Why Social Media Crucial to Your Affiliate Marketing

By Thomas Howland

Unless you’re made of money there’s only so much you can do with PPC advertising alone. Eventually then affiliate marketing comes down to being able to promote your website and your brand and to reach a wider audience. This means leveraging the mailing list, blog and social media accounts that you have set up and using them to attract more new visitors and to build trust and authority. What you need to recognize here is that you are the ‘middle man’ in any business the ‘middle man’ is effectively unnecessary. The buyer doesn’t really need you and the seller doesn’t really need you, so you need to make yourself indispensable to each. In this case, that means helping the product creator to sell a far greater number of products than they otherwise could. And for the buyer, it means providing great quality content and information and helping to find the best deals and products out there. Every business is ultimately predicated around providing value of one kind of another. This is how the internet marketer provides their value. At the same time, it’s also how you succeed as an internet marketer and how you build momentum and a following.

In this chapter, we will see this link very clearly while looking at the three main types of marketing available to you to promote your brand.

How to Succeed on Social Media

One of your number one tools as an affiliate marketer is social media. This gives you a direct line of communication while at the same time letting you leverage the power of real world social networks. Compared with e-mail marketing, social media has the drawback of meaning you have to go through a third party – that being Facebook, Twitter or Google. But while this can be a problem, the positive side is that people can share your content with their friends and this gives it the potential to go viral. At the same time, social media is generally more multi media and makes it easier for you to share different types of content.

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But unfortunately, 90% of businesses and marketers go about their social media marketing in entirely the wrong way. The problem here is that they will spend their time posting to social media but all they’ll post about is how good their business is and it will sound very much like ‘corporate speak’. If this is the type of status you are publishing to your Twitter or Facebook account, then unfortunately you are entirely missing the fundamental objective of social media marketing.

This type of content would be fine of course, if you already had an audience and your objective was simply to market to them. What’s actually happening here though, is that you’re posting content to nobody and you’re not giving anyone who might stumble upon it any reason that they should consider signing up. The question to always ask yourself when creating content for the web is: would you follow it? If you saw a social media account like this, then would you subscribe? If the answer is no, then you really need to reconsider how you might be providing your value.

How to Do Social Media Right

The key is all in the way that you look at your social media and the way you consider it within the broader context of your marketing. Specifically, it’s important that you start to think of your social media profiles not only as an opportunity to promote yourself but actually as a product in its own right. What does that mean? It means that the social media accounts should provide value to the point where people want to sign up to them and would be disappointed if they were gone. Of course you need to do this while also remaining on-point with your marketing and that means you need to focus on whatever niche or industry you’ve chosen. If that’s fitness, then it’s no good for your Facebook account to be all about business.

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But it’s also no good for your account to be all about how good the product you’re selling is. Instead, you should aim to fill it with inspiring images of people working out and getting into great shape, with interesting industry news about genuinely fascinating new products and with helpful tips and advice. If you’re selling life insurance, then you may find that it’s a little harder to see how you can maintain an interesting and entertaining social media account. In that case though, you simply need to think a little more out of the box.

In particular, this could mean that you share pictures of families enjoying life together, or tips for family activities. Maybe you could run a social media account about ‘tips for the modern parent’, or maybe you could give it a humorous angle ‘dispatches from the frontline of parenthood’. Either way, you’ve now created almost a new brand, a new mission statement and a new form of value for that social media account itself and you’ve given people good reason to follow you.

This is how you then build your following and you would find that if you consistently put out good quality in this vein, it would eventually give you a huge audience to market to. Notice here that what’s really important is the value that you are providing.

Why Social Media Marketing Is Crucial to Your Business?

Social media posts are capable of driving targeted traffic. Creating a new web page can be compared to taking a beautiful photo to post on Facebook. You want to show it to the whole world and take pride in it, but you do not want to plead for attention (or even worse, spend for it). For this reason, well-placed social media posts can really matter to both landing pages and selfies. A single link on Reddit was able to drive more than 20,000 visitors over a weekend, and links sent to StumbleUpon were able to transform the small number of visitors earned daily by a page into hundreds of them. Who would not want to take advantage of that opportunity?start Up guide

Improve your SEO ranking with social media. Search engine crawlers are aware of the pages that consistently earn traffic, as well as those that are ignored, forgotten or just floating. To get top results in search engine rankings, it is vital to have a killer content marketing strategy. However, driving traffic to your optimized pages causes them to quickly rise in the search engine results pages or SERPs.

