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Writing Your Article that Directing people to your affiliate page

by harmen batubara
Article marketing is not a quick scheme form of marketing. It is designed for long-term growth. Many people ignore article marketing because it takes time to develop and to see results. Don’t let this fool you. Article marketing is a sure-fire way of building your affiliate referrals for long-term growth and income.
Produce a SEO article that love by reader it is not hard, importance one you know what your reader need and give them what they want. Between a need and a want is big different. Need is just the real value, something you really need. But what you want? It is more complicated, there are some more value to add, like you’re emotional, your perception and many things. You just need a car, but you want a good looking car that can bring your “brand” with.
Article marketing is a powerful, long-term technique for building residual income. This technique takes a little time to set up, but afterwards becomes a truly set-and-forget proposition. In order for you to best benefit from article marketing, it’s important to understand the underlying concepts.

Putting Your Article Together

Ultimately, however, your true goal of any article is to get listed in the Search Engines and drive traffic. You will pick up some traffic from people who search the article directory for the keyword you are targeting, but most important, you want Google to pick up the article from the article directory then follow the bio box links to your site.

Essentially, you’re looking people who are looking for some product or service to fulfill a need with your offer because what we offer does in fact fulfill their needs.

When it comes to writing articles, use the information you brainstormed in the audience profile or customer awareness tutorial to write something compelling and useful for our audience market. You want your prospect to be interested in how NPC can help solve whatever problems or situations you identified as being needed by your target market.
When writing, always follow an age-old format for effective writing:
• First, tell them what you are going to tell them. This is the opening paragraph in a very general way;
• Second, tell them what you want to tell them. This is your detailed paragraphs explaining your reasoning and information; and
• Third, tell them what you just told them. Your wrap-up conclusion.
Essentially, you’re hooking people who are looking for some product or service to fulfill a need with your offer because what we offer does in fact fulfill their needs. Remember when you writing an article there is nothing deceiving about selling them an honest product that honestly helps them solve an issue. Google will then crawl your site and rank the articles and pages on your site for each keyword you are targeting. It is these pages on your site targeting specific keywords that we want to rank high in Google’s organic search results.
Achieving a listing on the first page of search results will depend on your keyword research. Each article should contain one keyword that you want to target, but there are some keys to using that keyword in a particular article, which we will explain in the next few sections.

Choose a good title. This is of the utmost importance! You want a title that uses your keywords, grabs attention, and begs to be read!

As you write your Article, here are a few tips to keep in mind, so you can produce the best articles possible.
You have written an article that is very relevant to the site you’ll be linking to, you’ve used lots of good keywords, and you will, of course, use the proper anchor text, instead of “click here” or just your sites name. Decide what your article will be about. Write about something you know about (it makes the writing much quicker and easier.) Fill a need, answer a question, come up with a “new take” on something, explain a complicated process, simplify something for your readers, tell your readers something they want to hear!

Choose a good title. This is of the utmost importance! You want a title that uses your keywords, grabs attention, and begs to be read! People online have very short attention spans, you want to compel them to read your article. Use power words like, best, worst, loudest, top 10 or 20 etc,love, hate, simplify, solve, guide, win, winner, lose, money, cash, etc. you get the idea. You only have a few words in your title so choose them carefully!
Try to use a title that is unique. Why? Because it makes it easier to find out where your article is being used on the web. You can do this by typing your title into Google in quotes and see if you get any results. It is best of course if there are no results for your title, then it becomes a snap to see who is using your article and linking back to your site.
Write so it’s easy to read! Use a conversational tone in your writing, like your talking to a trusted friend. It can sometimes be helpful to make a list of the main points you want to cover so your writing flows well from point to point.
.About 500-800 words would seem to be about right. Some article directories won’t publish articles shorter than that, and a few don’t like articles that are longer. You’ll find your article picked up for content much more often if it has some “meat” to it.
At the end of your article is usually a authors resource box. This is where you put a link or two to you page or website. Remember the article is for your readers, but the resource box is for you! Tell a little about yourself, why you are an expert about the topic you wrote about, offer more information to your reader. Try to entice them to click through to your site. Leave them wanting more! Writing articles is quickly becoming my favorite way to generate traffic. It’s simple to do, it’s free, it works well time and time again, and it can be accomplished quickly (especially after you know your subject well.)

Directing people to your affiliate page

There are three ways to direct people to your affiliate page. Let’s go over the one we would rather you do not use :
Using the autoresponder. In this case, you direct people from the article directory article to a squeeze page where you attempt to get them into an autoresponder. This takes a lot more work, because you then need some reason to entice them into your newsletter. You then write messages via the newsletter that will get them to click through to your affiliate page. Remember, your goal is to drive traffic. Well, this step just put two more roadblocks into your way, and trust me — you do not want roadblocks. You want the quickest and easiest way possible for people to go from here to your affiliate page.
Which brings me to the faster way from point A to point B: a redirect script on a page located on your web site. The bio box would send readers to this page, and this page would immediately redirect them to your affiliate page. The easiest way to do this is with a header redirect page that has your affiliate page in it. The third option is to send readers to another page on your site; it could be a product information page, another article, or a review page. Include links on this new page that move readers directly to your affiliate page.
Creating your article in a review-style will allow you to target product-related keywords. Most people who search for information on products and services online love comparisons and reviews. If you offer this kind of information within your articles, your visitors will not need to search elsewhere.

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