The Truth About Making Money Online That Nobody Ever Tells You!

By harmen batubara

With the many online money making scams out there, sometimes it can be difficult to actually know about the truth about making money online in the first place. No matter where you go online, you are always bombarded by people claiming that you can make a ton of cash online when that is not always the case. There are numerous truths about making money online that should be revealed right from the gate, but no online marketer would ever tell you about them.

However, not like any other online marketer. Here are Some truths about making money online that EVERYBODY should know!

No Step-By-Step Process That You Can Follow To Ensure Your Success  I’m sure you have probably come across a ton of these in the past that claim if you follow someone’s step-by-step method, you in turn will make as much money as they do. This is not the case because everybody’s journey online is complete different and what may work for one person, may not always work for you. It is because not everybody out there will build the same exact website as you or promote the same exact products as you. You also may be better at conducting product reviews then somebody else or you may be worse at it. In order to be successful online you need to cater to YOUR strengths, not someone else’s. If you like talking in front of people or are very outgoing, Youtube videos may be for you. If you are more of a writer, than blogging will be for you.

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Remember, everybody’s journey is different. I can easily provide you with an eBook or online training course that can point you in the right direction but ultimately your success will depend on YOU and what works best for YOU.

Never Just Do It For The Money  There are going to be many marketers out there who claim that they needed money so badly when they started that it was the secret to their own success (myself included). While this may be true for many online marketers, there is always something else that is discovered along the way that fuels their desire to keep working online.

At first it may seem like money is the only motivating factor, but once you begin it won’t take you long to discover that secondary motivational factor. For me it is not just about money, I had many different motivational factors that pushed me to expand my online business. I have a passion for affiliate marketing, writing books, and teaching people how to make money online. I followed those passions and the money I earned was just a wonderful by-product of my passion.

Your Knowledge Is More Valuable Than You May Think  One of the common trends that I see among many newbies today is that they don’t really take their own knowledge seriously or use it to their advantage. The truth is that you are an expert in some field and you are considered an expert to someone. So, why not build upon your expertise and cash in on it? Don’t sell yourself short or underestimate yourself. You know enough about one particular topic that you can become an expert about it online.

Stay Focused, Beware Shining Object Syndrome  Stay and focus, Ok, it is still something worth mentioning. Just when you think you are ready to promote your product or program full-time, suddenly a new and shiny app, product or program hits the web and offers more cash for its promotion. Suddenly you feel that you just HAVE to promote it. No, don’t do it. Stay focused. I can tell you from experience that it is incredibly easy to waste many hours on websites or programs that bring you little to no value. Just stay focused and keep pushing through!

The Walking Toll, Do not expect to start earning a fortune the day after you decide to begin and understand that the hardest money to earn is always the first. In conclusion, making money online is definitely achievable with hard work, commitment and determination. If you don’t have those attributes, then, sadly, your chances of being in the 5% that actually do make it are always going to be slim! You do not need to be a genius or some kind of superstar to succeed either. Al you need to do is to be committed to being a success, and willing to put in the time and effort that is necessary to make things happen for you.

I try work from a different perspective than most people do. You’ll get a clear sense of that as you read the rest of this article. Making money does not have to be complicated. You just have to work from the right frame of mind. Really all it takes is a little shift in the way you think and you’ll start to see opportunities where you never saw them before. With this article it is my intention to give you a new frame of mind to work from and hopefully it will give you a renewed sense of purpose because you’ll know without a doubt that money is just a few hours worth of work/planning away.

Don’t try to convince people they need what you’re selling. Before I get into the heart of this article I want to make sure you completely understand the direction I’m taking. I have nothing against giving you specific techniques and strategies because they are important but they are never more important than the thought process that went into creating them. People can change a lot of things about themselves but their nature isn’t usually one of them. People can go against their nature (for short periods of time) but rarely can they change it. In the future you should make a conscious effort to try and understand why something is done instead of just copying what you see someone else successfully doing. There’s always something more beneath the surface that you can study and learn from.

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The concepts I’m going to reveal help you to tap into the minds of the people you want money from. People will almost never give you their money for your reasons. What you have to do is show people that you want their money for the exact same reasons they want to give their money to somebody/anybody and believe it or not, that’s a lot easier to do than it sounds. Once you understand how to see what motivates another person, you can put yourself in position to show them how what you have to offer will help them do whatever it is they’re trying to do. That’s really the only way to get someone’s attention.

Never Give Up  Have you ever heard the saying, “90% of Affiliate marketers fail at making a single cent online?” That statement is 100% true, but do you know why that is? It is because they give up too easily, too fast. In order to be successful online, the first thing that you have to do is not give up. Even when you want to, keep pushing yourself and keep working. Trust me, I was there too. But if I can succeed then I know you can as well.