When done properly, social media can build meaningful relationships. Marketing with Twitter and Instagram is so cool because it allows you to interact with your customer base. When you read the tweets, as well as status updates of your customers, you will be able to gain some insight into their everyday lives (and therefore adjust your online marketing strategy). What do they love to buy and why? How do they spend their weekends? What type of posts do they love sharing and from what sites? Social media can also be used as a tool to connect with complementary businesses, those that do not compete with you; authorities or influencers in your field; and journalists that cover your industry. At times, simple retweets can end up in becoming besties.

Users are interested to read your messages. To users, Facebook and Twitter are social networks and not marketing machinery. Therefore, they do not see your posts as a form of advertisement, and will be interested in what you have to say. This results to serious web traffic once you link to your site and posts that market themselves when friends and followers share them.

Social media advertisements let you target and retarget. One reason why social media is essential is the fact that the ads are on these platforms are highly customizable by nature. For instance, Facebook ads let you target users by different factors such as location, industry, educational level, record of purchase and the pages they have liked. In addition, you can opt to install a Facebook pixel on your site and use it in retargeting users who visit that have a greater probability of converting into solid leads and sales. Social media can help you gain attention at events as well, as earn more media coverage.

No matter what event, whether your business is a charity fundraiser sponsor or major trade show participant, social media can help in leveraging your presence. In today’s Internet, responsive websites are no longer an option, they are a must. The same can be said for social media marketing. Our service can help you – contact us today!
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Quality Content: Succeed With Only Written Content


Yaro Starak[1] said, practice your writing craft and it will change your life.Here the the other one-The Laptop Lifestyle Academy launch was a success, meeting my goal for the promotion.This is great for me, my business and my team, but there’s another reason I’m sharing this with you.I know a lot of people are introverts, or shy, or struggle with the technology required to produce videos or webinars or any multimedia content. There’s something we all need to remember about the Internet – it’s still very much a platform for the written word.Yes I know that live content and video foster powerful connections and deliver a lot of advantages you simply don’t get with text-only content, but that doesn’t mean text can’t work on its own.People still read. Facebook, while certainly upping their focus on video, still is very much a text based medium. Think of all the text posts made, and all those articles from other sites and blogs shared on Facebook.

This is great for us writers, because it means we have platforms and channels of distribution we can tap into using only written words. Blog posts, combined with an email list and some form of marketing to drive traffic, are enough. You can build relationships, educate your audience, and convert some of them into customers using just words. Practice The Craft Of Writing Over the almost two decades I have been online there is one skill I developed that I value above all others. I’m using it right now to share my ideas with you in this blog post.

Writing. In particular, it’s a form of writing that combines the transparency and natural ‘speaking’ style of writing that blogs first brought to the internet, along with the marketing power of persuasive writing that copywriters employ. It’s easy to learn, hard to master. My secret is a simple one… practice. Write to a blog and email list for a decade or so and you’re going to improve. Therein lies the challenge I want to set for you if you resonate with my message here.

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If you’re excited about the idea of just using articles and emails to sell your products and services, then this is what you need to do…Start writing. Every. Single. Day.Write to entertain, to engage, to educate and do it with the intention of attracting and selling to your target audience.Practice your craft and you won’t need all the bells and whistles of the multimedia world. Sure you can still tap into them when you want to, but you won’t NEED them. Plus when you become an effective writer, it helps with other areas of your business.

Think about all those landing pages headlines, bullet points, email subject lines, sales pages, Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram descriptions, and on and on, which are part of the modern marketers toolkit. The Internet may be a place full of multimedia, but it’s is always wrapped in the written word. Videos need titles, webinars need landing pages to get people to sign up, and live streams need descriptions before you press broadcast. Practice your writing craft and it will change your life.

The 3 Biggest Problems Writers Face[2]

Actually, discovering how to write good article content remains an essentially simplistic process. Once your pen hits the paper, your own personal style can take over. However, the issues that block writing progress usually begin a bit before this former step takes place. Here are the three major drawbacks that writers normally face:

One : Self criticism or feeling that your writing skills are too weak to deserve merit or earn significant recognition. Along with this, of course, you may experience a lack of confidence or a lack of motivation to complete your writing projects. Really, there is little need to feel this way because a powerful solution exists which can help show you how to write good article phrasing, sentences, and wording of ultimately professional quality. A thoroughly automated article content generation tool can easily plus REPEATEDLY provide you with greater writing confidence plus production capability.

You receive this benefit by opening up your doors to the full range of online education, information, and topical wisdom you find within year 2010 article content writing technique. Now, see how you can successfully overcome typical writing challenge number two.

Two: Limited Vocabulary or Less-Than-Academic Knowledge of the English Language Here you may be happy to know that thousands of excellent article publishers and authors are originally from a country other than the USA, surely knowing little about how to write good articles. Nonetheless, they now possess superior writing skills — in some cases, writing articles even better than natural-born Americans do. This is not due to MAGIC, however, but to extended exposure to everyday words and sentences that English-speaking writers are using to make sales on the Internet. Even the best teachers and college professors here in America will tell you that they learn even more by imparting information to other people.

