How PopUp Domination Increase Your Email Optin Rate

So, what is PopUp Domination?

It is a WordPress plugin for list building that creates a PopUp window for your blog to capture email leads.This plugin’s integration of an opt-in box is designed to increase your blog site’s visitors subscription rate. It is compatible with most email autoresponder providers including: AWeber, GetResponse, iContact, MailChimp, and Constant Contact.

The PopUp generated by the plugin is not a standard PopUp window but rather a lightbox that opens inside the website window, and thus, it is technically not a popup. When the lightbox PopUp appears after a user-configured delay, it will freeze the page your visitor is on, and display the opt-in form while the website is slightly darkened but visible. This focuses the visitor’s entire attention to the opt-in box while the other visual stimuli is suppressed. Pretty ingenious. And, moreover, there is no risk of the PopUp being blocked by PopUp blockers.

PopUp Domination is easily customizable and comes with 4 professionally designed themes, 15 different color combinations, and 8 button styles. It also has the capability to provide 4 list points to highlight your product or offer, and thus provides a simple and easy process to create an ad copy by simply filling in the blanks.

What it does PopUp Domination?

It’s for WordPress bloggers who have an email newsletter and wants to increase their subscription rate. Once the plugin is installed and activated, it’ll pop up a subscription box whenever a person visits your site, however, you can configure how often it’s shown to the same person. Some people like to pop up the box every time someone visits your site, returning or not.

My preferred settings are to show the box to everyone at first and then show it to them again after 7 days.

So why does the popup domination plugin work so well? I’ve definitely seen an increase in subscriber rate to my newsletter since using this plugin. The plugin seems to work so well because the popup templates which you are supplied with are high quality and are visually pleasing to your visitor.

PopUp Domination Options

As of the writing of this article, the plugin has the following settings available: 4 different pop up templates to choose from; Multiple options for the template and button colors; Easy embedding of many of the popular mailing list services (MailChimp, AWeber, etc.); Customization of text shown on the popup; Allows you to add quick bullet points; Schedule how often it appears to visitors; and Advanced settings where pros can edit the template and CSS files

How To Increase Your Email Opt-in Rate  

Most of you will know that email marketing is a big part of their income, without it they wouldn’t be where they  are today. This is how it works: You get people to opt-in > Promote Something On ThankYou Page > Sell Affiliate Products in Autoresponder > Email List at Any Time Promotions and Updates! All marketer believe that anyone who has a mailing list should be giving something away to entice people into signing up, in many case they  created a 7 day free eCourse to creating your first profitable blog. They then set up an autoresponder in Aweber so that every day for 7 days they get lessons, then after that  they switch to weekly and in between weeks  they send out promotions.

Having a mailing list can be quite simply and it really is the biggest game changer you can have for your business, ask any guru or big internet entrepreneur and they will say the power is in the list and this is because they can keep sending back visitors time after time to their sites promoting new offers and content.

Designing Your Lightbox Opt-in

Once you install the plugin you need to click PopUp Domination on the left hand side under Settings and you will be presentation with a page like this, you will see in the top right that it is turned off and that you need to activate it once you have added the settings you want. You will see across the top is the links to different pages in the plugin and down the left side are all the styling options.

Start by choosing from one of the 4 great designes, personally I like number 4 because you can add an eCover which increases conversions. Then select the colour of the button, personally I think this should match the colour of your site, so if you have a blue site, pick a blue button. Now you get to choose from 15 colours, I really like some of the colours, it may sound odd but I think the Grape colour looks quite cool! For this design, I went with the colour black, you will notice that their is a preview of the template and the colour you chose to the right.

Choosing Your Theme and Colours  

Next you need to insert your mailing list HTML, so in this case You have to go to to your  Aweber account and grab the HTML (not javascript version) and paste it in the field, it will now automatically pick up all the important things and make your opt-in on the light box work.

Adding your Email Providers HTML

Next we have to add the text we want to see on the lightbox, we have let you fully customize this from the title to even the text you see on the submit button. On the theme you can chose for your lightbox  and you have the option to add a image so you uploaded an eCover design of the course you are giving away – this will increase your conversions further and by a lot! If you want to get a well designed eCover, check out the eCover Creator 3D tool, you can design it yourself, similar to using Popup Domination, all you do is pick from options and it generates it for you.

