Affilorama Premium, Why You Can’t Make Sales

Affilorama Premium, Why You Can’t Make Sales

If you have been affiliate marketing for some time, then you will probably be familiar with Affilorama. This is affiliate Mark Ling’s primary teaching resource, and offers CUTTING-EDGE TRAINING in the form of free lessons and resources for aspiring affiliates. You can also upgrade your free membership to paid products, such as AffiloJetpack and AffliloBlueprint.

How To Be The Best Version Of Yourself
How To Be The Best Version Of Yourself

The best think with Affilorama it is contains all of the following:Monthly web-magazine which covers a particular sub-topic of affiliate marketing in comprehensive detailNew monthly content: e.g. webinars and interviews with super affiliates and web millionairesA full suite of pro-level internet marketing tools:

 Affilorama Premium  Affilorama Premium gives you hosting for 15 sites. This is full cPanel hosting as well, not just plug-and-play WordPress only hosting. In the case of someone who has about a dozen different websites, they have already breaking even just by using Affilorama Premium. Having all that hosting available also gives you motivation to create and experiment with new marketing techniques on a whim. Feel like trying out autoblogging software? No problem – just grab a domain, install your script, and you’re good to go.

AffiloTools Manage Your Marketing        

Another reason you should join Affilorama Premium is to take advantage of AffiloTools. Basically, AffiloTools lets you manage all the SEO, social media, and traffic related aspects of your site from one convenient location. You can check out a chart of your rankings over time for specified keywords, keep track of on-page SEO errors, research new keywords, import your analytics data through the dashboard, and even use it to impress SEO clients.The price of admission is included in your Affilorama Premium membership, so you get even more bang for your buck.

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Monthly PLR Articles  Another good reason to be an Affilorama Premium member is the fact that you get a free monthly package of PLR articles. These are generally well-written articles, and can be useful for quickly creating a newsletter sequence, fitting together to create a giveaway report, and all that. Combine these rewritten articles with your free hosting and some cheap domain names, and you could have 15 websites set up for probably less than $2000 in your first year. Even if you earned just $10 per week per site, you would make your investment back in less than half a year… nice!

Affilorama Premium is perfect for newbies and advanced affiliate marketers alike: Every month you will receive so much valuable information that no matter what your level of experience, you will find easy to use affiliate tips and strategies that you can instantly apply within your own online business.

Some of the topics covered each month include:

CPA Marketing; Site Flipping; PPC Secrets; Social Media Tactics; Advanced Backlinking Secrets; Building an Adsense Empire; And much, much more…

Plus each month they grill a relevant internet expert to reveal their own cutting-edge strategies. They make sure they squeeze out every last tip and strategy from each super affiliate no questions are off limits and no secrets are held back!; Detailed Super Affiliate Interviews and Advanced Online Marketing Strategies; Inside the monthly affiliate training you will learn tons of stealth affiliate tactics; How to build multiple small product sites quickly, get them ranking in the search engines easily, and convert a solid percentage of visitors into buyers with the ‘product name sniper’ strategy.

How to build a $100,000 per year Google Adsense empire, drive targeted traffic to it, and optimize your site and earnings; How to win in the ‘Make Money Online’ niche including how to find JV partners;  how to make quick money from product launches;  tips for marketing without any bonuses; SEO;  viral marketing;  landing pages;  webinars and teleseminars – and a whole lot more!

How to create killer converting sites with quick-fire tips for tightening up your site design and making your website look like ‘the money’. I have also revealed the common design mistakes that affiliates make that can turn your visitors right off. How to turn your small affiliate site into an six figure super affiliate empire with outsourcing secrets from one of the best outsourcing gurus in the business.

Step by step SEO solutions with simple “Do A to get X result” strategies with plenty of screenshots and examples for clarification. What I can tell you however is that this is essential training for becoming a super affiliate. In fact I am so confident that you will find so many valuable cash generating tips and secrets that I am happy to offer you a 100% money back guarantee.

