Affiliate Marketing Business Tips for Beginner

Affiliate Marketing Business Tips for Beginner

By harmen batubara

Just like when starting any other business, in Affiliate Business you will need to have a high level of commitment and an outstanding attentiveness to succeed in your home based online marketing business. Disappointments, setbacks and other challenges are all part and parcel of any successful business and should not deter you from working even harder than before. This means that you really have to love what you do to be able to handle whatever storm that comes your way. Motivation and an enduring view of a valuable dream play their part in breaking all the barriers towards a successful online marketing business.

Start learning and implementing what you’ve learned…You cannot succeed in your home based internet marketing business if you are unwilling to learn, familiarize yourself with the business fundamentals through continuous learning and adjustments. Other than that, it is always wise to seek out someone who has already succeeded in this venture for some encouragement and guidance. This person who could also be called your mentor should be someone you knew before he or she succeeded in the business for real inspiration. With that kind in mind, here are some Tips for affiliate marketing success.

Improve Your Website’s User Experience  Do you know that a great website user experience (UX) helps increase your sales? Your website is just like your salesman and could be your most powerful asset if you smartly take care of it. A business website or blog can leave a lasting impression on a customer. So if your website or blog is ad-riddled and crashes often, or has confusing menus, there is a higher chance that you are struggling to generate sales.

Here are some quick tips on how you should build your website to provide a great user experience.

Focus on content readability – Make sure your content is easy to read. Don’t just throw your content on the page, but try to give formatting styles with meaningful experience. Here are some useful and practical tips that you can follow –

  • Always use short paragraphs and sentences.
  • Use bold and italics text style to highlight important content.
  • Use the table of content on your blog post to outline steps.
  • Use a font that is easy to read on all devices.
  • Add enough white spacing between your paragraphs.

Visual content optimisation – If you truly want to connect with your audience, using visual content such as images and infographics is a must. You would be surprised to know that visual content helps to increase people’s willingness to read your content by 80%. More importantly, visual content can rank higher in Google image search results and drive more traffic to your website. Here are some practical visual graphics optimization tips that you must follow –

  • Image filename must be relevant and accurately describe the image.
  • Make sure to reduce the file size of an image without losing quality.
  • Optimize the image alt text (also known as alternative text or alt attribute).
  • Optimize the image caption and title.
  • Don’t add any important text inside an image.

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Site hierarchy optimization – If you truly want the best user experience for your audience, don’t overcomplicate your site hierarchy, but try to keep it simple. Ensure that all the important pages and blog pages on your website should get access from the homepage in less than 3 clicks. For a better understanding, if you are running an Affiliate website, a user should be able to visit your affiliate product pages in less than 3 clicks.

Internal link optimization – An internal link is any link from one page to another page on your website. So internal linking is very important not only for SEO purposes but for enhanced user experience.As an affiliate marketer, if you want to have a better user experience, always use internal links that connect pieces of related content. But make sure you don’t include too many links.

Focus on the mobile segment – As an affiliate, we cannot ignore the larger mobile users segment. According to Statista, In 2020, the number of smartphone users worldwide is around 3.5 billion, and It’s expected to reach 3.8 billion next year. Having a mobile-friendly website has been an absolute must in recent years. So we all need to focus on this segment, and if you are not sure whether your website is mobile-friendly or not, you can test your website using the Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool.

Know Your Audience. The affiliate is the pre-seller and has a website, a newsletter or a list that enables traffic to be driven to the retailers’ website in return for a commission. So the product owner deals with everything and the affiliate takes a large proportion of the actual sale. The most successful way to use affiliate programs is to anticipate and meet the needs of your readers. Consider why they are coming to your site. Are you sure that what are you providing that they are looking for? Make sure the affiliate products you are promoting provide a solution to your audience’s problems. If you are writing about golf, don’t put up affiliate ads for printer toner just because everyone has a printer and those programs have a high payout. The people who are coming to read commentary or get stats for their favorite teams aren’t thinking about those things when they’re on your site. The more relevant the ads are to your readers, the more likely they will use them.

Be Helpful. Think of affiliate ads as additional resources that complement your content. Give value to your content by making it helpful, useful, and informative. Write Reviews is another working strategy and in my opinion I think it’s the best affiliate marketing tip to help your reader. Here you’re talking about a product on just one page and this will give your readers more insight on the product you’re reviewing. If you really want to get the best out of reviews then you must mentions the features of the products you’re promoting (pros and cons), another way is to also compare your products with competitors as it’ll convince your readers into buying the product you’re promoting.

Creating a special category for reviews is the first thing you must consider. If you look up I’m sure you’re going to see my review category on the navigation bar, implementing this makes your review more visible and accessible for visitors and readers interested in it. You can use a rating plugin to rate the product you’re reviewing, the number of stars determines the quality of the product. Don’t put up a list of your favorite books, hoping people will click on the affiliate link, purchase the books (just because you listed them), so you can cash in on a sale. Take some time to write a detailed review, and use affiliate ads to point them in the right direction if they decide to act on your information. That’s what affiliate ads are for. If you write a great review recommending a book and readers buy the book because of it, you should get something for that.

