How You Can Make Money as Amazon’s Affiliate

How You Can Make Money as Amazon’s Affiliate

How You Can Make Money as Amazon’s Affiliate
How You Can Make Money as Amazon’s Affiliate

By harmen batubara

Amazon has been America’s top online retailer for years. This year, they had enough sales to break into the more 10 of US retailers overall. Many peoples loved buying from them for years.  People love Amazon.  People trust Amazon.  People buy from Amazon without worry. So there has to be some opportunity to make money with Amazon, right?  Amazon is one of the world’s biggest marketplaces. There are many affiliate marketplaces in the world, but despite that Amazon remains everyone’s first choice to sell their products.

The reason I promote Amazon’s products is they convert incredibly well. Amazon has done well to establish itself as the best e-retailer over the years, and the trust it has with its customers makes customers buy products from them over and over again.  In a situation where you direct a user to Amazon, but they end up buying a product different from what you recommended, you still earn a commission.

Yes, can you make money on Amazon? Great! So how can you do it? The way to make money with Amazon is not just affiliate marketing, but I just want to share with you the way I do it and make me happy. Affiliate marketing involves promoting another company’s products and earning a small percentage of any sales you directly create.  Your earnings are called commissions. Amazon has one of the world’s largest affiliate programs, called Amazon Affiliates.  They weren’t the first affiliate program but they were the first to be a major, global success and one of the best.

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Their affiliate program pays you up to 10% of the sale amount and, depending on what kind of sale you make; it’s an excellent way to make big bucks. As Amazon offers products in various categories, you can find products for your niche easily.

How to sign up for Amazon Affiliate program?   You should sign-up for the Amazon affiliate program depending on your geographical location or your target market. For example, if your target audience is in the U.S., you should sign up for the Amazon U.S. Associate Program using this link. If your target audience is from India, you should sign-up for Amazon India program.

If you plan to promote products from all Amazon geographical location, you should sign up for Amazon affiliate program for all countries like .jp (Japan), .au (Amazon Australia) & so on.

How to make money from Amazon with affiliate program?

When promoting amazon products you are expected to do so through the links provided by them in order to get your sale. After signing up with amazon, the next step is to promote their products in order to make a sale. They are varieties of ways that you can use to do this. They are through PPC, article marketing, SEO, blogging, classified ads, squidoo marketing and social marketing. With all these techniques, you can be able to make a lucrative income from amazon. One of the cool ways to market amazon products with success is to do a thorough research on a product, write a review on that product and submit it to article directories. That way, you would be able to get targeted traffic from search engines and also from that article directory because your article would be indexed by people searching for them.

These days people always search for a review on a particular product before they make their purchase and if you are able to write a good review, you may get a couple of sales from just one article. Try to include the pros and cons of that product in order to make the reader know more about the product and also include the reason why your reader should consider purchasing the product. The good thing about amazon affiliate program is that you have the option of marketing its product anytime you want, whether it’s at night, during the day, on Saturday, on holiday or even on Sunday, the choice is yours. If you are the type that has a job and you need an additional employment in order to supplement your day job, amazon is the best choice. Everyone is eligible to work for its associate program whether you are a high school student, undergraduate student or even if you are from another country other than USA.

What do you need to earn money with Amazon?

First, you need a website. You need a place for people to come where they read your content, see product images or links, and click on them to visit Amazon.  If they buy something within 24 hours – anything, not just what you promote on your site – you’ll make a commission.

Second, you need a niche. A niche is an audience of people, interested in something specific. You’ve learned how to build a proper website and you know what you’ll need to do to generate traffic.

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Third, you need traffic. Without people visiting your website, there won’t be any commissions – it’s as simple as that.  The more people who visit, the more commissions you can make. When you hear the marketing terms “advertise” or “promote,” you might be thinking of stuff like placing ads on your site or sending out tweets and Facebook posts.

Modern affiliate marketing strategies revolve around content. You can’t really successfully and effectively sell your affiliate product without web content. This can be in the form of : Product Reviews; Product Roundups ; Product Comparisons ; Buyer Guides ; and more. You can use content delivery channels like video, text, and even sometimes audio. With that being, you will most likely start with text (blog posts).

If you’re wondering how you’re going to drive quality traffic to your affiliate content, the answer lies in search engine optimization (SEO). If you’re unfamiliar with SEO, it essentially means optimizing your website so search engines like Google can come to your site, put it in its database, and rank your pages in the search engine result pages (SERPs). To rank your content high up in the SERPs, you will need to learn how to properly optimize a page.

There are about a dozen or so boxes in the Word Press SEO checklist. Some are one-time actions; others require to be completed before publishing each post. The tasks you must complete before hitting the publish button are usually considered on-page SEO. Some tasks include topic + keyword research, writing long-form copy, use of multimedia, and about a dozen more. Don’t worry. With time and practice, this all will become second nature to you. Every time you write a new post, you’ll optimize your content for SEO without even thinking about it.

So, in essence, you’ll find products you want to review, find the perfect keywords, create an optimized post, and hit publish. However, getting a spot on the first page of Google isn’t as simple as that. There is a ton of competition out there. People like you are also trying to make a living on the web. Some already are. When you’re ready, you’ll have to step up your game and beat out the competition. This will require a lot of work.

First, you’ll have to create content that is better than everybody else. And second, you will need to get into content promotion. Particularly, you’ll have to learn what backlinks are and how to build them. A good way to start is by guest posting on quality websites. In the eyes of the search engines, backlinks are like votes. But, instead of quantity, they are usually measured through quality. This means the more relevant and the more authoritative the site, the more juice the backlink will give you.

So, to recap… Pick a type of blog post – review, comparison, etc. ; Find the perfect keywords; Write the best post – try to make it better than the competitions’, so it may require some research; Optimize content for SEO; Publish and promote – build backlinks to increase the likeliness of getting first page rankings; and rinse and repeat.

There’s still a lot to learn. If you keep reading, you’ll find…

Once you are setup with a web site, you can review the different products found on Amazon, then link back to their web site using your affiliate link. As you continue to build up more links and content for your site, you will receive more traffic and back links in the search results. Make sure all of your web site content is authentic and original, so people find a real value in your site. If you already have an established web site, it’s easy to start implementing Amazon into your current design and content. Should you ever mention a product or company brand, you can simply make these active affiliate links and refer them to Amazon if they would like to make a purchase.

The world of affiliate marketing and making money with offers a lot of possibilities and potential. Study how others are promoting Amazon services and have built sites based on reviews and providing value to readers. It’s these web sites that will find the best revenue when using affiliate marketing and together.

Amazon has spent years perfecting the art of online selling and you’ll learn a lot about online marketing by observing how they do it. They constantly test different ways of promoting products and have evolved their site quite a lot over the years. See what widgets they use to promote related products, watch how they use reader reviews, and see the way that they describe products. You’ll also be in a better position to pre-sell the products you recommend if you look at the page you’re sending people to before you do it.

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