Adding Text To Your Lightbox

Adding your list fields is easy, add the text you want to see on each line and it’s really as simple as that. If you want to add more bullet-points just click Add new and you can add more.

Adding Bullet-Points To Your Lightbox

Scheduling your lightbox is really important, you want to make sure you choose the right options,  however for mass exposure you can choose 0 and it will show on every page or you could choose 999 and it will only show once ever. Another thing we let you do is choose is how long after landing on your blog do you want the lightbox to appear, I personally thing 0 or 2 seconds is best, if you leave it much longer people will of started reading your posts and then it can become an annoyance

Scheduling Your Lightbox

Now if you click Preview, you will see what your lightbox looks like!

What Your Lightbox Will Look Like!

Under the lightbox you will notice the text “Powered By PopUp Domination


Write for Living-Not  Just Be a Person Who Writes In Their Spare Time

By harmen batubara

If you are a writer or can write a simple article. Would you like to find a fun money making idea? Learn to make money writing articles. In fact there are several folk who actually make their living from it and we not talking about professional writers, we talking about normal everyday folk just writing and earning from home. Let that little creative streak out, it’s really quite easy. Writing articles for money has become an excellent way to make a home business whether for just a bit of extra cash or a lifestyle.

Article writing in the wider sense can be thought of as articles for blogs and websites, articles to be compiled into topical reports and ebooks to be sold on the net, and of course article writing can also for someone who wants a writer to create content for cash. Take a look at to see the variety of demand for article writers. If you intend making your living by it best to get some practice first! While there is lots of opportunity and your articles don’t have to be masterpieces, you do need a little practice to get into a rhythm of producing good articles.

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One best way to practice is to go to or and look through the various products there. Sign up for an affiliate account and then pick a product to write about. Pick something you know is in demand and that maybe you have some little bit of knowledge on. Now, ask yourself what keywords are folk likely to be using when they are searching for such a product? Pick a phrase they might use and write an article based around that phrase. Once your article is ready, post it on an ARTICLE DIRECTORY or two or at and include a link or two to your affiliate product. When you have had a few sales this way you’ll know you are starting to get things right! You’ll soon find yourself picking all sorts of niche areas to write about and profit from! Even niches you never thought about before will start to look attractive enough to make you do a little research and article writing. Belive me it is not as hard as you think.

Online Business has Change the Game

Back in pre-internet times writing was a profession that saw authors producing novels, journalists reporting for magazines and newspapers, and public relations professionals turning out press releases. But not any more[1]. Of course amateurs could submit their short stories to magazines, and record their thoughts in diaries, and get creative in local publications. The opportunities for amateurs to actually earn a living from their writing were few, if at all. But the internet has changed that by creating an unprecedented need for material, referred to as ‘content’ to keep websites fresh and interesting. There are websites on every topic imaginable, and in order for them to rank with the search engines, they need to provide unique and novel content.

Most people with websites have them to make money. This could be from advertisements on the site, or they could be promoting their own product or range of products. They are marketers, not writers. Sometimes they know absolutely nothing about what they are trying to sell, but they have identified a good market, and they want to share in its profit. So they outsource their writing needs. They neither want, nor are prepared to pay for, university qualified writers. Ordinary, everyday people are providing these internet marketers with exactly the type of material they need – written in everyday language for everyday people.

Most people have expertise in some area. It could be baking the best fruit cake, making rocking chairs, writing letters, traveling, raising children, speaking another language or even shopping. There are websites on all of these topics, and if you can write about them, you can earn money.There are even websites whose whole reason for being is to bring amateur writers and website owners together (for a small commission). They can open lots of doors for people who would like to earn money from their own homes – moms, retired people, students. Your age or situation doesn’t matter in any way.