The same can easily work to your advantage when writing your articles. During your research, assembly, writing, proofing and editing stages, you will see countless examples of proper punctuation plus great grammatical structure. While discovering how to write good article structure, in fact, even the IMPERFECTIONS in much of the content that consumers use to make their queries known to you will contain points of enlightenment that you can recognize, repair, and utilize. Using an automated article content generation system can easily give you the above benefits, plus more.

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Three: Lack of Content Writing Online Article Editing Hardware or Software Tools Here is a good place for you to remind yourself about one of the best and most simple content writing tips available. That is, you can virtually ALWAYS grab a pen and a piece of paper to scuttle out a good article in about 10 minutes worth of time once you see exactly how it takes place.

Article Writing Secret Recommendation Do you want to read a surprising secret on how to write good articles and get paid for it? Well, the fact is, a few truly great authors online who are making oodles of cash by writing great article content… they do it without ANY software at all.

Nonetheless, authors are very human and not EVERY single day are you blessed with such outstanding article content creation performance. Therewith, your article writing consistency remains guaranteed and well supported when you possess outstanding HUMAN content generation help.

After careful and thorough research, plus trials and tests of other article writing systems, we sincerely recommend that you take full advantage of this high quality article content generation assistance. There are countless benefits you can get from using creative and supportive content writing assistance from a fellow writer who understands your unique content creation requirements and challenges.

For mastering the sensitive art of how to write good article content… ease, convenience, and accuracy are attributes that help you tremendously. Yet, amongst the GREATEST of your ongoing content writing advantages are these three:

  • Your content research task time gets DRASTICALLY reduced.
  • The final output of your completed articles becomes superbly clear, human-friendly, unique, plus simultaneously authoritative and entertaining.
  • Your skill as a writer actually improves when choosing practically the ONLY hand-prepared content writing or article content creation and generation assistance service that actually:
  • Performs your needed article research on ANY topic, even unfamiliar ones, within minutes instead of hours, while providing you with comprehensive plus targeted accuracy.
  • Enables you to complete your ENTIRE article search, analysis, assembly, writing, proofing, customization, plus final output within a sum total of approximately 15 minutes. Especially consider this next benefit of how to write good article substance with automated support — you can complete your articles FASTER because a thorough search engine optimized content generation system written by human hands…
  • Gives you 100% unique HUMAN-READABLE plus SEO friendly targeted article content that makes you an expert on virtually ANY topic you choose to engage.

Next Step For Content Writing Success You may notice within this commentary that there is little mention of money. That is because all of the monetary benefits go in YOUR favor. Meaning, you can get the virtually BEST content writing assistance system online without obligatory monthly fees or needless setup charges.

Click Here – To Discover How To Write Good Article Content. That Actually Improves The Quality Of Online Information And Provides A Win-Win Situation For Literally EVERYONE Who Encounters Your Articles!

  • Get first-hand, human readable, highly friendly plus informative content
  • Perform your NUMEROUS daily writing tasks at high-speed with improved accuracy.
  • Lower your costs for outsourced writing tasks while improving your own skill at writing impeccably qualified articles!

[1] https://www.entrepreneurs-journey.com/21775/writing-only/

[2] http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Kenneth_Dockins/13634

The Truth About Making Money Online That Nobody Ever Tells You!

By harmen batubara

With the many online money making scams out there, sometimes it can be difficult to actually know about the truth about making money online in the first place. No matter where you go online, you are always bombarded by people claiming that you can make a ton of cash online when that is not always the case. There are numerous truths about making money online that should be revealed right from the gate, but no online marketer would ever tell you about them.

However, not like any other online marketer. Here are Some truths about making money online that EVERYBODY should know!

No Step-By-Step Process That You Can Follow To Ensure Your Success  I’m sure you have probably come across a ton of these in the past that claim if you follow someone’s step-by-step method, you in turn will make as much money as they do. This is not the case because everybody’s journey online is complete different and what may work for one person, may not always work for you. It is because not everybody out there will build the same exact website as you or promote the same exact products as you. You also may be better at conducting product reviews then somebody else or you may be worse at it. In order to be successful online you need to cater to YOUR strengths, not someone else’s. If you like talking in front of people or are very outgoing, Youtube videos may be for you. If you are more of a writer, than blogging will be for you.

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Remember, everybody’s journey is different. I can easily provide you with an eBook or online training course that can point you in the right direction but ultimately your success will depend on YOU and what works best for YOU.

