can write for money. If you can write like you talk, clients will be willing to pay good money for what they don’t want to do themselves. So dig down inside of yourself and ask yourself why you want to write and chances are you’ll find just the motivation you need to get started.
All you need is a little time each day. If you enjoy it, before too long, you may well find that you transition into a full-time writing career. Let’s look at simple steps to get started. Write a Review of a Book or a product you love. What will you write? Just focus on writing a simple review, of around 300 words, of a book you’ve just read, or a product you use every day. This is just a writing exercise, to build your comfort level; Write an Article About a Topic Which you are interest in it. Next, choose a topic, and write an article, of around 400 words. If you find that this is a real challenge, relax. Just write what you can today, and write more tomorrow. Keep going, even if it takes you five hours to write this article; schedule Your Writing Time Each Day, Even if It’s Only Ten Minutes Schedule your writing time, as you schedule everything else which is important to you.
So how about make Money With Article Marketing. The idea are writing an article that love by people and publish it thru free article directories. Just it. Yes just it. Writing, like any other skill, can be learned and mastered with practice. Yes, one can learn to organize their thoughts and put them on paper. As an article marketing author, you prepare articles that present material to improve your reader’s business skills. Selecting subject matter that interests your niche market, organizing your thoughts, and selecting words and phrases that convey your thoughts are all you need to do to excel at article writing.
When you present a powerful message you arouse great interest in your articles. As you arouse great interest, you drive more people to your website or your affiliate’s link. Content that explains how to solve business problems or achieve specific objectives boosts the number of prospects on your list.

In this article learn simple ways to improve your writing skill. Keep reading to uncover some key ways to improve your article writing for money:

#1 Article marketing will drive tons of free targeted traffic to your website or affiliate link. Targeted is the best kind of traffic since they will usually have an interest in what you are offering.

#2 The more articles you write and have online will allow you to increase your search engine ranking. The higher the ranking the more organic free traffic you will receive to your website.

#3 Article writing for money works great for those of you who don’t have their own product and use affiliate marketing. You can drive hordes of traffic to your affiliate page and yes, make more money. This is the key to making money with affiliate marketing.

#4 How many articles should you write? I would say that you should start off by writing at least 5 that are keyword optimized for your product. Once you have submitted those 5 to free article directories then continue by writing 3-5 a day. You should only submit articles to around 5 article directories with a page rank of 5 or higher.

Article writing for money is as easy as you want to make it. It can also be as hard as you make it. It is really up to you and how bad you really want to make money online and work from home. If you have drive, desire and a need then article marketing is a simple way to earn a full time income online. It is important that you develop the skills needed to take advantage of all the benefits of article writing for money. The main reasons you should write articles is to drive traffic, develop relationships and market your products. So learn how to write articles today so you can start making money this month.

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