Figure Out What Kind Of Writer You Are

Being a successful and wealthy writer sounds great but how and where should you begin? If you don’t know what kind of writer you want to be then you can start by trying out all the different kinds of writing. You can try writing short stories, poetry, comedy, scripts, articles, books, novels, copy writing, ghost writing and more. And you can send your work out to many different magazines, web sites, publishers and other markets. You’ll probably receive back a huge avalanche of rejections, but in amongst them all you’ll have a few successes. From these successes you’ll be able to see what pays the best and what you enjoy writing.

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From this you can figure out your hourly rate[2]. For instance, say you were paid a fee of $100 for writing a 1,000-word article. Now that $100 may seem like a lot, but if it took you 4 hours to research and write the article, then your hourly rate is only $25. Now you could improve that rate by rewriting the article from anther angle and submitting it to other markets. So if you get paid another $100 and it only took you 1 hour to rewrite it, that means that altogether you’ve been paid $200 for 5 hours work which brings your rate up to $40 an hour.

But on the other hand, you may love writing fiction and find that you can write a 1,000-word short story in only an hour. So if your story is published and you’re paid $100, your hourly rate has now more than doubled to $100 an hour. But it’s not always as simple as adding up the figures. What you can write and get paid for also depends on the needs of the market. Or you may want to write novels but you need to write articles as well to keep the money coming in while you finish your first book.

You may also decide to write for less money to get your foot in the door of a prestigious magazine or because you have developed a good relationship with an editor and you don’t want to jeopardize it. Or you write for less money because you’re trying to notch up an impressive credit for your port folio. So while money isn’t always everything, it’s important to keep your eye on the bottom line. That way you’ll always be aware of the most lucrative path for your writing career. Because without the money, you won’t have a writing career. You’ll just be a person who writes in their spare time.



How to make Money With Clickbank in 2017?

By harmen batubara

What kind of affiliate marketing business you can use to get money from Clickbank in the Year 2017? Are you interested in a question like that? If yes then this article is suitable for you. Some of my frends usually less interested in Clickbank, instead tend to see it as a digital products of inferior quality. But it must be admitted, if we look well, actually there are many products relatively attractive and much sought after by users. For example, with products such as Google Sniper 3.0 and Freedom Formula 8, people are still touting it as a great place to find a good product and has a profit to promote it. I decided to investigate further to see if it really is still possible to make money from Clickbank.

Here are the questions I hope to answer:  Are there any quality products on Clickbank worth promoting?; How much money can you make by promoting stuff from the CB marketplace?;  How to find high converting, high paying items with low return rates;  What does the future of Clickbank look like?

Are there any quality products on Clickbank worth promoting?

Yes, but you really need to dig. And I mean really dig deep. There is a lot of crap on Clickbank. In fact, lots of it is from several years ago, and there’s no way to really tell when the product released, unless you look at the gravity of the product. Remember, “gravity” is a number that represents how many affiliates have made commissions lately. It’s not a 1/1 ratio, but the higher the better. I’ve seen high gravity being 50+ and low gravity as low as less than 10.

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How do you tell the good products from the bad? This is a matter of judgement, taste, and personal bias, but here are a few pointers; Up front and honest sales pitch; Short and to-the-point product description; Informative with little or no hype; and Up to date information.

How much money can you make by promoting stuff from the CB marketplace? This is the question that gets asked the most, but it’s the one with really no answer. It depends on a lot of variables, so you can make anything from zero to tens of thousands of dollars per month. For me personally, I don’t make that much from Clickbank, and never have. I take in about $75 to $100 per month. It isn’t impressive.

Other people swear by Clickbank, and a lot of “how to make money” products are based solely on using Clickbank. To them, Clickbank is the foundation of their business despite the fact that there are thousands of other affiliate programs out there. Also, keep in mind that many of these guys don’t even look at what’s offered! They only care about : What the sales page looks like ; How the offer is converting; What competition is like; How much money they make per sale; and Notice that “customer satisfaction” isn’t a top priority.