Write Timeless Content and Cloak Your Link. Your old content can still be valuable even though it’s no longer on your front page. Take advantage of the long term opportunities by making sure you provide timeless content and cloak your’s link. First things first, avoid those ugly affiliate links by using a link cloaker. It’s the best way to make your affiliate link decent and short and at the same time increase your click through rate. Normally, which would you go for in. You’re definitely going to go for the shorter link. If visitors come across your older content first, and find that it offers dated information, they will leave right away. Of course, information moves forward, so relevant content changes quickly. You can make your content timeless simply by adding links to your updated articles on your old ones. Many platforms allow you to show “most recent” or “most popular” or “related articles” on every page, so no matter how old the article is, it will always show access to your new ones. Your old content can make money for you indefinitely and do not forget to cloak affiliate link.

Select Carefully and Be Transparent. Take the time to go through all the different options for products or services available through the programs. Put some thought into which products or services your readers may need or like. Also, change the ads around often, try different ones, and use different graphics and text to see which are the most effective. And always disclose your affiliations. Your readers will appreciate your honesty, and will feel better about contributing to your earnings.

Remember, your readers are the one to buy your affiliate products and even share your quality content thereby attracting more readers which means more buyers. If you really want to get the best out of affiliate marketing then you have to choose the right product to promote. The first thing to do is to put yourself in your readers shoe and think of what they would buy, get the affiliate product and promote it or you can even create your products and offer it to your readers.

If they sense that you are being less than honest about your affiliations, they are savvy enough to bypass your link and go directly to the vendor just to avoid giving you referral credit. Honesty and full disclosure is a necessary part to building a loyal reader base. They know they are supporting you by using your referral links. It may take some time before you figure out the best formula, and you may also find that you need to continually rotate ads to attract more attention. Make them happy and eager to do so.

Content Comes First and Add a Bonus. Above all else, your content must be your highest priority.Your content is your foundation, the life blood on which your’s site exists. Without valuable and helpful content, readers won’t come. Focus on providing excellent content, and the monetizing strategies will work out. Once you start compromising your content to cater to the affiliate programs or any other money making venture, you will lose your readers.

Add a Bonus to your Product. You can personally give discount to your readers after they’ve purchased your product. With this, you’ll lure them into buying the product from you alone. It works especially when there are lots of competitors promoting the same product. Guiding how to use a product after purchase is also another cool bonus. Promising a personal discount in a review works like magic. Take Action Rule.  There are tons of affiliate marketing tips out there and most bloggers have their different tricks on getting the best out of it. If there’s any method I didn’t mention that’s working for you, feel free to shoot them in the comments below. It won’t be bad if you play with those social media icons on the edge.

Use Google Analytics  Google Analytics is a web analytics tool provided by Google that helps you track and analyze your website traffic source. As a blogger or affiliate marketer, you are required to use Google Analytics to measure your success and understand your audience’s behavior on your blog posts and web pages.

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You should always analyze your google analytics account to check which articles or posts are performing better than others. This analyzing report will help you in making a strategy to promote your affiliate products through top-performing articles.To check the top-performing pages of your blog or website, Simply login to your Google Analytics Account. Go to the Behavior Section >> Site Content >> All Pages.  Here you can analyze all of your top-performing pages on your blog.  

Use Google Trends  If there’s one big mistake that most affiliate marketers make, it’s not doing the topic research before writing any content. It is a known fact that those who do more research into trends have a higher chance of getting success than their competitors.

Google Trends is a great way to spot out popular topics around your niche and content creation. As an affiliate marketer, it will also help you in promoting relevant affiliate products. Google Trends also assist you in determining which brand or features have greater consumer demand. These insights can help you make more sound decisions on content strategy.Now let’s take an example; suppose you are confused between Hostgator and Bluehost. You don’t know what to promote because both are good. In this case, you should use the Google Trends free tool to find out what is trending in the market and which option is better to promote.

Best Affiliate Marketing Networks

Affiliate marketing is a very large industry and has become a key source of online income for many thousands of professional bloggers. With more and more online businesses becoming involved in affiliate marketing, more opportunities have arisen for bloggers, like you and I, to make money with the blog. With a wide variety of businesses who work direct with affiliates, most affiliate marketers will use an affiliate marketing network to search for offers for their blogs. Though these affiliate platforms will take a small cut of any fees generated, they do serve a valuable purpose in the affiliate marketing climate. Here some of the most popular affiliate marketing platforms in 2017, and I Joint it :

Shareasale    ShareASale is one of the large affiliate networks. The Shareashale platform has about 4,000 merchants listed, of which over one thousand of them are exclusive to them. ShareASale publishes a large amount of data on each of the offers they are running, these include: Earnings per Click ; Reversal Rates; Average Sale Amount; and  Average Commission. While these figures aren’t guarantees of payouts you can expect, they’re certainly very helpful in assessing a campaign.