The Myth of Effortless Success  How many moneymaking, supposedly life-altering packages have you bought in the last few months or years? Do you now have the success you bought those packages to achieve? Maybe you do or maybe you don’t. I’ll let you in on a little secret. Almost anyone can make money using any of the moneymaking packages you’ll find on the net. People do it every single day.

The reason is because they understand that nothing magical will happen just because they bought the latest and greatest do all/be all, either gets it or your life will be ruined product of the century. These people understand that consistent effort is what will set them apart from the thousands who get nothing from the very same products they use to make more in a month than most people make in a year. You would be surprised to know the kind of money some people are making with simple products that others say are worthless.

It’s your mentality that counts. How you think about the world around you determines your reality in it. Not everyone walking around on this planet operates from the same reality you do. People with failing businesses “know” it’s HARD TO GET TO THE TOP ; and people AT THE TOP “know” it’s easy for anyone to get to the top if they’re willing to work hard on the right things to get there. Many of the obstacles holding you back were placed there by you and what you believe to be true. A lot of times, you may be the one who is creating the very “rut” you complain about being in. I would like to say: working hard in the wrong way won’t get anything done even though there’s the appearance of action.


IMSC Rapid Mailer? Your Best Autoresponder With No Monthly Fee  


by harmen batubar

What is IMSC Rapid Mailer IMSC Rapid Mailer is a WordPress plugin that allows you to manage your autoresponder on customer (or potential customer) list yourself. There is no need to pay for third party autoresponders or pay monthly fees. IMSC Rapid Mailer is the WP plug-in that you could build a HUGE list and send as many emails as you want without any monthly costs? IMSC Rapid Mailer have created all that power and much more that you can now insert directly into your WordPress-powered site with this awesome plug-in. whatever you think about email marketing, the truth is that it can lead to higher lead conversions, increased sales and brand awareness for your small business. Because of this, I encourage you to focus on why email marketing is important to your internet marketing strategy and focus on what email is rather than what it is not.

What should you know about IMSC Rapid Mailer?

IMSC Rapid Mailer is a WordPress plug-in that will help you to build a HUGE list and send as many emails as you want to your visitors without any monthly costs? Sean has created all that power and much more that you can now insert directly into your WordPress-powered site with this awesome plug-in that :

  • Easily Create and Manage Unlimited Mailing Lists Right Inside WordPress
  • Send Emails via the Client’s Host, Amazon SES, SMTP, Gmail, SendGrid, etc…
  • Create Unlimited Auto responder Sequences for Ultimate Power and Profit…
  • Instantly See the Statistics and Data for Who Opened, Clicked and Took Action

Benefits and Advantage when using IMSC Rapid Mailer

Will this solve your problems?  Yes it will. IMSC Rapid Mailer is laser targeted for email marketing entrepreneurs who need better and cheapest solution. Now you don’t need go to other auto responder services to check all your statistics or who opened your email all this stuff now you can see and manage in your wordpress website trough IMSC Rapid Mailer.

Plugging is easy to use and Sean Donahoe gives you training so you will be not lost. The most powerful aspect is that Sean Donahoe will give you comprehensive information on how to build huge list if you don’t have one. With no doubt this plug-in will solve all your problems which you have or maybe you can have it. Let me tell you what IMSC Rapid Mailer offers you:

He has packed this amazing plug-in with tons of features that even the big auto responders cannot match.

Here are just a few you can use for your blog reviews and promotions: 

  • The customer is able to switch easily between email providers or use their own host
  • Instantly queue blog posts for syndication to your entire list in just a few clicks
  • You can charge for subscriptions to your mailing list for instant profits (PayPal or 2Checkout)
  • Import all exiting site users into specific lists with a click. Great for membership sites…
  • Easily customize and import themes for branded mailing… Ultimate flexibility
  • Powerful importing of existing subscribers from any other Auto responder in just a few clicks
  • Using the built in WordPress framework for increased security and reliability
  • Real-time “At-a-Glance” statistics and tracking of your email marketing campaigns
  • Integrated click tracking and short link support for rapid tracking of who clicks what…
  • Direct social media integration to increase viral spread for all your emails.

There are several reasons why Rapid Mailer is a great auto-responder, when you compare it with other traditional and standard SMTP services. Let’s take a look at these reasons.

Firstly, WordPress users are at an advantage here. If you have a WordPress blog or website, you’re good to go. Rapid Mailer can easily install into your site and prepare your list for mailing without a hassle. In fact, Rapid Mailer can get you a list right from Day One by grabbing the email addresses of your LinkedIn and Facebook connections.

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The second is the price. Unlike other auto-respoders, you don’t need to pay monthly subscription fees. All that you have to pay is a one-time price to download the plug-in. After that, no matter how long your list grows, Rapid Mailer is completely free! To download the plug-in, you currently have to pay a very affordable special price of $67. This lets you install the plug-in and use it on three personal sites. But what if you don’t have three sites? If you only have one website to manage, why pay for a multi-site plug-in? The single-site version of IMSC Rapid Mailer is available for only $27. You will be presented with this option when you exit from the payment page.