How to find high converting, high paying items with low return rates  You can find this information right on the little blurb about each product :  Initial $/sale: How much money you make for each sale; Avg %/sale: The percent commission you make of total cost; Avg Rebill Total: If there is a recurring payment, the average total of all rebilled commissions; Avg %/rebill: If there is a recurring payment, the percent commission you make;  and Grav: How many affiliates have made commissions in the last 12 days

A high commission, recurring payments, and a high gravity is what you want to look for. Be sure to watch out for that gravity! This will also depend on your niche of course, and your particular audience. You are the expert, so think about what your audience wants, and find a product to match them. Here is a  popular product that can be used for many niches. The perfect combination! High commission %, High dollar amount per sale, recurring commissions, and a high gravity.  Even with all these combined factors, you still need to know if this product is worth promoting. You need to investigate a few things :  General competition in this niche ; Competition from other affiliate marketers in this niche ; Other people promoting this specific product ; Keyword stats ; and The product itself (is it good)

What does the future of Clickbank look like? The biggest problem with Clickbank (and any other affiliate marketing network for that matter) is the vast amount of valueless junk being peddled. With a greater emphasis on quantity than quality, there are many digital products, including programs and electronic guidebooks, that are little other than spam. As is the case with any form of affiliate marketing, you need to choose a product that you yourself believe in, and given the large amount of useless products on Clickbank, it can be hard to find something that falls into this category. It will take some time until you can find something that’s truly worth advertising on your website, but it is important that you invest the time and effort rather than risking harm to your reputation by advertising a product that your visitors are not likely to be impressed by or interested in.

For me think Clickbank is going to be around for a while. Digital information products, membership sites, PDF guides and other information that can be bought and sold on the internet is only going to grow. I give CB a hard time because I work in the internet marketing industry so I see horribly hyped and misleading products all the time, but there were a few goodies I found in my research for this article. I’m not recommending you promote these, but I just thought that they looked like high-value products for the right niche audience.

Make Money From Clickbank in 2017 Not Easy

I went over to ClickBank, found a good product to promote. Then went over to Facebook ads, set up my campaign after three days I still have nothing. I try using Bing ads, set up my campaign, and let ‘er rip. Sadly, the results were dismal. Now, I will admit this..I didn’t run the ad for too long. Maybe 3-4 days, max. I spent about $20, and I had 76 clicks per 1,500+ impressions, with a click-through rate of about 4%. As far as Bing is concerned, those are really good numbers. The problem was, I made NO sales!

The good news is, from my experience there is still some potential for making money with ClickBank using a slightly different approach, using the email marketing. That is, to make a good landing page and collect emails, or create a good review site about your offer, and “pre-sale” your leads. I still use this method and I happy with.

This One is the other Idea that I like …and you can do it as I do :

  • Select a bunch of clickbank products from one single niche.
  • Get a free ebook made about this niche (you can get it made on Fiverr .com)
  • Create and Capture the lead, asking your visitors to download this ebook for free (you can create it yourself. Lead capturing is the most important part of affiliate marketing. Your business is built around your list. Anything you can do to increase its size means more money for you. While a squeeze page maybe the best way to get someone to give you his email address, you still need a system to handle and host the list, the autoresponder.

Auto responders are emails that go out at a set date and interval. When someone subscribe to your blog, they are sent a series of auto responder emails. These emails are design to do three things : Build a relationship with the subscriber; Promote blog and brand and Recommend products and services that help solve the reader’s problem

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This is also known as a sales funnel. The first few emails helps build your relationship with the subscriber. Later emails in the funnel are used to promote the Clickbank products. This setup works far better than any hit and run system. Research has shown that most prospect won’t buy on the first visit or email. They need to be hit over and over again. This is where the auto responder comes in. The sooner you set it up, the faster you’ll be in the money.

  • Bring traffic on to this landing page. You may use FB, Youtube and other paid traffic sources like PPC, PPV networks to start with.
  • Make Yours autoresponders work, that will deliver these ebook to the users and from time to time send your clickbank offers that you selected.
  • That it! Start making money. You will see on average of 5% to 7% conversions from your list.

 In conclusion, it is definitely true what all the experienced marketers out there say, “You can’t get rich quick!” At least, not anymore. Building a successful business online requires a lot of time, effort and patience, which in the long run will be more beneficial anyway. I do believe that money can be made with ClickBank still today, so long as you don’t try any short-cuts.



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