Affilorama Premium Bonus Training  Despite being so robust, AffiloTools is just part of the Affilorama Premium subscription. In addition to the software, you also get access to on-going lessons, free content and other bonuses. Includes an over-the-shoulder ‘blog bootcamp’ Mark Ling course. It is very comprehensive, and it shows him step-by-step creating an affiliate website. I was able to copy him and make one, just the way he does. In addition, you get fantastic lessons updated each month with up-to-date tips and methods direct from the super-affiliates themselves (this months lesson was worth it alone for me!). Plus, you also get tonnes of other bonuses, including free PRL articles and web hosting for up to 15 websites for a year.

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Affilorama Premium is not a one-off investment: it is an on-going subscription. This can be a barrier to people that like to pay a lifetime price, and I understand that. One thing to consider though, is that tools like this require daily updates, and that these market tools are only otherwise available separately (with their own monthly subscription fees). If you aren’t sure if you think the investment is worth it or not, I suggest you try their $1 trial and check it out for yourself for a month.

Why you can’t make sales

ISSUE #1: You’re promoting products that don’t sell If you don’t choose the right products to promote, then no matter how great your website is… you’re going to have trouble selling them.You might have chosen products that just don’t sell well. Or you might be promoting great products, but you’re promoting them to the wrong people.Either way, you’re going to have a hard time making money.

ISSUE #2: You’re not funnelling people towards a sale. Just because you get someone to your site, it doesn’t mean they’re automatically going to want to buy something. The best affiliate sites are ones that effectively move their visitors closer to a sale through different kinds of content and subtle psychological tricks.Marketers like to call this a “funnel”, and that’s really what an affiliate site is — it’s a big funnel. Every page on your website should be leading your visitors towards a sale.(But that doesn’t just mean slapping a big link or a banner in the middle of the page. Some of the best funnels are ones where your visitor can’t even tell you’re trying to sell them something.)

ISSUE #3: You’re targeting the wrong people If you’re only attracting the kind of visitors who are never going to buy anything… you’re probably not going to make many sales. I see a lot of affiliates focusing too much on getting traffic, and not paying enough attention to whether that traffic will buy. Newsflash: Not all traffic is equal. Some kinds of traffic is much more likely to buy than other kinds. So if you’re focusing on the wrong kind… you’ll get lots of visitors, but still no money.

There isn’t anything to lose: try the $1 trial today 

Still not sure? The good news is that you can try Affilorama Premium and AffiloTools for just $1 for an entire month. I personally recommend it, because it has saved me time, made me more efficient, and as a result of using the tools my website rankings are better than before. In addition to everything I have mentioned, there are tonnes of other great bonuses too. To find out more, head over to AffiloTools now and see them for yourself:


  • The price is affordable to most marketers
  • Easy to follow training
  • Affilotools help in rising your search engine rankings
  • Marketing methods are changing from time to time for rewarding results
  • There is a website health checker that check things like: speed, errors and pages indexed.
  • Keyword research tool for profitable ppc and search engine traffic
  • Domain research tool to find related domains
  • New training each month
  • There is a premium option for 3 years(only $497) which is convenient
  • High paying commissions
  • One can choose the best plan from the options available
  • One can host up to 15 domains

Try Premium Risk Free Exclusively Here for Only $1


  • PLR article is duplicate information which can affect your site
  • Very limited training with free membership

If you are serious about building an online business the right way, it is good Idea to Joint Affilorama. Even though there are a lot of up sells (none you have to buy)  it is a great place to get training that will increase your knowledge of internet marketing and as a result will make you a better affiliate marketer.I do not believe it to be the best training program but I do think it is one of the best affiliate training programs offered online. With a $1 a trial offer it is definitely worth it to check out.

Affilorama Premium, Why You Can’t Make Sales
Affilorama Premium, Why You Can’t Make Sales

The 4 steps to success as an affiliate

  • #1: Choose the right products and niche to promote. Find products and niches that are going to perform well.
  • #2: Target the right people — the ones who will buy. Target them with the right choice of keywords, and the right kind of content.
  • #3: Build a solid funnel that moves people towards a sale. Say the right thing at the right time to build their interest in a product.
  • #4: If you want free traffic-Create a website that people will want to share. Build content that gives people what they want, and the job of promoting your website becomes ridiculously easy.

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