The advantages of ShareASale include: Large Partner Network. The 4,000+ merchants include more than 1,000 that are exclusive; Easy to Compare Offers. When trying to choose from the various offers available, ShareASale make it very easy to evaluate the best ones based on the metrics; Quick Payment Cycle. ShareASale pay out on the 20th of every month, assuming your account balance is more than $50. Disadvantages of Shareasale:  Clunky Reporting Tools.The ShareASale reporting dashboard feels old, and is harder to navigate than other networks, but it is slowly improving. JOINT SHARE A SALE HERE

CJ Affiliate  CJ Affiliate is considered to be the biggest affiliate platforms online; if you have worked in the affiliate marketing space for any amount of time, you’ve probably come across them. Nearly every major retailer have their affiliate programs on CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction), which makes them as close to a one stop shop as you can get in the affiliate marketing business. Most retailers have multiple ad sizes available for affiliates, which gives you better control of the offers you show on your blog. With such a wide array of advertisers on the CJ Affiliate platform it makes it relatively easy to compare and segment different offers. Finding the affiliate tracking code to place on your blog is also straightforward; once you’re approved to promote an offer, you can be running lots of different offers on your site in just a few short hours.

The advantages of the network are: Large Partner Network.CJ Affiliate has over three thousand advertising partners, many have lots of creative sizes and various affiliate link options; Reliable Payments.They offer a net-20 payment term which means that you’ll get your commission paid out in a timely manner each month; Powerful Reporting Options.The reporting suite from CJ Affiliate is pretty impressive, which is a big advantage for marketers who plan to spend a their time optimizing their sales performance.

 Disadvantages of the network include:  Steep Learning Curve. While the reporting capabilities are great, they’re also quite difficult for beginners to get to grips with. You’ll need to spend time in the dashboard before you’re comfortable navigating the reporting suite and can then start to take full advantage of the tools on offer.  Limited Customer Support.Due to the large number of affiliates and merchants, it’s understandable that customer support is quite limited. But only having a contact form as the main method to get in touch with the support department can be restrictive.

Rakuten Linkshare   Rakuten LinkShare is considered to be one of the oldest affiliate partner networks, it is now a fair amount smaller than some of the bigger players in the affiliate industry. There are a few slick features of Rakuten LinkShare that differentiate this platform from the rest. For example, they have the ability to rotate through the various banners automatically for a product which is a huge advantage when trying to optimize your offers. Instead of having to manually select which ad you want to run on your blog, LinkShare lets multiple versions rotate with only one small piece of code. LinkShare also allows for more flexible “deep linking” to individual merchant landing pages, this allows for increased customization of the types of campaigns you can run.

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The advantages of LinkShare are: Ad Rotation. This may seem like a pretty minor feature, but it can make a significant difference when it comes to optimizing your ads; and Deep Linking Options.LinkShare lets you choose the page you want to send your traffic to on their site, giving you more flexibility for promoting different affiliate offers. Disadvantages include:  A Much Smaller Network. LinkShare have around 1,000 partners – this is considerably fewer than the bigger networks like CJ Affiliate or ShareASale; Unpredictable Payments to Affiliates.Rakuten LinkShare only pay out to their affiliates once the commissions are collected from their partners.

 Amazon Associates  Amazon has the largest affiliate marketing program out there, with products from more than 1.5 million sellers. Amazon has the most easy-to-use technology of all the affiliate programs I will be reviewing today. Beginners to affiliate marketing with even the most limited technical expertise will have no problems in getting up and running with the Amazon associates program, while more experienced marketers can create custom tools and websites with the APIs and advanced implementations available to them. The great thing about Amazon is that anything from kids toys to laptops can generate sales if they are purchased through any Amazon affiliate link. Their commissions start out as low as 4% for smaller affiliates, yet they can be as high as 9% for high traffic affiliates. Also as most of the products which are sold on Amazon are physical goods, you will have very few options to refer sales that generate a recurring monthly income.

Your First Affiliate Marketing Business
Your First Affiliate Marketing Business

Advantages include:  Easy to Use. Amazon’s interface is user friendly, for both beginners and experienced affiliates; Very Flexible. Millions of items can be bought via Amazon, giving your ads and links a much wider appeal to your visitors.

Disadvantages can include:  Low Commission Rates. Commissions starting out from 4% which mean that you will need to generate a higher volume of sales in order to make your online business more sustainable; Long Payment Cycles. Amazon’s affiliate payment terms mean you won’t get your money for more than 60 days after a sale has occured. ( Sources: