7 Lessons From 50 Blog Posts That Send Me The Most Traffic

By: Michael Dunlop

People ask me… “How do I get so much traffic to my websites… so easily?” It’s really quite straight forward. Create the best content possible. That’s what people want.People go to websites because they want something. It could be to buy something, to learn something, to be entertained by something, or any number of things. The better you are at giving people what they want, the more traffic you will get.

I don’t spend much time working on getting Facebook likes and getting top search engine rankings because it’s quite often the bi-product of great content. Below I have outlined what you can learn from the 50 articles that send IncomeDiary the most traffic.

  1. The articles that get the most traffic are lists… Shock! Out of my 50 top articles, 35 start with a number. When I write, I write in a way, I would like to read. Being dyslexic, I like to summarize things, make it easy on myself to consume information. That’s why I think I do such a good job with lists.

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Here’s 4 examples of top lists:

  • 30 Most Influential People In Blogger
  • 10 Christmas Gifts For Photographers
  • 20 Health Experts To Follow on Facebook
  • 10 Reasons Why It Rocks To Be a Young Entrepreneur

Here’s some examples of my favorite top list titles.

  1. Mentioning famous people gets you traffic

    9 out of 10 of our top articles mention people in some way. Think about it this way: If I wrote an article called: 10 Things Usain Bolt Does To Run Faster. I don’t need Bolt’s permission to write about him, but I get all of the benefits of having his name associated with mine and what it represents about what is written. Usain is the fastest runner in the world. That means these tips must be the best tips in the world. If I write about how to run faster, no one will want to listen.

  2. Linking out can increase the time someone spends on your website 4 out of the top 5 articles on this website link out to over a dozen other websites. These articles also had noticeably longer visitor times. Don’t be scared to link out and show some love. If you recommend something or someone and your reader likes where you sent them, then they will end up trusting you more.
  3. The title can make or break an article Something that is made really obvious when I look at my top 50 blog posts is… the title can really make or break an article. If you are stuck trying to come up with a title of a post, go to the supermarket and look at the magazines. Modify titles of articles to make them relevant to something you want to write about.
  4. Motivation beats inspiration and instruction 8 out of the top 10 articles on IncomeDiary are motivational. Here’s the breakdown for the top 50 articles: Motivational: 24 ; Tutorials: 17 ; Inspirational: 9 ; Reviews: 0 ; News: 0 ; and Interviews: 0

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Motivational, is the type of posts that make you take action and start working. Tutorials, are articles showing you how to do something. These can often be monetized well by recommending products required to do what you instruct in the tutorial. Inspirational, is the type of post that gives you ideas.

Reviews, we review products and mention them in our customer autoresponders. News, often something I would shy away from because it’s not evergreen (always relevant) content. If it gives me a positive ROI, then I will publish them.It seems people value motivation higher than anything else. It’s not often lacking the skills that holds us back, it’s our work rate. Motivational posts help us focus more on our goals.Although Reviews and News are not featured in the top 50 posts, they are still a relevant part of my blogging strategy. I just prioritize.

  1. Have a content plan I’m a systems guy. I like to follow a blueprint when I’m doing something because it’s tried and tested, proven to give the best results. I have a doc called Contest Strategy which I send to writers to make sure they have every required to do the best job possible. The better job they can do, the more traffic I get, the more traffic I get, the more money I make. This is some of the information I provide for everyone who writes for us: Image sizes; About the author/Gravatar ; Blog post template ; Post publish time & date ; Post title review ; Post titles swipe copy; and PSD graphic files which writers can edit
  2. Articles are worth paying for A large percent of articles published on IncomeDiary are paid for. One of the highest performing posts on IncomeDiary was published last year and has so far received 9,883 visitors in the last 30 days & 106,338 visitors in the last year. I paid $120 for that article. I published a post in 2011 that cost me $100. In 2015 it makes me over $1000 a month. The easiest way in my experience to get people to write for you is to ask. If asking fails, offer them money. We put together a training video on how we pay people to write our posts.

In this screen shot, you can see that the article is now getting more traffic weekly then it did in it’s first week. I have done nothing to it since the day it was published. None of us are SEO experts. All we focus on is great content and let the universe do the rest of the work

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To Conclude:

To write posts that drive lots of traffic, make sure to:

  • Write it in a list form, number it.
  • Mention people your readers will know, it will draw them in.
  • Link out to other websites.
  • Write the perfect name for your article. This should be thought about.
  • Motivate your reader.
  • Keep to a plan & implement.

What type of blog posts are sending you the most traffic right now?

 Source:  http://www.incomediary.com/10-lessons-50-blog-posts-recieved-traffic


Best for Newbie: How to Make Money with Clickbank In an Easy Way

By  harmen batubara

If you want to know how to make money with Clickbank, read carefully this whole article because it describes you should know about picking the right product to promote and ultimately, starting making money as an affiliate. The key of making money with Click bank is to choose good product. This is what determines the success of your campaign. This article will cover all you need to know about picking a high quality product. It will guide you through how to make money with click bank without a website and some other ways you can use to start promoting your offer which leads to money in your pocket.

Making Money with Click Bank – Step by Step

Steps 1 – The first step is about creating an account. If you don’t have an account you have to join click bank: click here and create your account as an affiliate!

Step 2 – Choose a Series of Click bank Products. Choose your niche, select a Hungry Market. Without starving crowd, you have no buyers. And when you have no buyers, you will not make any sales. It cannot be any simpler than this.

What that means a hungry market and niche for you? The first step to making money from Click bank is to decide on the niche where the hungry market hang out and make them your target. The idea is by having your niche you are really can solving your customer problems.

Your missions are to give a good services and solving the problems.  So if your niche is on how to build a list it is mean you have the kind of product s starting from finding a good niche, find out where the hungry market, good keyword and a good domain name; you also have a several affiliate that could give a excellent services and good products that would give your customer the best value in handling all their problems or their project, starting from choose a domain name, webhosting, and the best theme for their website.

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Now go to your Click Bank Marketplace  The Click bank Marketplace list thousands of products for you to promote. You can sort search results based on commission, sales, popularity and a bunch of other criteria. In this step you need a taste, and it is mean you have to know exactly what kind of the product that fit to your niche and you want to promote. Again make your judged this is the product that you are really like or not.

You have to promote the products that you are already know their quality and do not just pretend to.  I suggest you to get a copy of the product buy it before deciding on whether to promote it. Does not worry you can either email the advertiser for a copy and tell them you want to buy it from them and then it is not going to work you will refund it and you don’t want to promote it. All Clickbank products are covered by a 60 day money back policy. So nothing to lose. Choose the best five or seven products to promote.

Step 3 – Create a Free eBook  Now you need to design your messages to build up a customer relationship which will keep them enthusiastic and interested in what you have to say and make them a really friends. The best way to make it happen give them something or gift that helping them to solving their problems and as symbol of trust they will give you their name and email address.  That’s the basic idea on building your list. Remember something that you give it is free but have a value. This is where the eBook comes in. This is why I said you should have knowledge of the niche you plan to deal in.

Step 4 – Create a Squeeze Page to promote the eBook A squeeze page is a special kind of landing page that is created solely to act as an opt in for information – primarily email addresses – from potential subscribers. The idea to make this squeeze page is to promote your eBook or report, so you need a professional squeeze page. How you make a professional squeeze page it is really a problem especially for a newbie. It is up to you. You can find it in Profit Theme full with everything like Squeeze Page or 90 Second Squeeze Page (Free).

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Are you buy it just as separated from your theme or you choose the theme that can helping you in making a professional squeeze page. There are also many plug-in that can helping you in make a squeeze page for example  Maxlogpress-Optinform -adder Plug in or you can create it by yourself with your HTML software, like Kompozer or WYSWYG.