The Thirth is Money Back guarantee.  If after using Rapid Mailer you decide that it is not working for you, you can get your money back. There is a 30-day money back guarantee for customers who are not satisfied. And unlike many other money back guarantees, you are actually likely to get your cash back.

The Fouth-You get training on how to use Rapid Mailer with a user guide. You will even find a video series for a quicker understanding of how to set up and use the plug-in in minutes.

The Other One.  You can use your own website host’s mailing system with Rapid Mailer, if you don’t want to use third party mailing systems. The Rapid Mailer team does recommend using third party mailers for the best results. This doesn’t mean they don’t offer support if you use your host’s internal mailer. You still receive training on how to set up Rapid Mailer on your website and get the best results.

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In order to avoid disappointments with IMSC Rapid Mailer, it is best to know exactly who will benefit from it, and who will not :

Rapid Mailer is designed for use with WordPress, so you need to have a WordPress website or blog. But since WordPress is one of the most popular CMS systems, it is not surprising why the plug-in was designed for use it WordPress.

Another pain point for users may be the multiple numbers of configuration options. Setting up all the various options perfectly for your site can get confusing and time-consuming.

But overall, with a little patience and some help from IMSC Rapid Mailer support, you should be on your path to maximizing your mailing lists.

It is easy to install, relatively easy to use and gives you plenty of little conveniences in managing your auto-responder campaigns. Add to this is the absence of monthly fees and you have an attractive low-cost plug-in there is no reason to ignore. I am very satisfied with the simplicity and effectiveness of this plug-in. It is a nifty little tool to add to your online marketing toolbox. Rapid Mailer is for those who want greater flexibility over their website and great control over their email marketing expenses.

For More Info Visit The IMSC Rapid Mailer Official Website

How to Write an Article Marketing, Deliver On The Promise of Your Title

By harmen batubara

Article Marketing has been considered as one of the most effective way of driving free traffic to your websites, but to be more effective you need to use guides on how to write articles. Hence, it is important to consider having good quality content on your articles. There are really some aspects to the article marketing venue online. First, you have to write quality content, and that means you have to write good articles. Second, you need to be careful how you title those articles to attract your readers. The other think you must have KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT YOUR NICHE, and then you must thinking about YOUR AUDIENCE. Then,  set your Goal and Optimize your content; and the las one deliver on the promise of the title so that the Internet surfer will click on the byline.

Let’s talk a little bit about writing articles

Let’s talk a little bit about writing articles. Most folks who author articles have read articles on how to do it. Start with your Article Title. The first thing that will grab your reader’s attention is usually the title and it is important that you choose the BEST ONE AND THAT IS CATCHY. It helps a lot as well if you include your keywords within your title. And the reason why they will click on your article is because of your title, so make sure that you use powerful words in your title. Attention-grabbing titles are one of the best ones to choose as it stimulates the reader’s curiosity. You can also use interesting topics and do research on people’s problems as they like reading about solutions that will help them solve their problems.

Be knowledgeable about your niche. Be an expert on what you are writing about. Learn as much as you can about your niche and this can only be done with research. Do more research on your niche, you will be glad you did as your expertise in your niche will be reflected on your article and people love it when they know that you know what you are talking about. Make sense? Start your research now and you will understand why. In the end, all the information you can get will come in handy later on, believe me.

Think About Your Audience

The other one, think about your audience. This is a real must at all times as the core of internet marketing is connecting your product with the audience. How can you write something about the product you are promoting if you are not thinking about the ones who are buying the product. Think about ways on how you can help your audience with the product you are promoting. Get into their minds as to what they expect from the product so you can present it to them. Just as simple as that.

Optimized content with keywords. Keyword research is a must in writing articles as the way you use your keywords in your article will determine your place in the search engine rankings. The more your article is optimized the more chance of it getting noticed by the search engines resulting to high rankings and more people will read your article.

Create Your goal. When you first thought about writing for a particular niche, ask yourself what you want to accomplish with your articles. It would help if you have a question in mind, like what people would typically ask about the niche you are writing about so you can focus on accomplishing to answer that question and by the end of writing your article, you have given what your readers want.

Of course, we all know everyone has to start somewhere, and we are living proof of that. Generally, I recommend to those who are writing “How to Write an Articles Marketing,” to explain to the future article authors that they must give the reader what they want, and provide quality content. That is step one, and before you go to step two, you must complete that to the liking of those who will be reading.

For those that are writing articles on article marketing, they need to be cognizant of the fact that the articles must be of quality or they will not perform. Telling people how to do article marketing, using articles as the vehicle is an art in and of its self. When “Writing How to Write an Articles on Article Marketing,” you must not only tell the reader how to do it, you must show them. Please consider all this.



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