Never Just Do It For The Money  There are going to be many marketers out there who claim that they needed money so badly when they started that it was the secret to their own success (myself included). While this may be true for many online marketers, there is always something else that is discovered along the way that fuels their desire to keep working online.

At first it may seem like money is the only motivating factor, but once you begin it won’t take you long to discover that secondary motivational factor. For me it is not just about money, I had many different motivational factors that pushed me to expand my online business. I have a passion for affiliate marketing, writing books, and teaching people how to make money online. I followed those passions and the money I earned was just a wonderful by-product of my passion.

Your Knowledge Is More Valuable Than You May Think  One of the common trends that I see among many newbies today is that they don’t really take their own knowledge seriously or use it to their advantage. The truth is that you are an expert in some field and you are considered an expert to someone. So, why not build upon your expertise and cash in on it? Don’t sell yourself short or underestimate yourself. You know enough about one particular topic that you can become an expert about it online.

Stay Focused, Beware Shining Object Syndrome  Stay and focus, Ok, it is still something worth mentioning. Just when you think you are ready to promote your product or program full-time, suddenly a new and shiny app, product or program hits the web and offers more cash for its promotion. Suddenly you feel that you just HAVE to promote it. No, don’t do it. Stay focused. I can tell you from experience that it is incredibly easy to waste many hours on websites or programs that bring you little to no value. Just stay focused and keep pushing through!

The Walking Toll, Do not expect to start earning a fortune the day after you decide to begin and understand that the hardest money to earn is always the first. In conclusion, making money online is definitely achievable with hard work, commitment and determination. If you don’t have those attributes, then, sadly, your chances of being in the 5% that actually do make it are always going to be slim! You do not need to be a genius or some kind of superstar to succeed either. Al you need to do is to be committed to being a success, and willing to put in the time and effort that is necessary to make things happen for you.

I try work from a different perspective than most people do. You’ll get a clear sense of that as you read the rest of this article. Making money does not have to be complicated. You just have to work from the right frame of mind. Really all it takes is a little shift in the way you think and you’ll start to see opportunities where you never saw them before. With this article it is my intention to give you a new frame of mind to work from and hopefully it will give you a renewed sense of purpose because you’ll know without a doubt that money is just a few hours worth of work/planning away.

Don’t try to convince people they need what you’re selling. Before I get into the heart of this article I want to make sure you completely understand the direction I’m taking. I have nothing against giving you specific techniques and strategies because they are important but they are never more important than the thought process that went into creating them. People can change a lot of things about themselves but their nature isn’t usually one of them. People can go against their nature (for short periods of time) but rarely can they change it. In the future you should make a conscious effort to try and understand why something is done instead of just copying what you see someone else successfully doing. There’s always something more beneath the surface that you can study and learn from.

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The concepts I’m going to reveal help you to tap into the minds of the people you want money from. People will almost never give you their money for your reasons. What you have to do is show people that you want their money for the exact same reasons they want to give their money to somebody/anybody and believe it or not, that’s a lot easier to do than it sounds. Once you understand how to see what motivates another person, you can put yourself in position to show them how what you have to offer will help them do whatever it is they’re trying to do. That’s really the only way to get someone’s attention.

Never Give Up  Have you ever heard the saying, “90% of Affiliate marketers fail at making a single cent online?” That statement is 100% true, but do you know why that is? It is because they give up too easily, too fast. In order to be successful online, the first thing that you have to do is not give up. Even when you want to, keep pushing yourself and keep working. Trust me, I was there too. But if I can succeed then I know you can as well.

The Myth of Effortless Success  How many moneymaking, supposedly life-altering packages have you bought in the last few months or years? Do you now have the success you bought those packages to achieve? Maybe you do or maybe you don’t. I’ll let you in on a little secret. Almost anyone can make money using any of the moneymaking packages you’ll find on the net. People do it every single day.

The reason is because they understand that nothing magical will happen just because they bought the latest and greatest do all/be all, either gets it or your life will be ruined product of the century. These people understand that consistent effort is what will set them apart from the thousands who get nothing from the very same products they use to make more in a month than most people make in a year. You would be surprised to know the kind of money some people are making with simple products that others say are worthless.

It’s your mentality that counts. How you think about the world around you determines your reality in it. Not everyone walking around on this planet operates from the same reality you do. People with failing businesses “know” it’s HARD TO GET TO THE TOP ; and people AT THE TOP “know” it’s easy for anyone to get to the top if they’re willing to work hard on the right things to get there. Many of the obstacles holding you back were placed there by you and what you believe to be true. A lot of times, you may be the one who is creating the very “rut” you complain about being in. I would like to say: working hard in the wrong way won’t get anything done even though there’s the appearance of action.



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