Step 5 – Send Traffic to the Squeeze Page Once the squeeze page has been created, you need to send traffic to it. The quickest way to do that is to use pay per click or pay per view advertising. Actually there are free and paid ways to promote your squeeze page’s Click bank products. Some of the freeways are promoting it through article marketing, submitting it at classified sites, press release, search engine optimization, blog commenting, blogging, social marketing, video marketing etc. The paid way to promote is through ppc offered by Google adwords, yahoo overture and Microsoft adcenter etc.

Step 6 – Deploy Auto Responders Auto responders can helping you automated “the entire adman’s work”; auto responder will send your emails that go out to your entire list at a series according how you “set of date and interval”. When someone subscribe to your blog, they are sent a series of auto responder emails starting from confirmations email. These emails are design to do three things.

Build a relationship with the subscriber by sending them information that having value for them.

Promote your blog and branding your “image”. Recommend products and services that help solve your reader’s problem and at the same time you get your commission.

Setting up the auto responder is extremely easy and is no different than sending out a normal email. All you have to do is just follow the system that already in your auto responder. Auto responder allows you to set up an unlimited number of “auto responders”. The second follow up email out goes out three days after the first and the rest goes out in one week intervals until there are no more follow ups.This is the people say and also known as a sales funnel.

The first few emails help build your relationship with the subscriber. Later emails in the funnel are used to give value information and include your afford to promote the Click bank products. Research has shown that most prospects won’t buy on the first visit or email. They need to be hit over and over again let said from 7-12 hits. This is where the auto responder comes in. The sooner you set it up, the faster you’ll be getting your commissions.

Understanding How to Make Money with Click bank

If you want to master how to make money with click bank step by step, choosing a high quality product is step number one! The second step is to promote your affiliate link and you can do this even if you don’t have or have a website. Remember took special attention on picking the right product because when it comes to how to make money with click bank it makes all the difference.

Click bank is a powerful network; it is a great alternative and there is a whole market about this niche. It is a very lucrative niche that I highly recommend you to get started, but it takes some time to master it. And I have to say that everything will seem easier after your first sale and your first paycheck. That is going to be a game changer for your success online.

Clickbank University 

What is ClickBank university? ClickBank University is an online coaching center founded by two internet entrepreneurs – Adam and Justin to help people make money online. What is included in this package is step by step instructions to help people create their own product and sell it online.about money

What I like about ClickBank university: One of the main things I liked about this program is that its coaching center is entirely dedicated to help you create your own product. But again, if you are creating a product be sure you learn to create a very high quality product and have the potential to drive traffic to your website. You would be even more successful if you are an experienced internet marketer, persuading your visitors to buy your product. And not to mention, there are many affiliates out there who will do the selling for you. There are high quality videos that have step by step instructions to help you get started with internet marketing. You can also learn some of the very cool traffic generation strategies. For a newbie this is a perfect start.

ClickBank University is a pretty decent product. I would recommend it to anyone who is enthusiastic and passionate about selling online. But be patient. Don’t expect instant results. You have to do your own research and figure out the best possible way of profiting from this venture. If you proceed in the right path, surely success will be yours.

How can I get traffic?  There are many different ways to get traffic, both free and paid. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Paid: Paid traffic, such as PPC or banner advertising, is usually more controllable and scalable. If what you’re doing is working, you can spend more to grow your traffic. It also has the advantage of being able to start very quickly, if not immediately. The main disadvantage of paid traffic is that it can be quite expensive and requires a lot of supervision to avoid losing money. Paid advertising platforms such as Google AdWords can also have strict requirements regarding advertisers and ads, so be sure to pay close attention to all rules and warnings.

Free: Free traffic, such as organic search engine visitors, video marketing, or social media/forum traffic, can be a great way to get highly relevant visitors to your website without paying for each visitor. Building a platform that delivers free traffic can be a great long-term affiliate marketing strategy. However, the downsides of free traffic are that it can take a lot of time and effort before you start seeing results, and can be unreliable.

How to Choose the Right Traffic Source, SEO, Free or Paid Traffic

By harmen batubara

In the last 3 years, I have done some research and testing on how to build an online business, that can be successful. I failed many times, but I learned a lot and I am about to share part of my experience with you. The info will help you save time and money. When establishing an online business; that is mean, a website promoting your product or service, there are main elements that have to exist and be calculated to achieve certain outcome.

Also, there is no guaranteed result, but it makes sense to follow the right steps and evaluate your results. Afterwards, you should modify some of the elements and repeat the cycle again. In my opinion, there are two main elements that affect the success or failure of your online business; they are: your website traffic and conversion rate.

Get Raffic With Your Ways

For there is no one of the best ways to bring targeted traffic to your site. You can do it by paid traffic, free traffics or by getting high search engine rankings. By getting to the top of the search engines can be a hard job and surely it is a long process that takes lots of time. But at the end you will be rewarded with loads of free traffic.

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What I recommend that you do is: choose any, some, or all of these traffic sources that you wish. And you set up a tracking page for every one of these. For example, if you write an article that goes to EzineArticles, you send them to your unique squeeze page, that has a unique webform code on it, so you know exactly how many subscribers or how many peoples “LIKE” are being generated every single month from those articles. You know exactly how many subscribers are generated every month from guest blogging. You know exactly how many subscribers are generated from Scoop it,  LinkedIn, from Facebook, Twitter from your affiliate program, from anywhere else. So you know where your traffic come from.

Your goal is, you must have traffic to your website. Without traffic, you will not be able to achieve any task. So, you can’t make sales or obtain subscribers. In this case, you will incur loss due to maintaining your online presence. Once you drive traffic to your website, you will need the traffic to convert. Conversion is the rate at which visitors to your website do what you ask them to. That is, subscribe to you email list, or buy what you offer. After calculating the cost, traffic, and conversion, you should have an approximate idea whether you are losing or making profit.

If you are losing money, then you must modify what you are doing and analyze your results again.Also, the success degree varies among business owners. As the title states, I will be discussing the subject of website traffic. The other two elements are totally separate from it.

Get Traffic With SEO

Here some ideas that with proper work will take you to the top of the search engine results for the keywords you are ranking for.

First use a DESCRIPTIVE TITLE for each page on your site. If possible always put the keywords you are aiming to rank for at the beginning of the description. This description will be shown at the search engine results and this is what the public will see when they are browsing on the net. Place your keywords at some strategic places. The spiders pick the keywords mainly from these places on a web page: heading, sub heading, first paragraph and conclusion. Bear in mind, you should not sacrifice your content just to stuff your keywords there, remember that you are writing for humans as well not just for the web spiders.

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Second is to use your keywords in hyperlinks as this is viewed as one of the most important elements by the search engines. This works well when the page you link to has the same or similar keywords that you have in your link. Your site should consist of a number of pages. Write each page around a keyword or a keyword phrase which relates to the theme of your site.

Third always get link from good quality sites. These sites will help you increase your rankings. As these are viewed each of these inbound link as a vote to your site. The next tip is to submit your site to the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. You can do that by using the “add your URL” link found on the search engine sites.

Here are the types of web traffic: Free traffic and Paid traffic.

Here are some examples of free traffic: Search Engine Optimization; Article Submission; Link Exchange; Guest Blog Posting; Email list; Free eBook Giveaway ; And the list goes on…Here are examples of paid traffic : Paid banner ads; text ads; Pay Per Click; And the list goes on…

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In summary, there are many ways to drive web traffic, but you must not try all at once. You should try one way and determine if it works for you. Also, you should analyze your statistics to determine your profit or loss.  By properly applying these sources of traffic you are surely to steer targeted traffic to your site that you always wanted to drive. If you do it properly and ajust accordingly I believe you can make your fortune in Online Business.



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